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Bringing the sky down to Earth

Welcome! An introduction to this website's approach to astrology can be read here. [read more]

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The Great Deceiver & The Great Deceptions of the 1970s and 2016: Edward Heath and the UK's two referendums on membership of the EEC/EU [read article]

Astrology for the 21st CenturyDavid Cameron & the Two Referendums: Scotland's referendum on the UK, and the UK's referendum on the EU - what is going on with David Cameron's transits between trading binary option now and 2017? [read article]

George Osborne - The Invisible Prime Minister: Examining the seventh harmonic aspects in George Osborne's chart [read article]

David Cameron - As Radical as Margaret Thatcher?: A look at the subtle harmonics in the prime minister's chart in relation to his ambition to be a radical social reformer [read article]

Astrology for the 21st Century word cloud graphicStephane Hessel, 'Indignez-Vous!' and the Indignados: A look at the diplomat-author, his pamphlet, and the virtual trading platform philippines people's movement [read article]

New Zealand's health service reforms in the 1990s: Lessons for the UK and the NHS [read article]

A Political Family: Latest leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband, his brother David Miliband, and their parents Marion and Ralph Miliband [read article]

Matthieu Ricard & Happiness: The French-born Buddhist monk, scientist and author of a book on happiness as a skill [read article]

Video Series - Getting to know the planets: Get to know the astronomy of the planets of our solar system with this series of short videos. You can find the videos on the A21C channel at Vimeo:
Or on the Astrology21stC channel at YouTube:

Podcast: Episode 13's topic is the origins of the European Union (EU) in Winston Churchill's and Robert Schuman's speeches, both made in the mid-20th Century [read more]

Astrology basics: New to astrology? Curious about what it offers? Want to get to know the basic terms? Learn about it here. [read article]

Astronomy this month: The solar system and beyond, appearing in a place near you, now (but not just for one night only, of course!). [read more]

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