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UK's Air Traffic Control Crisis: circa 6am, 3rd June 2004

At around 6am on Thursday, 3rd June 2004, the UK's air traffic control computer system failed to re-start after an upgrade. This affected several major airports all over the country, including Heathrow, which is one of the world's busiest - if not the busiest - airport. For the next couple of hours, air traffic control staff had to manually guide aeroplanes to land.

For the past 3 years or so the UK has been experiencing a Pluto transit to its Mercury. Mercury rules transport - cars, trains, aeroplanes, and so on - and this transit has seen major road and car issues, the introduction of city centre congestion charging in Durham and London (the London system being watched closely by New York because of the similarities in city size and population), huge railway crises, the retirement of Concorde, the massively controversial planned privatisation of the London Underground and an extremely rare blackout on the Tube, the equally controversial privatisation of the air traffic control system, and a series of air traffic control crises.

So what was going on astrologically in the early hours of 3rd June? The diagram below shows the planetary line-up.

Air Traffic Control - UK's Transits

The UK's Mercury (transport and travel, as well as communication and co-ordination systems) is shown at the far right of this picture.

Transiting Venus and Pluto were exactly opposite one another - Pluto at 21 degrees 7 minutes Sagittarius, and Venus at 21 degrees 3 minutes Gemini. This exactitude would only last a few hours.

There was also a full Moon in the early hours, which was exact to the minute at 5:21am BST, just 40 minutes before the crisis. At 6pm the full Moon was still very close: Sun at 12 degrees 57 minutes Gemini, Moon at 13 degrees 21 minutes Sagittarius. The Moon moves roughly half a degree every hour, so this exactitude would only be present in the morning of that day.

The transiting Ascendant at that exact place was, around 5am, highlighting the Sun-Moon opposition. At around 5:10am it was highlighting the UK's Mercury, and the midpoints of Sun-Venus and Moon-Pluto. At around 5:20am (the exact moment of the full Moon) it was highlighting the Venus-Pluto opposition.

As the diagram makes clear, the half-way point between the Sun and Venus, and the half-way point between the Moon and Pluto, lined up exactly with the UK's Mercury. This is an unusual configuration, and any astrologer working closely with the UK's chart would have picked out the days around this full Moon as days when transport crises could unfold.

The astronomically-celebrated Venus transit of 8th June 2004 has a Sun-Venus conjunction in direct opposition to the UK's Mercury, so there may well be further transport crises to come.

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