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Banco Santander:
Rising during the banking collapse

Published: 28th May 2009

Whilst other banks have been taking a nosedive and even going to the wall, Banco Santander has gobbled them up and risen through the ranks to become, as of early 2009, the world's third largest bank in terms of market capitalisation, up from seventh place in 2008.

Formed in March 1857, and given a Royal decree shortly thereafter, the bank has gone through a series of mergers and expansionary purchases in the last one-hundred and fifty years. It therefore has a series of 'birth' charts, the most recent being the merger in 1999 that created the bank in its current form.

It's to this latter chart that we must look in order to see the astrological patterns of Santander's rise through the so-called 'credit crunch' to emerge stronger than before. Here is the chart wheel:-

Banco Santander - 1999 merger

In this chart the Sun is at 26 degrees 28 minutes of Aries, the Sign of competition, vigour, and wanting to first and best.

9th August 2007 was when the banking system meltdown went public in a major way, and from that date onwards the system went into freefall. If we look at Santander's transits for that month we find that Venus was conjunct Saturn at the end of Leo, in trine with Pluto at the end of Sagittarius. Here's the chart wheel:-

Banco Santander - August 2007

Highlighted is what is known as a Grand Trine - an equilateral triangle formed by three or more planets.

A Grand Trine is a formation that has a quality of stability, and if a business is run well it can be an indicator of easy transition and smooth-running. At its best, it can symbolise enjoyment and flow.

Pluto transits have as their ultimate purpose re-strengthening and reinvigorating. If they are worked with well they lead to a new lease of life. The myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes evokes the Plutonian experience. Banco Santander rising when others collapsed contains echoes of this mythical narrative and shows the potential of a Pluto transit.

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