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Directory Enquiries: De-regulating the UK's number information industry  [View chart]

The UK number information industry was revolutionised overnight on 10th December 2002 by the then regulator Oftel (now replaced by Ofcom), which issued this press statement:

"Directory enquiries will be transformed from midnight tonight, with the launch of a whole range of new services and tariffs to give consumers real choice of who to call when they want to check a phone number. Oftel estimates that there are around 700 million callers to directory enquiries each year. For the first time these consumers will have a wide choice of directory enquiries service and will not be restricted - as with 192 - to the company that provides their phone line."

The chart for this moment shows Sun at 17 Sagittarius 44 and Pluto at 17 Sagittarius 27. The midpoint of these two is 17 Sagittarius 35, and the UK's Mercury is at 17 Sagittarius 34. Furthermore, when the Sun conjoins an outer planet it is the end of an annual cycle and the beginning of another annual cycle in terms of that outer planet. What an incredible example of business astrology applied to industry.

This Sun-Pluto conjunction lies in the transiting 3rd house as well as the UK's 3rd house, so again there is 'number information' being highlighted for renewal, and the transiting MC-IC axis picks these up for the place and time of the changeover. As well as Sun and Pluto, transiting Mercury is also in the UK's 3rd house, and the lunar nodes lie across the 3rd-9th axis.

In this chart, Saturn in Gemini is moving through the UK's 9th house (international number information which was formerly available via dialling 153), in trine to Uranus in Aquarius, the planet of liberalisation, diversification, and multiple choice. The Moon was conjunct Uranus and also in trine to Saturn, and last but by no means least, Saturn (structural developments) was opposite transiting Mercury (information), which itself was square the UK's Uranus (shake-ups, liberalisation).

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