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European Central Bank (ECB)  [View chart]

In the chart for the creation of the European Central Bank, the MC axis is within one degree of the Ascendant axis for the European Monetary System (EMS - view chart), representing the fact that the direction, objectives and authority of the ECB are derived directly from the EMS.

The nodal axis is very close to the MC axis of the EMS, and the AS/MC midpoint links in with the EMS’s Neptune/2nd house cusp, nodal axis, and 8th house cusp - the 2nd and 8th houses pertain to finances and cashflow.

The Ascendant axis and Sun/Moon midpoint have very close connections to the charts for the previous stages of economic and monetary union: they are close to the Cancer-Capricorn oppositions of Stage 1 of the project, the Capricorn cluster of Stage 2, and the AS/IC and MC/DS midpoints of the EMS. Thus it carries forward the institutional plans and regulatory authority laid down by previous phases of the initiative.

The ECB’s chart ruler, Saturn, is conjunct Venus which is in Taurus in the 3rd house, appropriate for an institution that represents fiscal authority and deals with financial stability, created by an organisation that is primary concerned with trade. 

Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd house conjures images of financial unity and prosperity, but is also close to the Commission’s Ascendant axis; Jupiter’s reputation for big spending and preference for big picture thinking does not bode well here, especially as Jupiter is conventionally unaspected. Pluto in the 10th also symbolises this institution’s financial
responsibility and authority, and the oppositions to Sun and Mars (placing Pluto on the Sun/Mars midpoint) indicate a ruthless decisiveness in the exercise of this authority.

The Sun being in Gemini in the 5th house and on the Moon/Jupiter midpoint is perhaps an indicator of speculative trading, as well as a capacity to think creatively and respond flexibly. With the Sun trine to Uranus in the 1st house there is a desire to do things differently, break the rules, and think outside the box.

Moon in Leo in the 7th house on the Mars/MC midpoint and in trine with Saturn reflects comfort with taking the lead and an ‘I know what’s best’ attitude to others. Potentially, this is a resourceful institution that wants to be in charge, wants to play the game, and is determined that it will win, but if it is unable to win it will simply change the rules of the game so that it can.

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