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Euro Currency  [View chart]

At the beginning of 2002 Euro coins and notes entered into circulation. In the chart for this circulation, the Sun is in opposition to Jupiter, a sign of inflation that is associated with risk-taking, extreme over-confidence, and ill-considered judgements. It is a signature of faith that is not grounded in a realistic appreciation of risks, and functions with a disregard for consequences. This aspect is an indicator of a desire to be bigger than the rest, to be first, to be ‘more than’, to go further and higher than anyone has done before. Whilst it can and often does correlate with success and a high degree of popularity (owing to a capacity and drive to promote and sell oneself, rather than offering a substantive product or service), what often goes along with that success is a reputation for unfulfilled promises, a desire to break the rules, and an unwillingness to assume responsibility for one’s actions. Because this is a currency it obviously cannot act, make decisions, or be self-determining, however these characteristics are likely to translate into people’s views of the currency, their experience of it, and the overall effects of it. Simply put, Sun-Jupiter, particularly across the 4th-10th and Cancer-Capricorn axes, desires to rule the roost, and often does achieve that position. The Sun and Jupiter are on the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, reflecting the large-scale and all-inclusive ambitions of this currency, but perhaps also adding to the capacity for self-undoing.

Venus is the chart-ruler, and is conjunct the Sun, further emphasising the above leadership characteristics and the drive to survive, however it is also conjunct Chiron at the IC, which in turn is square the Ascendant axis. This indicates that there may be a fundamental flaw or vulnerability in the Euro, and because Chiron is in the 3rd house it is likely that this will manifest in the area of trading. The Capricorn placing of these planets and points suggests accounting and governance issues, as well as regulation and stability. Venus is semi-square Uranus and semi-sextile Neptune, which does not indicate a stable currency. Pluto also in the 3rd house highlights trading as an area where wealth is sought and perhaps gained, but perhaps also lost; Pluto is where we fear loss and general threats and so guard against both by manipulating and accruing influence. Pluto’s square with Mars is a wilful combination, determined to fight and come out on top, and Pluto sesquiquadrate with the Moon in Leo in the 10th house is no pushover either, especially as it is on the Mars/Pluto midpoint.

The 9th harmonic chart [view 9H chart] of the Euro is extremely strong in terms of connections and patterns. There is a grand trine between Mercury-Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn, a conjunction of Sun and Moon in opposition to Jupiter, linking in strongly with a t-square between the nodal axis, Mars and Neptune, plus Chiron. Mercury conjunct Pluto symbolises delighting in the power of markets and the wealth that can come from trading, and in the natal chart this delight is focused through the chart-ruler, Venus, because Venus is on the Mercury/Pluto midpoint. Saturn-Uranus relate to free market capitalism, and here in the 9th harmonic their trine suggests a high level of joy in the capitalist system that combines with the Mercury-Pluto enjoyment of trading power and cut-throat commerce. There is a connotation in this grand trine of really accepting and enjoying the idea of ‘do or die by the capitalist markets’.  It is a delight in the power to trade in a structured yet free way.

Mars-Neptune represents the currency’s drive to unite and its deep enjoyment of doing so - Mars being placed in Pisces accents this theme – however the square to Venus reflects the struggle and effort to engage others in this process, the difficulty with leading the union-drive yet being an ‘equal partner’ so to speak, and the problems in translating this drive for union onto the level of cashflow. The nodal axis with Venus (the chart-ruler) at the apex of the t-square depicts a difficulty in accepting and enjoying associations based on equality, and implies that the path of development for the Euro involves dealing with equality issues, learning to give and take, and finding an appropriate set of real values upon which to place one’s relationships with the world. Venus (as well as the Sun) in Capricorn is renowned for pursuing materialist ambitions and status symbols rather than self-mastery and selfless contribution. The dilemma is along the lines of:  if the currency is merely a vehicle for the state, then how can real value be produced?  It is rather suggestive of the old saying about knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

The South node with Mars-Neptune in the 9th harmonic chart reflects the need to let go of the desire to lead the union, and instead develop something new. The North node trines both Jupiter and Chiron, so there is a need to develop an acceptance of a capacity to grow that incorporates a sense of realistic perspective, rather than inflated (and therefore wounded) self-mythology. The Jupiter-Chiron-node pattern links with the Sun-Moon conjunction, bringing all of this right to the heart and soul of the Euro. In ‘Harmonic Charts’, David Hamblin writes of the Sun-Moon connection in H9 ‘having the confidence (through lack of fear) to engage in ambitious and daring behaviour.’  Thus the Euro is unself-consciously drive  to seek universal (i.e. global) applicability as a currency through a sheer sense of simple, unadulterated joy in the power of markets to freely determine who wins and who loses, who rises and who falls, who lives and who dies. The Euro currency is the enabler that greases the wheels of ambition.

All in all, this is a currency with something to prove and both the resources and 'self-acceptance' necessary to prove it. The Euro seeks status and recognition, it wants to be respected and invested in, but also loved as a symbol. It is a currency that 'self-mythologises' and affirms its importance through a long hard slog to the top. Energised by a sense of its own ‘divine’ purpose, the Euro is on a mission, and it believes its time will come. However, that mission has not prevented citizens in two countries from rejecting the Euro, and a third country from staying outside the Euro zone.

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