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Financial Summits of the G-20

Published: 14th June 2009

The current financial crisis - the so-called 'credit crunch' - and the ensuing economic re-structuring have seen a special convening of the Group of 20, or G-20, in a continuing series of summits.

The economic collapse has been taking place during various planetary aspects and Zodiac Sign positions, with one of the main ones being the Saturn-Uranus opposition, an aspect which astrologers over the years have noted tends to correlate with crises of 'Western capitalism'.

This article covers the charts for the formation of the G-20, the first special convening during the current financial crisis, the second convening known as the 'London Summit' and the third scheduled for September 2009. Any summits after that will be appended to this article as and when they are scheduled.

An overview of the Saturn-Uranus cycle

Let's start with the bigger picture, an overview of the entire cycle of Saturn and Uranus within the larger schema of repeating cycles.

The diagram below shows the years when Saturn and Uranus were in conjunction aspect, which is the start of each cycle. It's then read clockwise, towards the waxing square of Saturn and Uranus, then down to the opposition, then up the left-hand side towards the waning square, and finally back to the next conjunction.

The current cycle we're in began in 1988, had its waxing square in 1999-2000, and is at the opposition phase from 2008 to 2010. It'll reach its waning square in 2021, and actions taken or not taken now will be reviewed at that time and will be readjusted, possibly as a result of another crisis of some kind.
Saturn-Uranus cycle

In these continuing cycles each phase resonates back to its previous points at all repetitions, i.e. 2008-2010 resonates back not only to 1999-2000 and the 'seed point' of 1988, but also to 1965-1967 and so on.

In other words, all the years displayed on this diagram are related to each other simultaneously backwards and forwards in time, like a web or matrix of interconnectivity. How we handle or mishandle the current flashpoint has repercussions particularly for 2021 and 2056-2057, but also more indirectly for all the other years listed.

The G-20 meetings are of course just glorified press conferences, stage-managed media events rather than forums where the real work is done. However the dates when they are convened do seem to gravitate towards interesting sub-phases of the Saturn-Uranus cycle, and other major astrological events, hence this article.

Inaugural meeting of the G-20

The G-20 formed as a direct result of the financial troubles of the '90s with the stated aim of reforming the world's economic system:

"The G-20 was created as a response both to the financial crises of the late 1990s and a growing recognition that key emerging-market countries were not adequately included in the core of global economic discussion and governance." Source:

"This first meeting of the G-20 represents an important step in our ongoing efforts to reform the international financial system, promote growth in the global economy, and to see that growth shared widely."
Source: Archive of

Some would say it has either spectacularly failed to achieve its goals, or else has been prevented from doing its work. Others would argue that it has been successful in promoting a particular economic system and that that system has built-in faults that guarantee crises like the current one we face. Still others say that they are not faults, but part of the deliberate design of the system's structure. Whatever the facts, the Saturn-Uranus correlation with crises in 'Western capitalism' has unfortunately not been altered by the G-20's existence.

Here is the chart for the inaugural meeting which took place in Berlin in 1999. No time for the start of the meeting is known, 10am has been arbitrarily chosen simply for the purpose of calculating a chart. Please ignore the house cusps and be careful with the Moon's position: we can be certain that it's in Pisces but must be cautious with its aspects.

G20 birth chart

The almost exact Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius immediately draws the eye, sitting as it does midway between Saturn in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio. This forms a T-square which is a formation of tension, crisis, and the need to get to grips with issues lest they become intractable problems. It's also an aspect of will and potential conflict: decisions can become stuck because of disagreement about exactly which way to head.

That this T-square is placed in the Fixed Signs is appropriate since these are the Signs of money and values. Taurus and Scorpio in particular are assocated with the exchange of money, with gain and loss. Aquarius is a Sign of groups, communities and circulation of vital resources throughout the body politic and the world community at large.

Fixed Signs and Saturn are concerned with stability however T-squares, Aquarius, and Uranus are about instability and turbulence. There is something here about the search for economic stability but arguably also about the use and abuse of economic policies to destabilise and shake up for the sake of wielding power.

November's summit in Washington, DC, USA

After some tugging back and forth between rival presidents and prime ministers the 'G-20 plus' (some countries and organisations not part of the G-20 were invited to attend) agreed to meet in the USA in November 2008 for the first in the current series of summits. The official title for this one was 'Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy', with spurious references made to the Bretton Woods conference of the 1940s.

Here is the chart for the Washington conference. The time is taken from the Whitehouse news briefings but should be regarded as approximate - the exact starting time of the conference would have been after 8am but the event was not broadcast to the public.

G-20 Financial summit, November 2008 in the USA
While looking at this chart we need to bear in mind that the politicians actually met for a working dinner the night before, in this case at 7:29pm according to the Whitehouse. Here is the chart for that time:

G20 Washington summit 2008, working dinner
Significantly, both of these charts place the Saturn-Uranus opposition on the MC-IC axis. The Moon (the people) is part of a T-Square with Saturn and Uranus: this could be translated as 'the people are caught in the middle'.

By the time of the official start of the conference the Moon is opposite Pluto, showing the people opposed to, and by, a powerful force. Pluto also symbolises wealth, so here we have a statement about the people's wealth that they are separated from (opposition aspect = separation) and attempting to unite with.

Note that Pluto was in the very final part of Sagittarius, just before it moved into Capricorn, but that Venus (finances) was conjunct Pluto and already in the early degrees of Capricorn.

'The London Summit': April, London, UK

The second in the series of meetings of the G-20 plus other stakeholders was held in London in April 2009, amid controversy not only about banking bailouts (some would call it theft/blackmail/ransom) but also heavy-handed policing, while news commentators described the conspicuously larger-than-usual staged set-up for the media inside the conference centre.

G20 London Summit, April 2009
For this summit the Saturn-Uranus opposition had moved to a wider orb. Mars directly opposite Saturn, closing into a conjunction with Uranus, with a Moon-Pluto opposition and Venus-Pluto square show the tensions and passions involved in what's at stake in these times of crisis. Interesting that the Moon is opposite Pluto again, just as it was in the November chart.

Pluto was stationary during the conference, turning retrograde on the 4th of April. It was located at the position of Venus in the November 2008 summit chart, symbolising a 'white heat' slow-burn on the financial issues. It significantly intensifies the opposition with the Moon (the people).

Next meeting: September 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The next meeting of the G-20 has been scheduled to take place in the USA once again, this time at Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. The date is decided but the time not yet released so this chart has been calculated for 8:30am and will be revised once the details are available.

In September Pluto will once again be stationary, providing a link between the London Summit and the Pittsburgh summit and telling us that there is a strong Plutonic theme afoot in these conferences. It will go direct on the 11th of September but it moves so slowly that by the 24th when the summit is held it will still be virtually motionless.

On the 23rd the Sun will square Pluto, from Libra to Capricorn. This will be the first Equinox in our era with Pluto in the first degree of Capricorn and so is likely to be a 'biggie' (for those interested in midpoints, it places Pluto on the midpoint of the Sun and the first degree of Aries). The group tend to meet for a working dinner the night before so if that happens again the series of gatherings will all coincide with this Sun-Pluto arrangement.

G20 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2009
The Saturn-Uranus opposition is closer in this chart, inching towards its eventual position at zero degrees of Aries and Libra in July 2010. For this conference the opposition links directly with Mercury and the Sun, casting the issues into greater prominence than on previous occasions. It's the first occurrence in our era when the Saturn-Uranus opposition will link with Pluto's ingress into this 'soul of the world' Sign.

This is a period when more than a glorified press conference will be required. There is likely to be a lot of talk about 'global challenges' as the first degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) seem to correlate with a planet 'plugging in' to the world level. But real action will now need to be well underway; there is potential for serious crisis when both of these astrological configurations are in play if the correct foundations haven't already been laid well before, and if the correct course has not yet been embarked upon.

The crisis of 'Western capitalism', coupled with issues of corporate and governmental power and collusion, and the basic question of 'who runs this place?' are likely to be strongly constellated at this critical juncture. The populations of many countries are already determinedly asking questions on all these issues and are not satisfied with the answers. They're demanding changes that favour their democratic participation and for abuse of power at all levels to be chased out of the system. This process is likely to build, and continue beyond September 2009 as the Saturn-Uranus oppositions fully join Pluto in their T-square from 2010 onwards.

At the core of the G-20's remit is dealing with the crises of the financial system, but it's the cultural and socio-political power issues of how we live, how we organise our societies, and who has control of whom and what that are being reviewed, perhaps indirectly, through the G-20 gatherings.

It's those deeper disturbances and structural imbalances that the world is coming to address via the Saturn-Uranus oppositions and the simultaneous Pluto entry into Capricorn. People are sensing that there's a need for a new arrangement to be made, and that the homoeostatic principle is resisting their collective will.

The series of G-20 conferences so far has been a prelude to all this and more; the process continues.

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