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Galactic Centre Planetary Alignment: December 2006
This article was written & published in April 2006

In December this year there will be a gathering of planets in a small part of the Zodiac. These planets will, one by one, line up with the centre of our galaxy. What makes this especially important is that Pluto, the slowest-moving of all the planets in our solar system, will be lined up with the galactic centre for the first time in nearly 250 years. This is therefore a potentially epoch-making event.

From a business point of view, these alignments with the galactic centre may well affect the stock markets. Significant changes are likely in society, as each planet 'plugs in' to the galactic core, which is thought to be a black hole. These changes may then be reflected in shifts in various economic situations. Whether any market shifts are upwards or downwards, or a combination of both following one after the other, is unable to be foreseen, but culturally, and perhaps also economically, this is likely to be a momentous period of time.

Alignment dates

Here are the dates when each planet aligns with the centre of our galaxy:

Date Planet
8th December Venus
18th/19th December* Sun
20th December* Moon
25th/26th December Mercury
29th December Pluto
12th January Mars
* New Moon within 2 degrees of the
galactic centre on 20th December

We need to keep in mind, however, that these are the dates when the planets are exactly conjunct the galaxy's core, and in astrology an orb of at least 1 degree either side of exactitude is usually used. In the case of Pluto, it will be within 1 degree of conjunction from the end of November 2006 through to the end of January 2007. It wouldn't be surprising, though, if October reflects a build-up to the main event, so to speak.

Emphasising all things Sagittarian

Jupiter will also be in Sagittarius at this time, so seven out of ten planets will be gathered together in a small segment of the sky, however it will not be until a year later, December 2007, that Jupiter aligns with the galactic centre. Nevertheless, this concentration of seven planets in one area is significant in itself, because it focuses and narrows attention into one sign - Sagittarius.

This is the sign of religion, foreign trade and travel, migration, flight, freedom, education, and law. It is not difficult to see in this a constellation of the issues that currently exercise us globally, from bird flu to asylum seeking, international law to airport expansion at the expense of the environment, freedom of speech issues and fears of religious power in society, educational restructuring and school truancy, and the global rules of supposedly free trading that many argue are actually unfair and unfree.

Whether this will coincide with a concentration of our fears around these issues, or instead with us managing to liberate ourselves from those fears, is for us to decide. Do we want to make the most of this rare opportunity to solve our problems with these issues?

Galactic Centre planetary alignment December 2006

This time holds the potential for us to free ourselves from destructive habits personally, nationally, and internationally. We need to periodically clear-out the old to make way for the new, but during this alignment that process is likely to be greatly intensified and become much more urgent, but also uplifted. We may find that it becomes easier to let go of what holds us back. Inner struggles may be able to be resolved much more easily, as something clicks into place inside us, or inside our organisations and governments.

It is a process of detoxification, but the cleansing must work from the inside out, rather than being projected onto foreigners, or 'the uneducated', or those who hold different beliefs; it is too easy to split the 'good' from the 'bad' and project the 'badness' outside us. We need to align ourselves with a broader perspective of life, and let that perspective stimulate a new way of comprehending what goes on in our world. In short, we need to move beyond soundbites and presumptions, towards deeper understanding.

Corporations & Stock Markets: Saturn trine Pluto

As well as this clustering and aligning of planets, in December Saturn will make a trine aspect to Pluto. The aspect will be within three degrees orb from October onwards. In December, while the aspect is within one degree of orb, Saturn will appear to stop moving in the sky and then look as if it is travelling backwards (this is known as retrograde motion). What this means is that there is an intense change afoot in the arena of state and corporate power. This applies particularly as Pluto - representing plutocracy - will be within one degree of the galactic centre at various points for the next year or so, and within two degrees for a while longer.

This aspect is the first trine since 2001's Saturn-Pluto opposition which coincided with the beginning of the so-called 'war on terror' and the subsequent dismantling of civil liberties in the UK, USA, Australia, and so on. This means that the time is ripe for a readjustment in these areas, and perhaps a back-tracking to start undoing, or at least reviewing, the damage that has already been done.

However the worst case scenario is that the damage intensifies and becomes still more entrenched with even greater levels of passivity on the part of the general public. Abuse of state power and corporate power is ready to change during this aspect. It is up to the citizens of each country to make the changes work for them, rather than against them.

Economically, these cultural processes may well affect the economies of the countries involved, and their stock markets too. Shifts in mood in the national and international psyche may reflect investments, spending habits, and levels of fear. Insurance, taxation, and corporate accountability may well be high on the agenda. From October onwards, peaking in December-January, then tailing off before returning around July-August 2007 for further review. It is most especially this latter period when, history shows, stock markets may be affected by the Saturn-Pluto trine, but in December 2006 when Saturn stations in the later degrees of Leo it will connect with the charts of several of the worlds largest stock markets. Whether that will manifest through institutional restructuring and reorganising, or through market fluctuations, or both, remains to be seen.

Looking at previous occurrences of Saturn-Pluto trines we find that the USA's Dow Jones stock market index has usually fallen, however we cannot even 'guesstimate' what may happen to world stock markets this time around. The situation is far too complex, not least because when Pluto was last conjunct the galactic centre in 1758/9 none of the world's stock markets existed, so we have no historical experience to draw upon. And, of course, the world was a very different place in the 18th century.

However in the last analysis it is always up to us to make the most of the potential we have available to us, and Saturn-Pluto trines are no exception to that rule.

Please Note:
Apologies to those who downloaded the calendar free gift from this site which was available from the end of last year until recently, there was an error in the calendar saying that Pluto would conjoin the galactic centre around the 26th December. It should have said the 29th.

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