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Global Recession & the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

Recession around the globe has been repeatedly shown over the last century to correlate with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Different nations respond differently to the cycle - some economies go up while others go down - however the basic cycle is almost globally applicable.

As Jupiter and Saturn both move through their orbits, they form angular relationships to one another - from being zero degrees apart, to ninety degrees, to directly opposite one another, and so on. These angles have been statistically researched using computers and found to correlate with major economic trends.

Every 20 years the planets join one another in the sky, starting a new cycle. Roughly 10 years later, they are opposite one another.

Over the past 200 years or so, every 60 years there has been a major international recession where the economic system has almost broken down. This has been occuring when Jupiter and Saturn oppose one another in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Using this knowledge of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle astrologers were able to predict the major economic crisis of 1989-1992.

Also every 60 years over the past 150 years or so, but at a different point in the cycle, there has been a major industrial-technological development and period of strong economic growth. These peaks have taken place when the two planets were together in Capricorn.

The graph below shows this cycle:

Jupiter-Saturn Cycle - 1800 to 2010

Because this cycle has been so reliable for around 200 years, we can be fairly certain that the next major recession is due in 2049/2050, when Jupiter and Saturn will oppose one another in Cancer-Capricorn once again.

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