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Lunar Phases & The Stock Market
Written & published: August 2007

The phases of the Moon loom large in people's minds for obvious reasons. Their visibility means that they form a talking point in childhood, both at home and at school. As adults with an interest in correlations between the planetary cycles and life on Earth, we might wonder whether and in what way the lunar cycle matches patterns in human activity. The stock market provides a good illustration.

What has been done here is to take the FTSE 100's movements over the past few decades up to the end of 2006. In other words, the data from 2007 has not been included in the research. The pre-2007 data has been correlated with the Moon's phase cycle. It's been found that this produces a fairly good correlation, and this correlation is shown in the diagram below.

This is a graph of the FTSE100 index's relative price oscillator for 2007. Don't worry about what this means in a technical sense, all we need to keep in mind for this article is that it's just a way of graphing how the index moves up and down over time.

The blue line is the FTSE100's Price Oscillator movement starting from 1st January 2007, up to August 2007. This data was invisible during the research, and has been shown on the diagram so that you can compare it with the predicted data from the lunar phase cycle correlation. The black line is that predicted data, calculated by taking the results of past cycles and projecting them forward into 2007.

Lunar Phases & The FTSE 100 Stock Market Index 2007

As you can see the predicted values correlate fairly well with the general movement of the FTSE100, including some of the specific peaks and troughs. Whilst this isn't enough to trade with it does suggest that the lunar phases are currently relevant to this stock market pattern. It is enough to demonstrate that there is at least something going on; the pattern of the Moon's phase cycle is in resonance with the pattern of the FTSE100 oscillator.
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