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Moon Phases & Stock Markets

Written & published: March 2013

Several years ago on this website a graph was published showing a correlation between the Moon's phases and the UK's main stock market index. Now that we are a few years on it seemed that it would be interesting to re-visit the research to see if the correlation still holds. It also seemed interesting to look at some of the stock market indices in other countries to see whether or not a similar correlation can be found in them. This article covers about a dozen examples.

Before showing the examples though, it's important to point out that nothing in this article - or on any other part of this website, for that matter - should be construed as constituting financial advice or investment advice, or any similar type of recommendation. In doing this research the intention was merely to find out if there was any correlation whatsoever between the Moon's phase cycle and stock market indices. I didn't set out to obtain information to invest with, or to help others invest. Besides, it seems starkly obvious to me that the information found is not suitable for such a purpose. The sole motivation, then, for sharing this information is that I assume that you, as a reader of an astrology website, share the same sense of curiosity as me when it comes to wondering whether there is any correlation between the sky and these human activities.

With that said, we now need to re-cap some of what was said in the original article, which was published nearly six years ago. Firstly, what we are looking at in these graphs is not the index itself, but its relative price oscillations. This is simply a way of removing longer trends from the index data so that we can analyse its upward and downward movements over many years. Secondly, the data before 1st January 2012 was treated as non-existent for the purposes of the research: the analysis treated 2012 as the future - completely unknown. The pre-2012 patterns based on the Moon's phase cycle were found, then projected forwards into 2012 to see if they held into the future. This is the same method as that used for the 2007 article.

What can be seen in the patterns found is that it is sometimes the case that there are 'inversions'. These are where the predicted upward or downward movement is reversed, as if looking at a reflection in a mirror: the index is projected to go up but it goes down or vice versa. These inversions show that the cycle of the Moon's phases matches the timing but not the direction of the index's change. You will also see that the height or depth of the upward and downward movements is not necessarily reflected either - sometimes it is just the timing itself that matches.

What we find is that not all indices show correlations, others show some weak correlation, and still others show a stronger correlation. A variety of correlations is presented here, starting with the UK's main stock market index, the FTSE 100 (spoken as 'footsie one hundred').
Commentary is kept short and to the point because it is easy to form your own views directly from the graphs.

Please bear in mind that the cycle of the phases of the Moon is just one cycle amongst many, and that the stock market indices are a complex phenomenon. What is being presented here is therefore necessarily a simplified picture. Reality is complex and multifaceted.

With all that said and cautionary notes sounded, it is hoped that you find this information interesting and thought-provoking.

UK's main index: FTSE100

So here we have the London Stock Exchange's main index, the footsie one hundred. The black line is the projection based on past correlations with the Moon's phase, and the blue line is what actually happened:

FTSE100 & Moon's phases
One thing you might find helpful to note before viewing all the other graphs is the drop in May. As you look through all the graphs you might like to compare what each of them shows for May - the timing and number of drops.

UK's FTSE250 index

Below is the diagram for the FTSE250. Again, as in all these diagrams, the black line is the projected line based on the Moon's phases and the index's previous years of data, and the blue line depicts how the index moved in actuality:
FTSE250 & Moon's phases

New Zealand's NZX50 index

Next we have the NZX50 index of New Zealand:

NZX50 & Moon's phases

Norway's OSE index

This is the OSE index of Norway:

OSE & Moon's phases

Brazil's IBOVESPA index

Here is the diagram for the IBOVESPA index:

IBOVESPA & Moon's phases

Australia's All Ordinaries index

The All Ordinaries index of Australia shows an inversion right at the start of the year:

AORD & Moon's phases

Germany's DAX index

Next is Germany's main index, the DAX:

DAX & Moon's phases

Mexico's IPC index

Here we have the IPC index of Mexico:

IPC & Moon's phases

Chile's IPSA index

This is the diagram for Chile's IPSA index:

IPSA & Moon's phases

Here is essentially the same diagram but with an extra pattern factored in:

IPSA & Moon's phases

Denmark's OMX index

This is the result for the OMX index of Denmark:

OMX & Moon's phases

The same diagram but with extra detail factored in:

OMX & Moon's phases

Singapore's Straits Times index

Our last diagram is the Straits Times index of Singapore:

Straits Times & Moon's phases

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Article on this website published in 2007 exploring the correlation of the cycle of the phases of the Moon with the UK's main stock market index, the FTSE 100:

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