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Marketing Guru, Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler is a professor of marketing, based in Chicago in the USA although admired around the world in his chosen field. He is the author of the book 'Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control', which is considered to be the most authoritative work on the subject, and is now in its 12th edition. It is quoted as '
the most widely used marketing book in graduate business schools worldwide'.

Kotler has written and co-written several other books on marketing, as well as numerous articles, and has received various awards for his work. He has also been a consultant to corporations such as AT&T, Bank of America, IBM, General Electric, Merck, and Motorola.

In an article in the Financial Times, Morgan Witzel credited Philip Kotler with the following:
  • Promoted marketing's importance generally, moving it away from being a peripheral add-on to the 'more important' work of production
  • Continued Peter Drucker's trend of moving marketing's emphasis away from price and distribution towards meeting customers' needs and selling benefits
  • Re-framed marketing as not merely selling, but a process of communication, and thus able to be applied to non-commerical ventures such as charities and political parties
Kotler's birth chart

In astrology, the process of selling is mainly linked with Jupiter and the process of marketing mainly with Neptune. We would then expect to find these two planets meaningfully configured in the chart of someone who is an expert in selling and marketing. Here is Philip Kotler's chart:

Philip Kotler - Natal Chart NB No birth time known - chart calculated for noon - please ignore house cusps

In his chart, Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, directly opposite Saturn. These three are thought of as 'business planets' in astrology, and generally signify powerfully tenacious ambition and a desire for longevity.
Jupiter-Pluto combinations are also traditionally linked with economics and finance, and in fact Kotler's first degree was in Economics.

Neptune is at right angles to the Sun, known as a square aspect. The Sun is what a person can shine at and become known for, but it also symbolises branding, which is of course a central facet of marketing. The fact that these two planets are paired in this way in Kotler's chart is interesting, because it clearly shows that he can become known for marketing, and that dealing with issues of branding and promotion is a key theme for him.

The above two paragraphs on their own are not significant enough to match Kotler's achievements and reputation. There is a third part of the configuration though, where things fall into place.

Halfway between the Sun and Neptune in Kotler's chart lie Jupiter and Pluto. In other words, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is on the midpoint of Sun/Neptune. This symmetrical structure places the collective, the social, and the personal in interlocking formation in Kotler's chart, reflecting their interaction within his psychological make-up.  For Kostler, promotion and marketing (Sun/Neptune) are tightly bound up with selling (Jupiter), the economics of big business (Jupiter-Pluto), and long-term corporate prosperity (Jupiter-Saturn).


Philip Kotler's work is an example of how each of us can play to our strengths, as revealed by our birth charts, to achieve goals that are deeply and structurally aligned with who we are, and in so doing, to fulfil ourselves, at the same time as making a valuable contribution not just to our employers or to businesses we work with, but to society itself.

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