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Partners in Business: Anita Roddick & Gordon Roddick

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NB Anita's birth time was not available at the time of writing so the chart has been cast for 12 noon. Gordon's birth time was also not available so his chart is also cast for 12 noon. Also, the only place of birth available for Gordon is Dumfriesshire.

What makes Anita and Gordon Roddick - co-founders of The Body Shop international chain of shops, and other ventures such as Big Issue and the New Academy of Business - such a formidable entrepreneurial team? This piece examines some of the key contacts between their two birth charts.

Major aspect connections

First of all, Anita’s Sun is very closely trine to Gordon’s Mars. This means that she is energised by Gordon, that they mutually stimulate one another and fire each other up in a harmonious and effortless way. This is a classic ‘leadership team’ aspect.

Next, Anita’s Venus-Mars conjunction is in trine to Gordon’s Jupiter. Again, this is a mutually firing-up aspect and a mutually loving aspect. Add this aspect and the last one together and you already have a couple who can easily come together as leaders, mutually supportive in their goal-seeking and in their desire to play top dog - alpha male and alpha female, ruling the roost as a partnership, but allowing one another freedom, rather than holding one another in bondage. Anita’s Venus-Mars conjunction is also quintile Gordon’s Saturn-Uranus conjunction. Because Anita’s Venus and Mars are the rulers of her Sun and Moon signs, as well as placed in Libra with a planetary cluster there, this is a very critical connection between the charts. It speaks of Anita articulating and creatively channelling Gordon’s Saturn-Uranus energy: his reforming nature, his issues regarding old and new, mainstream and radical, convention and invention, and so on.

Gordon’s Sun is square to Anita’s Pluto and shows a tension in their relationship, a tendency for one to feel threatened by the other and consequently to want to exert control and influence in the partnership. It also shows a desire to be in charge generally, and thus reinforces the previous two leadership aspects. Anita’s Sun is also square to Gordon’s Pluto if you use an orb of four degrees or larger.

Gordon’s Mars is square to Anita’s Neptune which shows that they can go on a crusade together. Inspired with a vision, they translate it into objectives. There are issues, however, around whether these are realistic directions to pursue or whether outcomes are fully thought through. Anita can sometimes undermine Gordon’s efforts to assert himself and to cleanly express his anger and frustration; there is a tendency for passive-aggression between these two. Anita’s influence can sometimes therefore be draining for Gordon and possibly vice versa, and Anita can feel disappointed with Gordon’s actions or goals in some way, either because of his manner of taking action or achieving goals, or his occasional inability to do so. At this stage in their personal and professional partnership it’s likely that Gordon and Anita have found a way to work around this potentially negative relationship dynamic.

Gordon’s Jupiter and Anita’s Saturn are just under nine degrees apart, which is a wide conjunction. These are the ‘business planets’ and when working well together they are associated with long-term business success. This is a fantastic aspect for a working partnership of any kind, but particularly for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, directors, and executives.

Major midpoint connections

To refine this and look closely at a more unique level of this partnership, we need to examine the midpoint contacts between the charts, and here the picture gets very telling.

Gordon’s Sun is on Anita’s Saturn/first point of Aries midpoint, and Anita’s Sun is on Gordon’s Saturn/first point of Aries midpoint. Gordon’s Saturn is on Anita’s Jupiter/first point of Aries midpoint. These are clear and unique indicators of ‘business leadership’. They highlight management and executive ability, the desire to assume responsibility and to take charge, and the willingness to lead rather than follow. Anita’s Sun is also in quincunx with Gordon’s Saturn-Uranus conjunction. The Sun linking with Saturn and Uranus shows how their identities (in business this is their brand, their trademark image) partake of dialogue and confrontation between old and new, youth and age, traditional and modern, conformism versus rebellion, mainstream versus shocking, ancient wisdom and new ideas, and so on. This characterises The Body Shop very, very strongly - the Roddicks left their mark on the organisation, clashing with City suits in London and the respectable Harvard university in the USA.

Anita’s Sun is also on Gordon’s Uranus/first point of Aries midpoint, so she stirs him to action and awakens his leadership spirit, galvanizing him into doing rather than being, and he does the same to her, releasing her potentials and encouraging her independence. Anita’s Uranus on Gordon’s Sun/Mars midpoint is fireworks!  These two will stimulate drama, excitement, self-determination, and a lot of rebellion.

In Anita's chart, Jupiter and Uranus are in septile aspect, reflecting a potential for inspiring people through creative rebellion and social conscience. It's a buzzing, chaotic, frenetic, unpredictable type of energy. Gordon’s Mars links in with this aspect of Anita's by being placed on Anita’s Jupiter/Uranus midpoint. Thus Gordon takes all of that potential for craziness, adventurousness, uncontainable wildness, and larger-than-life non-conformism, and adds a huge heap of energy to it. It’s like lighting the touch-paper - stand well back! Gordon is enlivened and electrified in return.

The above are just short delineations of the major midpoint contacts between Gordon and Anita. They show unmistakeably the type of dynamics and qualities they will trigger together and evoke in one another, and go a significant way towards explaining their success as business partners.

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