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USA Economy & the Lunar Node Cycle

Financial astrology - the astrology of economies and stock markets - is a complex field, however there is a simple cycle that is useful to look at in relation to the USA economy, and that's the cycle of the Moon's nodal axis.

The orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the path of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The two points where they intersect are called the Moon's nodes. One point is the north node, the other the south node.

In the 1930s an American astrologer called Louise McWhirter found that there was a correlation between the Moon's nodes moving through the zodiac signs, and the USA's economy. Astrologers have more recently used computers to statistically check this correlation, and have found that even now, nearly 70 years later, the correlation still holds true.

The graph below shows, in a simplified form, the pattern of this cycle:

USA's GNP and the Lunar Node cycle

The Moon's nodes move backwards through the signs, from Pisces to Aries. The lowest point for the USA economy is when the Moon's north node enters Aquarius just after leaving Pisces, and the highest is when it's in Leo, directly opposite Aquarius. Using this cycle alone, recession in the USA economy has been able to be accurately predicted over the past 70 years.

So where is the Moon's north node now? At the time of writing (June 2004) the north node is in Taurus. Despite President Bush's repeated statements, the USA economy is therefore most probably contracting and is expected to continue to follow this overall trend until the north node moves past its low point in Aquarius (the above graph is simplified - the lowest point is at the end of Aquarius) in 2008.

Lunar Node positions 2006 to 2010:

1st Jan 2006     09 Aries 00
1st July 2006    29 Pisces 25
1st Jan 2007    19 Pisces 40
1st July 2007   10 Pisces 05
1st Jan 2008    00 Pisces 21
1st July 2008   20 Aquarius 42
1st Jan 2009    10 Aquarius 58
1st July 2009   01 Aquarius 23
1st Jan 2010    21 Capricorn 38
1st July 2010   12 Capricorn 03

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