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Vodafone's Historic Losses
This article was written & published in June 2006

Vodafone is the world's biggest mobile telephone company. Established in the 1980s, it broke new ground by making the UK's first mobile telephone call. The company quickly rose to its dominant position, although in 2002 and 2006 it made history for rather less proud reasons: record-breaking financial losses. These losses are expected to trigger around 400 redundancies in the UK, and around 6000 worldwide.

The company has gone through several formative moments, and so it has several 'birth charts'. The primary chart is that set for the public launch of Vodafone in 1985. This chart is shown below:

Vodafone's birth chart

In this chart Pluto (resources, wealth) is at 4 degrees 22 minutes of Scorpio in the 2nd house (finances, assets). In April 2006 Saturn (downturns, setbacks, tightening budgets, cutting back) stationed, turning direct, at 4 degrees 22 minutes of Leo, at right angles to Vodafone's Pluto.

As well as that, transiting Pluto has been and still is in sextile to Vodafone's Venus (finances, assets), reflecting the crisis and the need to do some urgent and drastic pruning.

Looking at two of the other birthcharts for Vodafone we find that in both of them Venus was at 21 degrees Leo. During May 2006 Neptune has been stationary directly opposite that point.

The losses announced at the end of May 2002 coincided with transiting Uranus stationing on the company's Venus, reinforced by transiting Pluto stationing and then retrograding across the company's Mercury (symbolising communication industry), transiting Saturn shifting between an opposition to Vodafone's Uranus in 2001 and a quincunx to the company's Pluto in 2002, and transiting Neptune stationing in square to Vodafone's Pluto in 2001.

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