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W Edwards Deming: Founding father of the quality movement
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Sagittarius is a sign associated with improving and bettering, and perceiving patterns and trends in incidents and phenomena. W Edwards Deming drew on both of these motivations and went down in business history as the person responsible for the quality movement.

Deming used statistics to spot trends and to investigate what was going on in a process, using the data to get to the bottom of the quality process. From the data he would form guides for future action. As well has his direct involvement with business quality, Deming qualified in electrical, engineering, mathematics, and mathematical physics. He studied music theory, played several instruments, and composed.

He was born on 14th October 1900, in Sioux City, Iowa, USA. His exact time of birth is not available (I emailed his family to ask if it was available and received a less than courteous reply; ironic given the legacy of quality service that Deming left the world) so we do not know his Ascendant, Midheaven, exact Lunar position, or his House cusps.

What we do know is that he had a cluster of planets and points in Sagittarius: the Moon's north node, Jupiter, Uranus, the planetoid Chiron, and Saturn. Jupiter and Uranus were closely conjoined, and formed a close trine to Mars, so his energy and drive was harnessed in the pursuit of the uncompromising and unadulterated truth (Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius), with an eye on the patterns leading into the future (both Jupiter and Uranus are planets associated with an orientation towards future trends).

Saturn and Chiron in Sagittarius indicate a person who is never satisfied their understanding, learning, and knowledge. This configuration reflects someone stimulated to develop and share wisdom, through struggling to overcome limitations and obstacles to true comprehension.

His Libra Sun and Cancerian Moon show a 'people person', responsive and reflective, able to hold a centre in balanced judgement at the same time as having a gut-level instinct for the dynamics of a situation.

Mercury in Scorpio indicates a keenly penetrating mind that seeks beneath the surface data for what lies behind the appearances. Mercury in square to Mars is a sharp mind, decisive and no-nonsense, very forthright in pursuing information and not being distracted by irrelevancy or 'froth'.

Venus in Virgo is the love of quality, the appreciation of craftsmanship, and the attraction to efficient processes. Venus square the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction challenges the 'big picture' thinking of the Sagittarian planets to come down to earth and get an appreciation not just of the wood, but also of the individual trees.

W Edwards Deming died on 20th December 1993, when the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the Moon's north node were all in Sagittarius.

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