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Bringing the sky down to Earth
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The Lewes Pound: How a local currency project is demonstrating that 'We have it in our power to build the world anew' [read]

Solar Cycles in the UK Stock Market:
The FTSE 100's yearly rhythms correlated with the Sun in the Zodiac Signs [read]

Vodafone's Historic Losses: 2002 and 2006's record-breaking financial losses [read]

The Battle of Seattle: The WTO crisis of 1999, and its relevance to the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition of 2008-2010 [read]

Argentina's Financial Crisis & Recovery:
The country's 2001 economic crisis and 2006 IMF debt repayment [read]

The Apprentice, & Alan Sugar:
The 'reality TV' programme from NBC & the BBC that seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit 
The Future of Google: Can the company continue to grow? [read]
The Crisis at MG Rover [read]

Euro Currency:
Does it have what it takes to be a leading world currency? [read]

Ofcom: The UK's new 'super-regulator' [read]

Partners in Business: Anita Roddick & Gordon Roddick, co-founders of The Body Shop [read]
Marketing Guru Philip Kotler: Profile of the author, consultant, and professor of marketing [read]

Edward Bernays:
Pioneer of public relations [read]

The world's first commercial supersonic aeroplane [read]

Lunar Phases & The Stock Market:
How the Moon's cycle correlates with the FTSE100 [read]

European Central Bank: At the heart of the European Economy [read]
Sky  ERM Crisis of 1992: Could it
  have been predicted with
  astrology? [read]

  USA Economy & the
  Lunar Node cycle

W Edwards Deming:
Founding father of the quality movement [read]

Global Recession & the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle [read]

UK's Air Traffic Control Crisis: circa 6am, 3rd June 2004 [read]

National Health Service: Cycles of reform [read]

Stock Markets & the Out of Bounds Moon: The Moon's declination cycle and world stock market indices [read]

BBC vs. the UK Government [read]

Franchises Lost, Franchises Gained: Train companies GNER, Virgin Cross Country, and Arriva Cross Country [read]

Business to Business: Richard Branson's first business, and his latest venture, Virgin Media [read]

Mind your E's & Q's: Elements & Quadruplicities in financial markets [read]

Directory Enquiries: De-regulating the UK's number information industry [read]

Absolute Power: Thatcher, Murdoch, the Meeting & the Memo [read]

Galactic Centre Planetary Alignment 2006/7: Cultural shifts and world stock markets [read]

Galactic Centre & the Credit Crunch: Looking back at the financial crisis and its relationship to Pluto and the core of our Galaxy [read]

Banco Santander: Rising during the banking collapse [read]

Financial Summits of the G-20: Looking at the foundation of the G-20 and its recent series of special summits to address the 'credit crunch' [read]

Moon Phases & Stock Market Indices: Looking at various international stock market indices in terms of their possible correlation with the cycle of the Moon's phases [read]

New Zealand's health service reforms in the 1990s: Lessons for the UK and the NHS [read]

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