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Architects of the 'New Labour' Brand: Insights into the team's dynamics

During the mid-1990s the Labour Party was systematically altered by the architects of 'New Labour' in order to win the 1997 election. Of the five architects, only two had a longstanding political background. The other three were mainly media people.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had both been MPs since 1983. Peter Mandelson had spent three years working for a local council, and three years in television production, before becoming Director of Communications for Labour. He only became an MP in 1992. Alastair Campbell was a journalist by trade, and Philip Gould was an advertising executive.

Their strategies and tactics were lifted from Bill Clinton's election campaigns in the USA, which Gould had been involved in. Ironic, then, that Blair is now a sycophant of George Bush and the Republicans.

The team's theme

Analysing the team astrologically the most prominent sign is Leo. Groups with Leo dominant are a collection of egos that can be very creative, but can also feel entitled to power and success.

The dominant harmonic of the group is the 5th harmonic. If we take the zodiac circle of 360 degrees and divide it by 5 we get 72. If we then mark a point every 72 degrees, and connect the dots with lines, we get a pentagon. Each of the five members of this team - Campbell, Blair, Brown, Gould, Mandelson - has at least one planet at one of these 5 points, as shown in this diagram:

Architects of the brand 'New Labour' - semi-complete pattern

Starting at the top left we have Gordon Brown with Venus and Mars. Proceeding anti-clockwise we have Tony Blair with Ascendant and Mars, and Alastair Campbell with the Sun. Next we have Gordon Brown with Pluto, Philip Gould with Pluto and possibly the Moon (depending on his birth time), and possibly also Peter Mandelson with the Moon (also depending on his birth time). At the top right we have Peter Mandelson with the Sun and Saturn, and Alastair Campbell with Neptune.

But what does this mean?

The team members' roles

The 5th harmonic is one of skill and knowledge. It's about using knowledge to shape the world around you. Groups that resonate at this harmonic level are ones where the members have come together to tap into, develop, and put to use, some type of skill and/or some kind of knowledge.

Brown's skills are a combination of Venus, Mars and Pluto. These planets denote financial skills along with a great deal of drive and raw ambition. Pluto here also denotes a person who could destroy the group and bring it down.

Gould also brings Pluto, and again it reflects a great deal of power over and within the group. Pluto's extremes reflect the capacity for Gould to help the group to success, or to plunge them into tragedy.

Brown and Gould's Plutos in this formation reflect their roles as reformers in the group. Without these two, the group could not have reformed the Labour Party and created the 'New Labour' brand.

Blair's Ascendant and Mars indicate that he is the public face of the group, as well as its fuel and engine.

Campbell's Sun reflects his central role in the team, keeping the 'New Labour' fire burning. His Neptune shows that he brings imagination, but also the possibility of deception and victimisation, to the team.

Mandelson's Sun also reflects his central role as keeper of the brand flame. His Saturn shows that he wields considerable authority in the group, and is a chief organiser.

The vacant point

You will have noticed the red text showing a vacant point in our five-pointed pentagon. This fifth point is not filled by anyone in the team. This point is therefore crucial in this team's fulfilment of its potential. The diagram below shows what fits this point:

Architects of 'New Labour' - complete pattern

When the United Kingdom came into being in 1801, the Sun was at 10 degrees Capricorn, at the base of the chart - the cusp of the 4th house, known also as the IC (Imum Coeli). The Sun and the IC fit into the 'New Labour' project and make the 5th harmonic pattern complete. Thus, all of this team's skills/knowledge are channelled into the UK itself.

Additional group patterns

As well as the above 'planetary pentagon', there are two further patterns that are pivotal for understanding this group.

One is a 7th harmonic pattern involving Mercury-Node, and the other is a 5th harmonic pattern involving Jupiter-Node. Both Mercury and Jupiter are the planets of the media, of research, of opinion polls (Gould's speciality), and of presentation. The node is about contacts and associations. Taken together, these patterns indicate a group that is geared to research and media interaction, and that it will be very captivated (7th harmonic) and extremely skilful (5th harmonic) in these areas.

One final note: in the Mercury-Node pattern, there is one member who does not quite fit in. This person is therefore a unique individual who brings something different to the team. He connects with it not through Mercury and/or the Node, but through his Mercury/Neptune midpoint.

This is the midpoint of charismatic communication, imaginative thinking, and 'errors of fact'. This is the midpoint of lies.

The person is Tony Blair.

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