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The Stars of Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General
Written & published: March/April & May 2007

Ban Ki-Moon is the new Secretary-General of the UN. He was appointed to the position on 13th October, sworn in on 14th December 2006, and took up his role from 1st January 2007.

Rather than having a conventional look at his birthchart, this article instead focuses on how Ban Ki-Moon's planets link with the stars, using the technique of star parans.

Ban Ki-Moon's birthtime is not known. Here is his chart set for noon:

Ban Ki-Moon's birth chart

Whilst described by supporters and critics alike as an 'administrator', Ban Ki-Moon's star parans actually suggest that a potential for radicality might lie dormant beneath his inoffensive exterior. The Moon and Saturn both form parans with the star Deneb Adige, which is in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan. These two parans are indicative of someone who walks the path less travelled and makes choices that go against what would ordinarily be expected. Obviously this could be anti-democratic, or it could be used to be an improver of the UN system by standing up to the pressures of the various national leaders who might seek to manipulate the organisation undemocratically.

Deneb Adige - Ban Ki-Moon

Other parans flesh out the picture and reinforce the tendency to reform and be individualistic.

Venus in paran with Ankaa and Capella, in the constellations of the Phoenix and Auriga (the Charioteer) respectively, symbolise a person who is prepared to go against and challenge the prevailing opinion in order to bring about transformation. Again there is a cautionary note made explicit in these configurations: ignoring the democratic mandate could jeopardise Ban Ki-Moon's success in his UN role. Venus in paran with Rigel, at the foot of the constellation Orion, confirms the idea of flying in the face of fashion, unfettered by convention. The choice Ban Ki-Moon has is to use this to serve the interests of the global many, or the powerful few. Appropriately enough, Jupiter in paran with Aldebaran points to being drawn to ambitious noble causes that challenge one's integrity.

Rigel - Ban Ki-Moon
There are more star parans unable to be covered here for reasons of brevity.

In summary, the star parans of Ban Ki-Moon symbolise someone interested in social problems, a humanitarian who is able to bring together elements that combine to form solutions even amidst chaotic situations, but who is also attracted to intense, dramatic experiences and strong, aggressive people. Astrologically, there appears to be little doubt that Ban Ki-Moon could make a very competent UN Secretary-General, should he wish to draw upon the talents and abilities shown by his star parans.
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