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Tony Blair's New Job
Written & published: 5th/6th July 2007

Tony Blair's new job as envoy to the Middle East 
for the quartet of Russia, the USA, the United Nations and the European Union comes at an interesting time, astrologically-speaking.

Blair was born when Saturn and Neptune were very closely conjunct, in 1953. His resignation as both PM and MP came just two days after Saturn exactly opposed Neptune. And his appointment to and acceptance of the envoy role took place on the same day as his resignation.

In his chart, Saturn and Neptune in Libra could be seen as representing his sense of God-given mission about peace and war, particularly as they link with his Moon through Mars and Jupiter midpoint structures.

Mapped Birthchart

Mapping Tony's birthchart onto the surface of the Earth proves interesting. By birth, he has Saturn and Neptune through Northern Ireland, with Jupiter close by. This gives us a clue about how he uses these planetary themes. If we then turn to the Middle East, we find a similar, but crucially different, situation.

Through the area close to Jerusalem, where he will be based in his new job, Blair has Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is less than 15 miles away, Neptune less than 40 miles away:

Tony Blair birthchart - Middle East

Tony's Uranus/Neptune midpoint just to the left of Israel, is around 60 miles away from Jerusalem, which is within range, or orb as it's known in astrology. This Uranus/Neptune midpoint on Blair's Midheaven shows an even greater sense of idealism and captivating mission. He will look at this area and consider that he is able to ground his ultimate vision here.

The area also brings into play his dislike of traditions and formal procedures and his obsession with modernity and the future: Jupiter/Uranus is here, as well as Saturn/Uranus.

His Mars square MC further away (the red line to the leftmost of the above map - approximately 65 miles west of Jerusalem) shows his strong will comes into play here, along with his desire to exert himself to reach his goals, and a tendency to have powerful clashes with authorities. There is a predisposition to hostility shown in this line that Tony needs to manage carefully - he needs to work with his anger issues if he wants to provoke co-operate and peacefulness rather than confrontation and separation.

Mapped Transits

If we examine Tony's transits for the date when his new post was announced (27th June) as well as for one month after when he is expected to visit the area, we can glean some interesting insights.

This next map shows his transits in the Jerusalem area for 27th June 2007:

Tony Blair Transit Map Middle East 27th June 2007

It's very interesting that, for Blair, the transiting Saturn-Neptune opposition is through Israel at this time. Also very interesting indeed is that the transiting Uranus/Neptune midpoint is on Blair's MC just to the east of Jerusalem at the moment. These both echo his birth map for this area, which is surely significant.

The above map is a snapshot of Tony's transits on 27th June, so what happens if we watch the transits move over the following days and weeks? What we find is that the Uranus/Neptune midpoint is moving, for Tony personally, towards Jerusalem.

This next map shows Tony's transits at the end of July 2007, by which time his transit of the Uranus/Neptune midpoint is within 2 miles of Jerusalem:

Tony Blair Transit Map Middle East end of July 2007

The transiting midpoint will be exactly through Jerusalem on 28th July, and just past it to the western side on 29th July (Note: Exact dates are dependent on the accuracy of Tony's birthtime.)

A 16th harmonic aspect from transiting Pluto to his MC reinforces the suggestion that Blair faces power struggles in this area at this time, and that he is prepared to exert himself to attain his objectives here. It indicates a desire to transform and be transformed in this place at this time, but a tendency to go to extremes, to push harder than necessary, the potential for manipulation and subterfuge, and a need to learn to surrender to a higher will than his own personal desires.

In combination with the above natal and transiting planets, this Pluto transit is likely to symbolise obsessiveness and control issues, and perhaps also Blair needs to confront his desire for danger and his tendency to be drawn towards situations of destructiveness.

A lot of internal work on himself would be essential for him to make the most of this transit and express it at its higher levels, and avoid using it and experiencing it in unhealthy ways. Where Pluto is concerned the 'good versus evil' battle is often projected into the environment, but is actually first and foremost an inner war, with the primary battleground being one's own psyche, and the need to achieve peaceful relations between split parts of the self.

Blair's new job - blog entry - published 5th July 2007 - covers all of the planetary aspects for Blair in his new Middle East envoy job, rather than just the main ones covered in this article.

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