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David Cameron: Aiming to Win
This article was written & published on 10th October 2005

Update: 6th Dec 05: It has just been announced that David Cameron has won the leadership contest, and is now the new leader of the Conservative Party.

David Cameron has been an MP for the Conservative Party since his election in 2001 in the Witney constituency of West Oxfordshire. Positions he has held within the party are:
  • Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons
  • Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party
  • Front bench spokesman on local government finance
  • Head of policy co-ordination
  • Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Earlier in his political career, Cameron worked for the Conservative Party as a 'special advisor' to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then to the Home Secretary.

After working for the party as a special advisor, David then spent
seven years (1994 to 1991 - quarter of a Saturn cycle) working for Carlton Communications Plc, a large media company. He was Director of Corporate Affairs, and sat on the Executive Board. So here is a person with a significant corporate background, who went in at the top and did not work his way up. Not only that, it is a media background, the same background that the 'New Labour' project came from.

In fact, David was born to a stockbroker and grew up in Oxfordshire, where he still maintains a home, along with having a home in the Notting Hill area of London. He went to Eton and then attended Brasenose College at Oxford, graduating with a degree (first class honours) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. His wife, Samantha, is Creative Director for a company based in 'exclusive' (i.e. expensive) Bond Street. Samantha is the daughter of a Baronet. On the surface of it, this is stereotypical Conservative Party member material.

David's campaign: 'recasting' and values

Cameron's campaign emphasis that he is not one of the old brigade; he even goes so far as to refer to his own 'inexperience' as a strength. He is careful to use some different language to his competitors, both his competitors within his own party and those in the ranks of Labour. For instance, his campaign website talks about 'recasting' rather than 'reforming' or 'modernising'. This shows a keen awareness of public relations, similar to Tony Blair's focus on the same. But what about the substance beneath the appearance?

David Cameron says that the Conservative Party must 'look, feel, think and behave like a completely new organisation.' This is certainly very similar to 'New Labour' project's vision of completely re-making the Labour Party in the early/mid-1990s. The important word is 'like' and the question then is this: Does looking, feeling, thinking and behaving like a new organisation actually mean being a new organisation, or is it merely a cosmetic alteration?

Cameron says 'Presentation is certainly not the problem' yet in the next breath says 'We need to change our policies, and our presentation.' One may wonder why it needs changing if it's not a problem. He then goes on to discuss 'recasting' the party's values 'in the spirit of the age'.

"We must ask ourselves why we are Conservatives, and then ask why so many of our fellow citizens think they are not – even though they share our values. And as we unflinchingly confront this painful question, we inevitably come to the conclusion that it’s time to recast our values according to the spirit of the age and the challenges of our times.

So if the party isn't changing its values, surely all that Cameron wants to do, and surely all that's left that can be done, is to re-present and re-word them? And if the values aren't changing, then surely the 'look, and feel, and think, and behave' is only skin-deep change?

David Cameron's birth chart

David's time of birth is unavailable so this chart diagram does not show house cusps, and it is not possible to know the exact position of the Moon. We do know the Moon's sign, though, and that is Leo.

[Note added 9th Dec 05: since this article was written a birth time for David has been released: 6am. This time is not, so far as is known, taken from a birth record, and must be treated with caution. At 6am the Moon was placed at 6 degrees 48 minutes of Leo. The chart below has been recalculated to reflect this new information. Note added June 2007: The latest information is that David was born at 5:55am. Caution must be exercised with these birth times. Update: The birthplace of David Cameron was at the time of writing (October 2005) thought to be Wantage, however this later turned out to be incorrect. The more up-to-date information is that he was born in London, which produces a slight difference in the Ascendant, however the uncertainty of his birthtime means that his actual Rising Sign remains in doubt irrespective of his place of birth.]

David Cameron - birth chart

What stands out about this chart is that all but one of the planets are contained within just four signs of the Zodiac. Only Saturn, Chiron, and the Moon's north node lie outside that area, and of those three, only Saturn is a planet (the node is an intersection of orbits, and Chiron is a planetoid.)

The visual pattern or layout of the planets in a chart is something that can be interpreted. This type of chart shaping is called a 'Bucket', because there is a concentration of planets at one side, opposed by a planet forming the 'handle'. In this case, Saturn is the handle, and this tells us that understanding Saturn in this chart is absolutely central to understanding what makes David Cameron tick.

'Compassionate Conservatism'

This is interesting because Saturn is the planet of conservatism (with a small 'c'). It is the planet of the corporate business world, of government machinery, of statesmanship, of social hierarchy, of the establishment.

Saturn is placed in Pisces, the sign of compassion, in trine to Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. Furthermore, Saturn is conjunct Chiron, the planetoid associated with overcoming life's difficulties, hurdles, and painful situations. And finally, Saturn is on the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint. What is one of David's oft-repeated phrases? - 'Compassionate Conservatism'. A search on the web using a search engine showed that the other main candidates are not using this phrase, but David has placed it at the core of his 'brand' and 'message' (to use the jargon).

Another of David's phrases that expresses this is configuration is: "There is a 'we' in politics as well as 'me'." This is especially interesting because the signs that contain most of his planets are Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. These signs are all associated with 'me-in-here meets you-out-there.'

So what else can Saturn's position tell us?

Radical re-structuring

Placed directly opposite Saturn in David's chart are the planets Uranus and Pluto. This see-saw arrangement correlated with the incredible social turbulence of the 1960s, and David was born with that same theme of social upheaval in his chart.

The aforementioned Saturn-trine-Neptune links with Uranus and Pluto, so all four outer planets are powerfully arranged for dramatic social, organisational, and institutional restructuring. This configuration of outer planets was within orb for a long period of time. What makes it personal to David is the involvement of Mercury and Mars. [Update May 2013: If the birthtime is reasonably correct then the Moon is also involved, but when the article was written no birthtime was available, hence the Moon was omitted.]

Mercury represents the way a person perceives life, and what their mind tends to notice - their mental outlook, their interests, their point of view, the thoughts they formulate and articulate. In David's chart, Mercury is in Scorpio and in semi-square aspect to both Uranus and Pluto, so all this 'radical change' energy is something his mind is responsive to, and something he can articulate well. This is reinforced by Pluto being on David's Mercury/Jupiter midpoint. Despite appearances of 'sweetness and light', David is a tough speaker and thinker, inscrutable, shrewd and wily in what he will say and what he will not say, choosing his moment very cleverly. But saying what he means and meaning what he says is not at all assured.

Mars represents a person's mode of acting, and their attitudes to standing on one's own two feet, facing challenges alone, and slaying dragons. In David's chart, Mars is in septile aspect to Saturn. This aspect is associated with being very driven and ambitious. It is somewhat - though not necessarily literally - sadomasochistic. People with this aspect tend to believe in dragging yourself up by your bootstraps, rather than being assisted by other people, which they consider to be a sign of weakness and a huge 'turn-off'. What is inspiring to these people is 'personal responsibility'.

This interpretation of self-sufficiency and difficulty in accepting the necessity of outside assistance is reinforced by Mars being placed in Leo, Mars being on the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint, Jupiter being in septile aspect with Uranus, and Uranus being on the Sun/Mars midpoint. These are all very strong indicators of someone who values independence and 'setting free' institutions and enterprises.

Charm and entitlement

With Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, charm and charisma are a natural gift for David. It has been written that women observing his recent speeches frequently describe him as 'sweet'. This is typical Libran-mode charm. But it's not all there is to him.

With the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Leo it would be very surprising if he did not have a fair amount of arrogance and self-importance. These planetary placements are largely instinctive, and so it is in moments of being off-guard, or tired, or when the doors are closed, that this side of him will be revealed. Nevertheless, it is very definitely there, and something to beware of. Leo is not naturally given to team-spirit, fair-play, and democratic reform. At its worst, it is a tyrannical despot, and with Moon, Mars, and Jupiter here David's ego boundaries will be sensitive to being trampled.

In short, he is not the type to suffer being ignored or passed over, and he will consider himself to be a born leader; woe betide anyone who gets in his way or refuses to carry out his orders. An air of entitlement, a superiority complex, and a tendency to be dazzled by the spotlight, are his weak points.

With his Leo and Libra planets, he needs to be careful not to fall in love with himself and believe his own 'hype'. These signs can indicate a facility and ease with the media and with being in the public eye, but with no personal planets in Earth signs, the danger is a lot of fanfare, rousing speeches, and heroic calls-to-action, but precious little substance, very few feet on the ground, and not much to show for it at the end of the day.

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This article was written & published on 10th October 2005
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