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David Cameron: More on his Birth Chart, & UK Synastry
This article was written & published on 25th December 2005

This article is a sequel to the original David Cameron material published on this website on 28th October 2005. Since David is now officially the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, his role and influence is greater than before and consequently the need to understand the person behind the public relations output is increased.

The previous article analysed David's birth chart. This article goes into more depth about his birth chart, and discusses the main ways in which his birth chart links with the UK's chart. This tells us how he is likely to interact with the country, and what the nature of that relationship is.

Stars and planets

Using the stars as well as the planets gives more specific detail about a person. There will a new term used here that is not present anywhere else on this website: paran. The definition of this word is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that, for our purposes here, a paran is a link between a star and a planet that combines the two.

David Cameron - Star parans
Sky map showing Deneb Algedi, which is in paran to Mars in David's chart

David's star parans show that he is someone who is naturally persuasive and who will demand to be heard, particularly over issues that he considers to be unjust. Sharp-witted and gifted at debate, he will take risks with his ideas and be intellectually probing, innovative, and standard-setting. But he will not be content with just thinking about things, developing his ideas, but will want to put them into action and to use his propensity for problem-solving, and will be willing to face the difficult challenges in doing so. He is inclined, however, to withholding information.

The parans confirm his capacity for leadership, but warn that he may have a quick rise to the top but be unable to follow it with something substantial, and so quickly fade thereafter. They also caution that he is inclined to act as a singular authority, and feel as if he is above the law. They draw attention to the potential for destructiveness, and to a tendency to seek drama merely for the thrill of it.

Relationship with UK

When you put David's chart around the UK's chart there are several connections that immediately leap out. The first is Jupiter: David's Jupiter is in exactly the same place as the UK's Jupiter. For both David and the UK, Jupiter lies in Leo in the 10th house, symbolising power, privilege, and aristocracy. This conjures up various associations: the divine right to rule, the sense of entitlement and destiny, the feeling of being special and different, the benevolent despot (an oxymoron, surely), the landed gentry. There is a great deal of 'pomp and circumstance' here too.

More constructively, this suggests a great deal of creative energy and a desire to give: warm-hearted, big-hearted, kind-hearted. Which way will David use this connection? Time will tell.

A further Jupiter configuration is that David's Jupiter lies halfway between the UK's Saturn and MC, showing how he directly links into the nation's ambitions, conservatism, and government. This is not, however, the fanfare of the common man, despite his Jupiter being sextile to the UK's Uranus. Whilst Jupiter-Uranus does tend to make a song and dance about human rights, freedom, and democracy, it can also correlate with the ideology of the so-called free market (a misnomer if ever their was one) and a penchant for being a know-it-all who likes to tell other people how to live. So it depends whose rights and freedom David wants to do something about: big business's, or the citizens'.

David Cameron and the UK
Inner wheel = UK's chart
Outer wheel = David Cameron's chart

David's Neptune is also in the same area as the UK's Neptune: Scorpio in the 2nd house. This is about economics and regeneration, the rising and falling of hope and despair, a sense of power changing places with a sense of victimisation. This is a generational connection, but made deeply personal by the Moon; in David's chart, Neptune is in septile to the Moon, and in the UK's chart Neptune is trine the Moon. There is a very strong element of fantasy symbolised here. David is emotionally plugged into the UK's aspirations and inspirations, hopes and dreams, but is perhaps in danger of being swept away by them, and by being a symbol of the aforementioned 'landed gentry' stereotype.

Cameron's Neptune in square to the UK's Saturn suggests an undermining of the nation's governmental institutions and of the nation in general. This contact needs to be very carefully handled. Tony Blair was born during a Saturn-Neptune conjunction and it is in sextile to the UK's Saturn, and look what has happened.

The third close contact that jumps out is David's Sun placed closely next to the UK's south node. Some would interpret this as about national undoing through self-centredness, kingly rule, and arrogance. Others would point to a  feeling of closeness, kinship, and identification. David has said that he "loves this country". As with Blair, l'état c'est moi springs to mind, especially as
his Sun is located halfway between the UK's Sun and Moon.

That Cameron can have a strong impact on the UK's people and the country's domestic issues is indicated by the UK's Moon being trine David's Chiron and Neptune, and sextile his Pluto. This is powerfully and radically transformative in the mood of the nation, but with a hefty dose of the Messiah complex. It also smacks of the nation repeating its patterns of false hope and disillusionment, as if Thatcher and Blair weren't already enough.

His Venus on the Mars/Pluto midpoint should prove interesting to watch in relation to blood-thirsty war-mongering, and his Mercury/Neptune midpoint on the UK's Mars is one to keep an eye on as regards deceiving people in order to go into battle.

Relationship with the Conservative Party
NB This paragraph was first published on 29th June 2005, over 5 months before he was elected as leader of the party.

David's Jupiter is trine the party's Venus-Mars conjunction, symbolising an easy connection with leadership of the party. His Saturn is trine to the party's Saturn, which again shows that he naturally falls into roles of authority within the party. His Pluto sextile the party's Sun bolsters this tremendously.

However, his Sun opposite the party's Neptune, and the party's Sun conjunct his Neptune, hold both promise and problems. The promise is the potential for charisma and popularity by the bucketload. The problems are the potential for great disappointment, disillusionment, the possibility of deception, and the experience of undermining and being undermined.

David's Mars makes challenging aspects to the party's outer planets, suggesting tense confrontations, show-downs, and a great deal of Machiavellian manoeuvring. Finally, his nodal axis close to the party's Sun-Pluto opposition indicates a close relationship with party power. This could be an astrological hint about a future role (NB Seems that bit was spot on!).

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