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David Davis: Future Leader of the Conservative Party?

Update: 6th Dec 05: It has just been announced that David Davis has lost the leadership contest, and David Cameron is now the new leader of the Conservative Party.

David Davis is currently the snappily titled Shadow Secretary of State for Home, Constitutional and Legal Affairs, and Shadow Home Secretary. More importantly, if the Conservatives do not win the election on 5th May '05, Davis is tipped to be one of the people who will put themselves forward to succeed Michael Howard as leader of the party - assuming Davis is himself re-elected, that is.

He is a former Chairman of the Conservative p
arty, and before he became an MP he was a director for Tate & Lyle Plc. He has contested the leadership of the party before, in 2001, but lost. In the 2003 leadership contest he backed Michael Howard, surprising commentators who expected him to stand himself.

David's public profile has been relatively low-key during his political career, so the electorate in general has little idea of what makes him tick. Since he is a potential future leader of the Conservative party - and therefore presumably aspires to the top job in the country - it's important that we understand more about this politician and what direction he may go in, should he ever become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

David Davis - natal chart

We do not have a time of birth for David so we cannot calculate his Ascendant, MC, and house positions. On the day of his birth, the Moon changed signs just before 3am, from Virgo to Libra, so without a birth-time we cannot be certain which sign it is in. We can, however, interpret the rest of the chart to understand more about him.

Capricorn cluster

David's cluster of inner planets in conservative Capricorn are a literal marker of his politics. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are all in this sign, with three of them conjunct, so there is a concentration of psychological energy here. Thus, Capricornian themes of authority, discipline, responsibility, achievement, status, success, and contribution to be dominant ones in his outlook.

The Sun, however, is opposite Uranus, and there are two main ways this type of configuration generally plays out: one is by being a rebel, challenging existing structures, playing devil's advocate, being a moderniser and reformer, refusing to fit into a traditional box. The other is autocracy. Both can sit side-by-side in a person, they are not mutually exclusive by any means. In fact, often they are absolutely tied together. David has drawn on these factors in his knowledge of how to turn around a company - Uranian reform of a Capricornian institution - which he wrote a book about under that very title, published by the BBC. This gives a big clue about his likely aims in politics.

Add Pluto and stir

Taken together, this cluster of planets in Capricorn could indicate someone who is extremely confident of their opinions and ideas, and who therefore wants to establish them into lasting structures. Of course, most politicians want to do this in some way, shape, or form, but with this signature in his chart Davis is someone for whom this drive is absolutely paramount. It is something he will pursue with vigour, marathon-level stamina, and large dose of steely determination. With Sun in sesquiquadrate aspect to Pluto, and Mars in septile to Pluto, there is an unrelenting drive for power; it would not be extreme to describe it as power-lust. The wielding of power and authority capture this man's imagination and get his motor running. How he channels this, the consciousness he brings to it, is key.

These Pluto contacts also show a propensity to become embroiled in power struggles. When Davis was sacked from his job as party chairman, he said he was the target of a
'cowardly campaign of character assassination.' With Mars septile Pluto, there is a part of him that loves to see himself as living on the edge, pitting his wits against enemies in 'mortal' combat, surviving do-or-die situations and boldly facing threats to his position. Unfortunately, he has come a cropper on more than one occasion, yet he is still drawn to enter the fray. Is this a sign of bravery in pursuing his principles, or a compulsiveness about gaining power?


The potential counterbalances to this are the Sun in opposition to Uranus - if David uses it for democracy and democratic reform rather than autocratically - the Moon in Libra (if it is indeed in Libra), and Venus septile Uranus. These factors can indicate someone who is more of a people person, more human and humane, more towards the democratic end of the scale than the totalitarian end.

That said, we know from his political history that he leans towards what has been called 'the Thatcherite right' and the traditional Conservative party values.

Media commentary

The Guardian says about him '
Not everyone in Mr Howard's entourage trusted Davis. Some regard him as too ruthless' and 'As party chairman he was a ruthless operator, but found his role undermined by in-fighting at central office.'

There is even a web site dedicated to removing him from office which says '
Davis likes to brag about how his SAS training means he can kill a man with his bare hands - wouldn't you just love the chance to strangle his career?'


Because David Davis's lead in his constituency seat is not very great, it is very possible that he will be ousted in favour of the Liberal Democrat candidate. If, however, he retains his seat, it has been reported that some members of the Conservative party fear that Davis may attempt a coup to remove Michael Howard and install himself as party leader. The election result of 5th May '05 will therefore be decisive: either it will set the cat among the pigeons, or it will remove Davis from the running.

This article was written and published in May 2005

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