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The European Union was created by the Treaty on European Union which was signed on 7th February 1992 and entered into force on 1st November 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. The treaty was signed by Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom (Austria, Finland and Sweden joined in 1995, and in 2004 a further ten countries joined: Cyprus (the Greek part), Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.)

The EC (formerly the EEC) is often used as the old name for the EU, however it is actually a separate legal entity. The EU is a bloc of states, with each state being a member of the international organisation that is the EC. All law made by EU institutions is actually EC Law, as the EU has no ‘legal personality’ (NB This will change within the next 2 years if the EU constitution comes into force). The EU is founded on these two European Communities, and its task is to organise relations between the member states and their peoples.

The EU is composed of the Parliament, the Commission, the Council, the Court of Justice, and the Court of Auditors. There are other institutions within the EU but these are the five top level units that drive the whole EU group of institutions.

With a Leo Ascendant, the Sun is the EU’s chart ruler and it is placed in Scorpio in the 4th house. For a bloc of states, Leo on the Ascendant suggests that sovereignty is a key theme, and Aquarius on the Descendant represents the ‘Shadow side’ that needs to be integrated for the sake of balanced functioning. The Leo-Aquarius polarity is about balancing the individual and the collective, the divine right to rule versus the will of the electorate, the desire to issue unilateral edicts versus the grass roots democratic voices of the people. The tendency is for Leo to consider that power is an entitlement and unique privilege to the person or state in charge, conferred from on high, and Aquarius on the Descendant demands that this view is connected with an awareness of the fact that power actually flows from the collective will, and that no-one is more entitled, privileged, or ‘divine’ than anyone else.

Whilst the Sun is normally visible, in Scorpio in the 4th house it is actually invisible and hidden. Many people feel that the EU is a mysterious organisation that operates behind closed doors, handling vast amounts of public money, wielding considerable influence both internally within the member states and internationally beyond the EU bloc. It is perceived as rather like a secret society, which raises the Scorpionic issues of trust, suspicion and corruption. The most positive use of all this Scorpionic energy is to be utterly transparent, drawing on Scorpio’s capacity for investigation, probing, and general perspicacity. This would utilise the Sun, illuminating the inner workings of the EU (the 4th house) with uncompromising (Scorpio) focus.

Mercury in Scorpio also in the 4th can be reluctant to communicate openly, preferring Machiavellian message-sending; freedom of information in the EU is notoriously resisted. Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th is a storehouse of endless energy based on will-power that becomes more effective when it learns that letting go does not mean 'the end'. This combination suggests that personal struggles and unilateralism can wreak havoc owing to the closeness of the ‘family living quarters’ (Scorpio in the 4th house), being potentially destructive, even though that destruction means self-annihilation and not just annihilation of the ‘enemy’. Wherever Mars is in the chart is where we are ready for a fight; the EU is ready to fight primarily within itself and with its neighbours (Mars in the 4th house and conjunct Mercury), using trade (Mercury), and take-overs/mergers (conjunct Pluto), preferably combined (it is a triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto). With Mars ruling Aries intercepted in the 9th house, this energy is linked with foreign relations, import-export issues, and religious/ideological matters.

In short, there are serious power issues in this organisation, and it is not a stretch of the imagination to see in this Mercury-Mars-Pluto combination in the 4th house, in opposition to the Moon in Taurus in the 10th house (aims revolving around what people own) a method of achieving 'union' that involves what are essentially ‘corporate’ take-overs - trade imperialism and land imperialism masquerading as uniting the people for the common good.

Moon opposition Pluto can be the devouring mother in psychological astrology for individuals, and in charts of companies, nations, and organisations this interpretation still applies. The people (Moon) are literally opposed to this Mercury-Mars-Pluto side of the EU, and it is the t-square apex of Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th, dispassionately regulating the EU’s relationships, that mediates the conflict (because it is the apex of the t-square, Saturn is also on the Moon/Mars and Moon/Pluto midpoints, which is suggestive of ‘preventing the people going to war to destroy themselves’, limiting the ‘family squabbles’ and rivalry, and the desire for total dominance of one tribe over another).

The Moon is on the Mars/Pluto midpoint, and Michael Munkasey links this midpoint, rather grimly, with ‘security forces allied with the military; conducting clandestine operations; using police or military against criminal elements; energy to clean up surroundings; attacks using powerful forces and weaponry; a police state with rigid military controls; the use of suppression and torture as a means for enforcing policy; exporting upheaval and political theory to others as an objective; wars, rape, mayhem, chaos.’ Because this midpoint links with the Moon these themes are constellated around the general public and the European ‘family’ that is the member states.

The Moon rules Cancer on the cusp of the EU’s 12th house, the house of collective memory. On a psychological level, this clearly points to what has gone before, i.e. the history that has led to the creation of the EU. It suggests though, that this history is still present within the member states, swimming around and surfacing in financial signs and houses such as these. Instead of using war as the means of achieving imperial aims, this is simply a case of money being used instead.

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