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A Family of Wars: The astrological patterns of Bush's wars

It may seem a strange concept for some, however wars - just like other events in life - are related to one another. Wars have relatives, and thus form families. Interestingly, the recent wars in Iraq have been formed by a family: the two George Bush presidents.

The various politicians and countries that are involved in the wars also form families, relative to one another. Some readers may speculate about karmic links. Others will view these politicians as acting out a role on the behalf of the collective. They key point is that there are connections, and astrology can trace them. They can then be interpreted to find out 'what's going on.'

Many politicians, commentators, historians, and citizens have pondered the links between the current so-called 'war on terror' (which, to date, encompasses the second Gulf war and the military action in Afghanistan) and the Vietnam war. This article shows one way in which they are connected.

For the sake of clarity, the two Bush presidents are referred to here as Snr and Jnr. Each of them has had a Gulf war, and it has been suggested by various commentators and citizens that Jnr has been attempting to complete his father's unfinished business from the first one. Bush Jnr has also initiated a war in Afghanistan, and the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001 occurred during his presidency. Events are therefore constellating around these two people. This means that the patterns they are forming and reinforcing are the ones we need to learn from, and alter.

The purpose of this piece is to make those key patterns clear. The idea is that we are 'participating observers' in what is going on. Science tells us that we interact with events simply by witnessing them. Therefore, if we can witness the normally hidden dynamics of what's going on, we can alter the destructive nature of them, or even dissolve the pattern completely.

We will therefore focus on the charts of George Jnr and George Snr, the USA, and the following events:
  • Gulf war 2 (2003)
  • Afghanistan war (2001)
  • World Trade Centre attack (2001)
  • World Trade Centre bombing (1993)
  • Gulf war 1 (1991)
  • Vietnam war (1965)

Pattern One: War & People

This first diagram reveals a pattern connecting both Gulf wars, the Afghanistan war, and various political leaders. For clarity, the diagram omits the zodiac wheel, and instead shows only the aspect lines connecting the planets together. This pattern is an 8th harmonic pattern, where each planet is approximately 45 degrees from the next, forming an octagon around the zodiac (8 x 45 degrees = 360 degrees). This is a harmonic of tension, conflict, clashes of wills, and working hard to achieve goals.

The blue text is the birth positions of various planets. These planets belong to the Bushes, the USA itself, Colin Powell, Tony Blair, John Howard, and Saddam Hussein. 5 out of 8 of these birth positions form over half of this 8th harmonic pattern, leaving 3 slots 'vacant'. These slots are then 'filled' by events.

Pattern One

Next we look at the text in red, which denotes the events.

Bush Snr then started Gulf war 1, which added to this pattern by filling 2 vacant slots, and reinforced it by adding to an already present slot. Bush Jnr then started the Afghanistan war, which reinforced the pattern some more, followed by Gulf war 2, which completed the pattern. The fact that the Prime Ministers of the UK and Australia - Tony Blair and John Howard - lent their support to this pattern strengthened it further.

Pattern Two: Passive aggression, war+lies, and quagmires

The USA came into being when Mars was square Neptune. A key pattern emerges when we look at connections between Mars, Neptune, and the Mars/Neptune midpoint, in our list of charts.

This diagram shows the USA's Mars, Neptune, and Mars/Neptune midpoint, all on the bottom and bottom-right of the graphic, in blue text. It is another 8th harmonic patter of conflict, tension, will-power clashes, and struggling to achieve outcomes. This latter point is doubly difficult because Mars-Neptune contacts relate to outcomes that slip from your grasp; the harder you push and the more force you use, the further away victory slides.

George Bush Jnr's Mars/Neptune midpoint lies in the same area of the zodiac as the USA's Neptune. In other words, Bush Jnr resonates with the nation's war themes, particularly passive-aggression, deceit/stealth,  difficulties in seeing the enemy clearly, or poor focus on possible enemies, leading to 'shadow-boxing' and paranoia. The 'elusive victories' is also something he plugs into.

If we add in John Howard we see that he brings his Neptune to the pattern, directly opposite Bush Jnr's Mars/Neptune midpoint, and opposite the USA's own Neptune.

Pattern Two

The dashed lines in the middle show the nodal axes of Tony Blair (in blue), Donald Rumsfeld (red), and John Howard (green). The axis of the nodes pertains to associations and destiny: these people's associations with Bush Jnr and the USA have reinforced this pattern. As regards destiny, the nodal axis is where we can either dissolve 'karma' or repeat it. This implies that Blair, Howard and Rumsfeld could've chosen to dissolve this pattern, but they have chosen to encourage it instead.

The text in black at the top-right is the transit of Chiron, reflecting a wounding and a stimulation of earlier pain, a triggering of futile struggles, and a need to sort out something in this Mars-Neptune pattern that just doesn't work.

Pattern Three: Power, domination, violence and revenge

As the title says, this pattern is about the use of power to dominate and force one's will on another. This connects the bombing of the World Trade Centre in 1993 with both Gulf wars, both Bushes, and the USA's innate Mars/Pluto configuration.

Pattern Three

This 8th harmonic pattern shows both presidents were forming a pattern with the USA's capacity for violence and domination - a perfectly symmetrical relationship between the blue-text. Then WTC 1993 reinforced and added to it, and then Gulf War 2 has added to it again. Do we want to add to it and reinforce it some more? Or would we prefer to disengage from the pattern that has been formed?

Pattern Four: Imperialism, economics, and religious conflict

This pattern is in the 6th harmonic, which is an easier flow of energy than in the 8th harmonic examples above. It reflects issues that we can naturally and easily bring into expression in the environment around us.

Bush Snr's Jupiter is trine his son's Pluto, shown in the blue text below. Half-way between them is their Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. Jupiter was at this point in 1993 when the World Trade Centre was bombed.

Pattern Four

In 2001 the Saturn-Pluto opposition linked with this pre-existing pattern.

In 2003, the transiting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint was in the same part of the zodiac as the two Georges' midpoint of Jupiter/Pluto.

Thus, a basic and actually quite a small link between Bush Snr and Jr becomes a pattern, connected through WTC '93 and Gulf War 2. WTC 2001 adds Saturn to the mix. Gulf War 2 was started at a time when the Bushes' Jupiter/Pluto shared midpoint was being picked up by the transiting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. The result is that this is now a strong link.

Pattern Five: Destructive energy, crystallised resentments, oppression, restriction of civil liberties

The final pattern presented here is another 8th harmonic pattern of tension and clashes of will. It involves the planets Saturn and Pluto, which pertain to themes of power and accountability, destructiveness of self and others, stuck situations that are felt to be 'fated' or 'karmic', ancient scores to be settled and so on. It also relates to corporate power/greed and corruption, and the rise of corporatism.

Pattern Five

This diagram shows the family karma baton being passed: George Bush Jnr's Saturn is at 90 degrees to his father's Saturn, both shown here in blue and the midpoint of the two shown in black. The Saturn/Pluto midpoint on 11th September 2001 was in the same part of the zodiac as this shared Bush Saturn midpoint.

Both these Saturns link with the USA's Pluto. It is almost as if the two Bushes' actions are serving, in the long run, to delimit the expression of the USA's power.

Saddam Hussein's Jupiter-Pluto opposition links with all these positions, and is shown in green text.

The dashed blue line across the centre is Tony Blair's Midheaven axis. This shows clearly how Blair's direction and goals (the Midheaven) align with the Bushes' desire to limit (Saturn) Hussein's rule and power (Jupiter-Pluto).

The Saturn-Pluto connections in this diagram denote crystallised resentments harking back to buried issues. Again, the question is:

Do we want to reinforce this pattern's negative expression, or do we want to change it and do something more constructive?

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