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A Profile of Sarkozy's Cabinet
Written & published: June 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy was recently elected by the people of France as their new President. He has now appointed his Cabinet, and so this article will outline the main dynamics of that group, providing a mini astrological profile of it.

Sun Sign emphasis

Starting with the most basic of basics, let's look at the Sun Sign distribution within the Cabinet:
French Cabinet - Sun Signs

This diagram shows that there is a marked emphasis on the Signs Aries, Cancer, and Aquarius. There is an absence of the Signs Gemini, Libra, and Pisces. There are 16 people in the Cabinet, so this gives an idea of the uneven distribution of Sun Signs.

Other Sign emphases

If we look at the Venus Sign distribution we find that there is a clear emphasis on Cancer and Scorpio. These two are Water Signs, and indeed Pisces, the third Water Sign, is also present in the group. Relationships-wise, this suggests undercurrents and indirect relations.

Turning now to the Jupiter Sign distribution: In this group there is a clear emphasis on Jupiter in Leo. This is renowned for reflecting a sense of entitlement, and the presence of superiority complexes. This placement tends to be overly self-confident and interested in the Divine Right of Kings, rather than democracy and collective will.

Moving on to the Saturn Sign distribution, we find that Saturn in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio predominate. This is interesting, and a little worrying. Both these Sign placements suggest extreme inflexibility and indomitable will.

Finally, the group is dominated by the Pluto in Leo generation. This generation is sometimes called the 'me first' generation, and is known for its power issues and its tendency to organise itself around powerful figureheads.

Dominant Sign

Overall, Leo is the most tenanted Sign in this group - see diagram below - showing issues around the ego, self-will, and individual power. The positive potentials are the capacity to bring out the latent capabilities of France, focusing on realising its talents and enhancing its national self-esteem. The negative potentials are egocentrism, parochialism, tyrannical attitudes, overweening pride, and boastful displays of power and privilege.

The least-tenanted Sign is Aquarius, the Sign of the dispassionate collective interest which is so necessary for societies to function and flourish.
French Cabinet - All planets

Group theme

One of the main themes of this group is revealed through its Venus/Neptune midpoints, connected by the 8th harmonic. This group dynamic shows that the group will focus on financial ideals, economic dreams, and social cohesion.

The 8th harmonic suggests that they will use will-power to achieve their goals in this area, facing conflict head-on and even creating it. This is a potentially stressful harmonic, straining the fabric of the group and of France in order to reach for its aims.

In practical terms, Venus/Neptune shows a potential for financial mismanagement, scandal, and muddled thinking. Handled badly, this is a group dynamic that could easily result in loss of money and undermining of the economy.

This planetary pair can also denote a materialistic dream, worshipping at the altar of the economy. Delusion, confusion, and dissolution need to be overcome if this pattern is to produce financial improvement.

The same difficulties apply to social cohesiveness: wrong-headed thinking, utopian ideas, failing to see reality, glossing over facts, papering over cracks, can all interfere with the group's capacity to bring about its cultural and social plans.


The Cabinet members used in this group analysis were:
  • Nicolas Sarkozy - President
  • Alain Juppe - Environment, Sustainable Development, Energy, Transport
  • Jean-Louis Borloo - Economy & Employment
  • Xavier Bertrand - Social Affairs & Work
  • Brice Hortefeux - Co-development, Immigration, Integration, National Identity
  • Xavier Darcos - Education
  • Bernard Kouchner - Foreign Affairs
  • Herve Morin - Defence
  • Eric Woerth - Budget, Public Accounts
  • Rachida Dati - Justice
  • Michele Alliot-Marie - Interior
  • Christine Lagarde - Agriculture
  • Christine Albanel - Culture
  • Roselyne Bachelot - Health & Sport
  • Christine Boutin - Social Cohesion
  • Valerie Pecresse - Research, Higher Education
Source: BBC News website

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