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Groups of Power & The Power of Groups: The G8, UN Security Council, the EU3
Written & published: January 2007

The countries which are sometimes called 'the most powerful nations in the world' form themselves into groups for different purposes, two of the main ones being the Group of Eight (G8) which has, as its name implies, eight member countries, and the United Nations Security Council which has five permanent member countries.

These groups of nations, just like groups of individual people, form patterns and dynamics of relationship within the group. They take on different roles, bring different things to the table, and are seen by the other group members in specific ways. The presence of the members in group form constellates things in a certain way, so when the members change, so do the group dynamics. These patternings are revealed by astrological charts of the group members.

This article outlines a major dynamic of each of these groups: the G8, the UN Security Council, and the EU 3.

G8 - Group of Eight
Members: UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Canada.

The G8 - formerly the G7 until the Russian Federation was admitted in 1998, and before that the G6 until Canada was allowed to join in 1976 - is the group of 'leading industrialised countries' formed in 1975. Formally and formerly, the purpose of the G8 is to discuss economic and trade issues - the G8 countries together make up around 65% of the world's economy - however social and political topics are increasingly part of its agenda.

G8 - Group dynamics

The diagram above shows the geometry of the G8 group dynamics involving the Sun and Uranus, with the Zodiac Signs and degrees labelled.

The spine of this is the set of Cancer-Capricorn oppositions involving the UK, the USA, Russia, Japan, and Canada - five of the eight G8 countries. This symbolises a push-pull, love-hate, relationship, founded on the need to change negative tension into a tightrope equilibrium by seeking a balance of viewpoints and activities. There is a tendency to face each other head-on, alongside a need to get round the same side of the table and meet in the middle. The countries involved are working on their identification with each other, finding an appropriate level of togetherness and separation - not being too merged, not being too divergent.

This spinal core is made into a T-square with the addition of Germany's Sun, reflecting a further intensification of the themes of getting to grips with the potential for conflict and clashes of will.

Bringing in the Sun and Uranus, we can see that these issues of polarity and will are focused directly on the question of 'how do we be an individual in the collective?' Dynamics of Sun-Uranus are often used by us as autocracy, where the elite few rule over the many. Sun-Uranus is also about the masculine will, the directive, the 'yang'. At its highest level, Sun-Uranus is about breaking free of old, constricting, and negative patterns of relationship, and achieving a healthy relationship between the individual and collective with everyone working for the good of the whole and the whole recriprocating by understanding it is made up of healthy individuals.

UN Security Council - 5 permanent members
Members: UK, USA, France, Russia, China.

The United Nations Security Council has five permanent members, as well as non-permanent members. The purpose of the group is, in theory, to maintain world peace and security. It first met in 1946, and reflects the post-WWII power structure.

Astrologically-speaking, this group is made up of various sub-groups and this article will focus on just two of those for reasons of space.

There is a pattern between the UK, USA, and France involving the Uranus/Node midpoint that is about an ability to work together harmoniously due to a shared ideological relationship:

UN Security Council - Group dynamics

These same countries, the UK, France and the USA, also have a 4th harmonic pattern involving Mars and Pluto, showing a potential to ferociously argue with one another but also a relationship based on going to war together:

Note that the UK and USA - so often partners in fighting - have their Mars/Pluto midpoint in the same place: UK at 7 Aries 30, USA at 9 Aries 06.

EU3 - European Union 3
Members: UK, France, Germany.

The EU 3 was formed ostensibly for the 'negotiations' with Iran following the USA's accusations about nuclear development. However since these three are the largest economic and military powers of the European Union, they are regularly playing a significant - but perhaps less visible - role internationally, and perhaps this might become moreso in the future.

These three countries are also, of course, members of the G8, and the UK and France are also permanent members of the UN Security Council, giving them positions of influence not just within the EU but worldwide.

As we saw with one of the G8's patterns, the EU3 also have a Sun-Uranus dynamic in their group. This time, however, it is a 5th harmonic connection, and so the pattern is not about conflict but about consciously choosing to create connections, links, and shared concepts:

EU3 - Group dynamics

The quintile (i.e. 5th harmonic) resonance of this Sun/Uranus connection shows that the EU3 are interested in constructing their utopian vision of the world. It is a potentially very creatively powerful constellation of planets, but it is also potentially chaotic because it so easily tends towards using the will to impose, top-down, a blueprint or template onto reality rather than working inventively within reality and gently ushering in new ideas through building consensus and popularity and sparking new life.

There is also a tendency for the output of this group to be artificial, ersatz, lacking warmth and real spirit, and devoid of soul. The connection between the group is primarily mental, and whilst the group obsesses about visions of humanity it actually has no humane values at its base, seeking instead to manifest a pure vision of how things ought to be and how they have been foreseen: the vision, no matter how impractical or cold or painful, must be rapidly stamped onto existence from above. There is thus a desperate need to reconnect to genuine - not artificial - feeling, heart, and soul. Without this, the central task that this group has of balancing the individual and the collective cannot happen.

The guiding image is 'the individual cell in the body of humanity' - symbiotic, recipriocal, mutually respectful, each with its own dignity, each vitally important, and each purposeful.


The groups of powerful countries show us the power of synergy, the power inherent in groups, and the importance of groups. The media focus their attention on what these economically and militarily powerful countries decide to say and decide to do, yet there is a growing awareness that the power of democracy (demos = the people, kratos = power, rule) is still to be satisfyingly explored anywhere on this planet.

To get the best out of these group dynamics autocracy must give way to democracy, the elite few to the global many, the inhumane to the humane, the adversarial to the co-operative, the fixed to the flexible, the artificial to the genuine, the mental to the soulful, the destructive to the creative.

If what Gandhi said is true and we must be the change we want to see in the world, then each one of us needs to explore where our individual self meets the collective self, how that relationship works for us or doesn't work for us, and what we can do - no matter how small - to adjust it for the better, not just for the good of ourselves or for the good of the whole but for the good of both together.

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