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Holding the Vision: Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius

Astrologers regard this current time period as slightly unusual, because while Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998, in 2003 Uranus moved into Pisces. Thus, Neptune is moving through the sign that Uranus rules, at the same time as Uranus is moving through the sign that Neptune rules. Whilst this has happened before, it's not a common occurrence. But what might it mean for us this time around? Let's build it up, bit by bit.

Pisces is that part of us that wants to devote ourselves to something bigger. It doesn't really matter whether or not that's a religion - orthodox or unorthodox, recognised or cult, organised or personal - it could be a person - romantic love, and the search for a twin soul and/or soulmate - a nation or other collective grouping that provides a means of belonging, a spiritual belief, a cherished yet perhaps addictive way of life, or something like money. Surely money qualifies as an addiction, a cult, a religion, a focus of romance, and more besides.

It can be observed that Uranus in Pisces is already being attached in the wider astrological community with an excessive hopefulness and desire for a saviour, which in itself is probably exactly what the Uranus in Pisces transit is reflecting our collective need to look at.

For some time now there has been a movement in our institutions towards promoting the myth of individualism to us, whilst subliminally undermining our personal participation in decisions which affect our lives. Uranus in Pisces represents a time when either this process or our consciousness of it will reach a temporary peak. Uranus in Pisces indicates the submergence of the constituent parts of the collective into a homogenous mass. Like Neptune in Aquarius, it symbolises, at its worst, a 'dumbing down', a reduction to the lowest common denominator (rather than the highest common multiple), a rejection of individualism (hence all the brouhaha about cloning), a smothering of dissent in favour of 'consensus'. It is autocracy with a friendly face.

Pisces is simply not a sign of weakness - look at, listen to, and feel how powerful the oceans are - it is instead a sign of the weakness of the individual ego self. There is tremendous creative and destructive power in this Piscean part of ourselves. Unfortunately we tend to live out the Uranian parts of ourselves as an insistence on our personal truth and individual liberty, but this is arguably a distortion of our Uranian nature, which is fundamentally oriented towards the collective. Pisces is associated not just with victims, but also with victimisers (there are two fish yoked together, the one needs the other). Uranus is often lived as the despot and dictator who will not tolerate being questioned, challenged, or scrutinised - do as I say or I will unleash Uranium upon you. Put the two together, and what have you got?

As we tend to react to the prevailing climate - when the sun shines we go outside more and dress lightly, when it rains we put up our hoods or umbrellas - we may be likely to respond to this movement by living the Shadow side: slavish obedience, excessive homogeneity, drowning out individual voices, eroding individual rights whilst making a show of supporting human rights on a global scale....... alongside strong calls for us to 'wake up and smell the coffee', to assert our personal rights, to throw off the shackles of suppression, to install real democracy on a proportionally representative basis rather than soft pretensions to democracy and rule by the masses with consequent smothering of diversity and difference. The 'unthinking sheep' is as far from where we need to be as it's possible to get, but it's where many of us are. We may become more aware during this time of how those of us who think we are free are really not the slightest bit free. Likewise with individualism: why are we so up in arms about cloning if we are so confident of the untouchability of our individuality? (NB This is not to approve of cloning through science, but just to highlight the psychological significance of our societal response to cloning issues.)

Politically, the past few years has seen attention drawn to the demise of distinct political ideologies and policies, and Neptune in Aquarius is a good symbol of this. Others have argued that ideology is by no means dead and gone, that we in fact have the ideology of deluding the masses into thinking they are free and living in a democratic state (Neptune in Aquarius again), whilst behind the facade we have corporatism and plutocracy.

The series of Pluto-Saturn oppositions has coincided with the revealing of some of these machinations. Scientifically we have over-idealised DNA (Neptune in Aquarius), and there is still a global hush on the truth that decoding the human genome into a series of letters does not explain who we are, that we do not have a clue what large sections of the strands actually do in the body. Some scientists think that these sections are redundant and inactive, others that they were once active but are now recessive; how very Piscean/Neptunian, and how very possibly mistaken. It could be that these sections are related to the 'collective unconscious', which influences us on a minute by minute basis every day of our lives.

At its best, during Uranus in Pisces we could choose to have an awakening of ideas of unity (the revitalisation of the peace movement that has already stirred), policies and practices of social/economic/political inclusion and interdependence without blanking out voices of dissent, e.g. in the EU, and without encouraging enmeshed connections, a clarity of vision and focus, an awakening from 'sleep' along with a reawakening of vision and the need for dreams. Hopefully, we will create an educational system that does not reduce and diminish ('dumb down') but that lifts up, that appreciates art and expressive talents as equal to maths, language and science, that bridges right-brain and left-brain (Neptune in Aquarius, and Uranus in Pisces is as good a time as ever for balancing these two ways of thinking).

Maybe we'll translate this onto a global level with the 'left' and the 'right', the 'East' and the 'West' joining up and discovering some of the benefits of oneness.  We're already experiencing some of these revelations with Russia linking up with France, for instance, and the Western relationship with China altering some more. We might debate what peace is, what compassion is, what it means to give to the community without thinking of receiving anything in return. Perhaps we'll make some progress in understanding the world better, scientifically and experientially, from a wholistic viewpoint.

We may well also deal with a lot of soul-sickness and home-sickness, on many levels and in many forms, distorted and otherwise. Some say we are all addicted, and that the basis of those addictions is a thirst for reconnection with the divine, and a feeling of incompleteness due to the apparent divine disconnection. To solve this we can practise holding the vision of completion, on a personal and a collective level.

Below is a diagram showing how the gap between a vision of what we want and the reality of what we have generates tension. This tension makes us feel frustrated and strained, which in turn leads us to give up completely and not try to achieve our goals, or to adjust our goals and visions and dreams downwards. Governments often do this with targets and statistics to make it look like they are delivering results, when in actual fact that are merely moving the goalposts. If we instead learn to contain this tension it becomes creative. The laws of physics tell us that the energy will build up, and when it reaches the tipping point it is automatically channelled into bringing the vision into reality. So, the lesson is to hold the vision, allow the energy to build, and that way manifest what we need.
Creative tension

PS Uranus and Neptune will leave Pisces and Aquarius respectively between 2010 and 2012.

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