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Human Rights: The planetary cycles of human rights
Written & published: February & March 2007 respectively

In astrology the development of human rights is often associated with Uranus and Aquarius, and the periods of history that coincide with the rise in awareness of human rights and human wrongs are usually linked with the Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus cycles. But does this stand up to scrutiny?

This article examines landmark events in human rights in the UK, the USA and France, as well as major political thinkers/philosophers whose work influenced the way human rights were thought about and practised, and looks for correlations between these and the Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus cycles.

Landmark events
These are said to be some of the major landmarks in the development of the current Western thinking on and practice of human rights (all events occurred within what is now the UK unless stated otherwise):

Charter of Liberties
circa August(?) 1100
Jupiter in Cancer approaching sextile with Uranus in Taurus
Cancer-Taurus are related to land, property, ownership, agriculture, wealth, accumulation, accruing to oneself.

Magna Carta
15th to 19th June 1215
Saturn conjunct Uranus (approaching)

Claim of Right
11th April 1689
Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (aspect had just passed)
Taurus again represents land, property, ownership, wealth, etc.

Bill of Rights
16th December 1689
Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (aspect just passed)

USA - State of Virginia's Declaration of Rights
12th June 1776
Saturn trine Uranus

France - Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
26th August 1789
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (wide)
Saturn sesquiquadrate Uranus

USA Constitution
4th March 1789
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (the aspect is wide but approaching and growing in strength)

USA Bill of Rights
15th December 1791
Jupiter just past sextile Uranus
Mars on the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus

Liberty Human Rights
24th February 1934
Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries
Saturn in Aquarius sextile Uranus
Pluto on the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
10th December 1948
Jupiter opposition Uranus

European Court/Convention of Human Rights
3rd September 1953
Saturn square Uranus - struggle, fight, to keep it in check

Appeal for Amnesty
28th May 1961
Jupiter in Aquarius
Moon crossed Saturn/Uranus that day

Human Rights Act
2nd October 2000
Jupiter in Gemini conjunct Saturn widely trine Uranus in Aquarius
Saturn in Gemini septile Uranus in Aquarius
Sun = Saturn/Uranus

Historical figures
These are said to have been some of the main people who inspired and strongly influenced the current Western thinking on human rights:

John Stuart Mill
Saturn conjunct Uranus in Libra
Neptune on the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus

John Locke
Jupiter trine Uranus
Saturn sextile Uranus

Thomas Hobbes
Jupiter quintile Uranus
Saturn sextile Uranus

Thomas Paine
Saturn septile Uranus
Jupiter approaching sextile Uranus
Jupiter in Aquarius
Node on the midpoint of Saturn/Uranus

Jeremy Bentham
Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Uranus in Aquarius
The above conjunction is square to Saturn

David Henry Thoreau
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (wide, approaching exactitude)
Saturn square Uranus

Jean Jacques Rousseau
Jupiter in Aquarius quincunx Uranus

Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu
Jupiter in Aquarius septile Uranus

Liberty & Peace

Two other people fit the theme of this article. The first is Shami Chakrabarti, the current head of Liberty, who has spent the past 5 years in particular tackling the UK government over its assaults on human rights in the UK and internationally.

Shami Chakrabarti
Jupiter conjunct Uranus
Saturn quintile Uranus

The second person is Ghandi, who exemplifies the power of non-violent assertion of human rights to change the world for the better:

Jupiter sextile Uranus
Chiron = Saturn/Uranus


The astrological observations about Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus seem to hold true. Awareness of human rights, and the relationship between the establishment and the people, does seem to correlate with the cycles of these planets.

Looking ahead, from 2008 to 2010 Saturn will oppose Uranus. We can expect this to resonate with the Magna Carta (agreed when Saturn was conjunct Uranus), France, Liberty, the European Court of Human Rights, and the UK's Human Rights Act (HRA).

The Saturn-Uranus opposition represents a point of confrontation and potential turbulence for these issues, and so perhaps it's not surprising that the UK government as well as the official party of Opposition, the Conservative Party, have already indicated that it will not shy away from altering or removing the HRA. In other words, they have already begun their 'drip-feed' of their intention to do so, to ready the public for a potential future action that they would like to take.

If the public want to disagree then people would be wise to alter the course of events now, rather than leave it until later when there is the potential for a tense confrontation between 2008 to 2010.

Read more about Saturn-Uranus in another article on this website by clicking here.

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