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The Hutton Inquiry: An example of retrograde Mars in the national psyche  [View chart]

The UK was brought into being when the Sun was trine to Mars, so it was right from the start a nation attuned to the Mars principle or archetype.

Last year's Hutton Inquiry took place during the retrograde phase of Mars. When Mars is retrograde it is a time to look at how personal power is used, to dig out festering resentment and frustration, to get quarrels into the open, and to reflect on how one's will and forcefulness has been utilised over the previous two years (Mars is retrograde every 2 years), particularly with regard to one's impact on others and the consequences of one's assertive actions. All this is clearly relevant to the Hutton Inquiry's activity.

Within the retrograde period there are key dates when the phase is highlighted. These dates tend to correlate with the peak times of activity for the retrograde period, and so events often occur on or close to those dates.

In 2003, Mars turned retrograde on 29th July. It then formed a quincunx aspect with the Sun on 2nd August. The next aspect it made was an opposition to the Sun on 28th August. On 23rd September it formed a further quincunx aspect with the Sun, and then finally on 27th September it turned direct.

Now, turning to the Hutton Inquiry dates:

On 1st August, just one day before the first quincunx, Lord Hutton made his opening statement (he couldn't have made it on the weekend when the aspect was exact).

On 28th August Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, appeared in court, as did the Chairman of the BBC's board of governors who later resigned as a direct result of the Hutton Inquiry verdict. Dr David Kelly's family made their appearance at the Inquiry directly after this, in the first days of September.

On 23rd September, the head of the Government's Joint Intelligence Committee put in his appearance, along with two of Tony Blair's spokespeople. The day before, Alastair Campbell put in a second appearance, and the day after, the BBC's board of governors Chairman also put in a second appearance.

On 25th September the closing statements were made and the Inquiry concluded.

So the Hutton Inquiry ran almost exactly within the two quincunxes of Mars retrograde. This is shown in the diagram below with the Y-shaped Sun and Mars lines:

Retrograde Mars & the Hutton Inquiry

Lord Hutton's verdict was delivered on 28th January 2004, on the day the Sun was directly opposite its position at the start of the inquiry. This is shown by the vertical blue line in the diagram above.

At the start of the Inquiry Saturn was at 7 Cancer 25. On the day of the verdict, Saturn had also returned almost to this exact degree and minute - it was at 7 Cancer 25 on 31st January, as the fall-out rained down and the BBC resignations took place.

With the Hutton Inquiry Midheaven almost exactly the same as the UK's own MC, representing the government, and the Inquiry's Jupiter (protection, expansion) on the UK's Asc/MC Midpoint with the UK's Saturn in the 11th (government again), it's no surprise that Hutton effectively promoted and protected the government.

As well as all the outstanding questions about what really happened in the run up to the military action in Iraq, there is an astrological question that remains unanswered:

Did the UK as a nation make the best of the opportunity represented by Mars retrograde?

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