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Cash For Influence: Labour's Financial Scandals

Published: 7th December 2007

The latest financial scandal to beset the Labour Party is the 'cash for influence' saga. At the time of writing, it seems to have begun in 2003 and continued until just a few months ago. Donations of two-thirds of a million pounds have been made to the party by one person via the identities of four other people - some of whom deny involvement.

Various members of the Labour Party, including the current prime minister, Gordon Brown, are denying knowledge. The full story is yet to be established, pending police investigations.

Three financial crises

The Labour Party has recently undergone three financial crises. The first was the announcement at the end of November 2006 that the Party had debts of 23.4 million. However this debt news was not unique to Labour: the Conservatives had debts of 35.3 million; the Liberal Democrats 1.1 million; SNP over half a million; and Plaid Cymru over a third of a million.

The 'cash for honours' scandal emerged in March 2006, when Tony Blair was leader of the Labour Party, and also prime minister.

This third crisis, which is being referred to by the media as 'cash for influence', is the latest in the series of financial issues faced by the Party, and combines the Plutonic themes of money, power, secrecy and scrutiny.

National context

The national context of these scandals is the Saturn-Neptune opposition aspect, with Neptune conjunct the UK's Venus. This aspect was written about on this website in 2005, highlighting the potential for fraud, deceit and misleading actions to do with money. The opposition took place in the UK's 5th-11th houses, and part of the meaning of those houses is the Cabinet and the government (11th), and power and sponsorship (5th).

The 'cash for honours' police inquiry into Labour ended in July 2007, within one month of the final exact Saturn-Neptune opposition aspect, which was itself within 2 days of Tony Blair's relinquishing of his job and hand over to Gordon Brown.

Planetary patterns

In terms of planetary movements, examination of the dates of the donations reveals four interlocking patterns:
  • A Grand Cross
  • A T-square
  • A Neptune-Pluto Grand Sextile
  • A Mercury-Neptune Grand Quintile
The charts of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and the Labour Party itself link into these aspect formations. Over a period of four years these formations have been laid down by successive donations. This diagram shows the first two, which themselves tightly interlock, along with the planets involved on the day of each of the donations:

Cash for Influence: Grand Cross & T-Square

Patterns formed by planets: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, the Labour Party, and dates of disguised donations

The darker blue shows the Grand Cross in the Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. This area of the Fixed Signs is often assocation with money and power. Tony Blair's Sun and Moon are involved with this pattern, as is David Abrahams' Pluto. David is the 'disguised donator', and in mythology Pluto/Hades wore a cloak/helmet of invisibility. The Labour Party's Mercury (contacts, connections, information) is linked with this pattern.

The green colour shows the T-Square in Mutable Signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces.
The last two years' of donations, and their coming to light, have coincided with Pluto's conjunction with the galactic centre, in Sagittarius. Gordon Brown's Venus (money, affiliations) is central to this pattern.

The two aspect patterns above interlock by virtue of their being at 45 degrees to one another.

The next pattern we will look at is the Grand Sextile, which was formed primarily by Neptune and Pluto with various other planets reinforcing it through their midpoints with Neptune and/or Pluto, again on the day of the donations, and also linking with the charts of the Labour Party, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown:

Cash for Influence: Grand Sextile

This Neptune-Pluto pattern reflects power and secrecy, funding (Pluto) that is not clear (Neptune). The involvement of midpoints such as Venus/Neptune and Venus/Pluto reinforces the symbolism of 'money' and 'finances'. The Mercury and Jupiter involvement shows what is and isn't published. 

And the final pattern we will discuss is the Grand Quintile, formed by Mercury and Neptune aspects and midpoints, with some other planets strengthening the pattern via their midpoints with Neptune.

Cash for Influence: Grand Quintile

The Mercury-Neptune basis of this is easy to interpret in this instance: misleading data. It's interesting to note that Tony Blair's Mercury - his words, his thoughts, his ideas - is conjunct the Labour Party's Mercury/Neptune midpoint - the capacity to use words to charm and beguile. It symbolises the need to clarify information and render it immune from misunderstanding, miscalculation, and misdirection: in other words, transparency. The transparency which Labour's own law on funding political parties was supposedly meant to bring about either failed or else was knowledgeably by-passed.

Importantly, this last pattern directly connects with the Grand Cross and T-square through the middle degrees of Aquarius. The Aries planets are also trine Pluto's position in the T-square.

What's next for Labour?

Neptune is still making its way towards the Labour Party's Sun-Venus conjunction at 22-23 Aquarius. This transit symbolises the dissolution of leadership, direction, and in some ways the Party itself - the Party losing its way and unravelling, having to make or accept sacrifices, perhaps even disappearing completely if not just dimming for a while.

Labour Party birthchart

The involvement of Venus in this transit which is still approaching shows that the allegations of wrongdoing or cover-up are not over, but are building. Neptune's transit to the Sun-Venus conjunction was briefly within orb in 2006, has been within orb all throughout 2007, and will be exact three times in 2008 and early 2009, finally moving out of orb for the final time in early 2010. The Labour Party can expect to be dealing with leadership crises, popularity issues, and financial problems until then.


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