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Liberal Democrat Leadership Contest 2007

Published: 22nd November 2007

Note: Today the LibDems announced that Nick Clegg has been elected as their new leader

Menzies Campbell's resignation as party leader last month triggered another leadership contest in the Liberal Democrat party. Nominations closed at the end of October and there are but two contenders: Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne. This article examines Ming's resignation, and the leadership potentials of the two candidates.

Ming's resignation

Campbell's resignation took place on 16th October as Neptune was stationing (appearing to stop moving as viewed from the Earth) in very close square to his Saturn. Simultaneously, transiting Saturn was very closely opposite his Mars. These transits indicate letting go of responsibility - or having it removed from you - and putting the brakes on leadership, bringing it to an end.

From the party's point of view, transiting Uranus was just over one degree from being conjunct the party's Sun and opposite the party's MC, showing a sudden turnaround in the sphere of leadership. Uranus was simultaneously trine the party's Pluto (power). In January 2006 on this website this paragraph was published:

"During 2006, straight after the party has chosen its new leader, transiting Uranus will oppose the party's MC and conjoin its Sun. This latter aspect will be present, on and off, from March until 2007. This is therefore a year of leadership turbulence and leadership u-turns. It could be a very unstable, fractious and fragmentary time. It suggests that the leadership crisis is unlikely to end even though a new leader will have been chosen [emphasis added]. There is a real chance of splitting in the party, and unity amongst diversity will be the constant challenge."

LibDem chart
The two contenders

There are two candidates for leadership of the Liberal Democrat Party: Nick Clegg, and Chris Huhne. In examining their charts' links with the LibDem party's chart we need to keep in mind that the birth times of Nick and Chris are unknown, and so the all-important Midheaven (MC) cannot be calculated, which means that we could well be missing some important connections. Nevertheless, we can do a lot with what we have.

Nick Clegg
Nick's Sun is sextile the party's Sun, so that's the first thing counting in his favour in his quest to become party leader. Supporting that, his nodal axis aligns with the party's Pluto, his Mars and Jupiter connect to the party's Sun, his Saturn is widely conjunct it, and his Pluto is opposite it. Those things suggest leadership, but also difficulties and struggles with it, and a tendency to constellate conflicts around it - that's fine when you're competing for leadership, but not when you're trying to bring the party together. His Sun trines the party's MC, which strongly suggests that the party will consider him suitable leadership material.

Nick Clegg birth chart
NB House cusps should be ignored and Moon's position should be treated with caution

With Neptune on the party's Ascendant, Nick is likely to be considered a good embodiment of the party's hopes and image, but with that same theme comes a potential for things to be 'too good to be true'. There is always, where Neptune is concerned, the possibility of disillusionment, and possibly deception. High hopes are often followed by spells broken - clear vision versus waking up from a bad dream.

Chris Huhne
With his Pluto in square to the party's Ascendant axis, and strong links between his Mars and various of the party's planets, Chris would be a force to be reckoned with inside the party. He would, however, probably catalyse power struggles and discord. Saturn sextile Saturn, and Mars trine Jupiter are both indicative of the desire to lead and shoulder responsibility, but with Sun-Jupiter opposite the party's Mars in combination with the aforementioned Pluto square, internal strife is likely to make uniting the party difficult.

Chris Huhne birth chart
NB House cusps should be ignored and Moon's position should be treated with caution

His Neptune almost exactly conjunct the party's Moon suggests a close rapport with the party members, although also a potential to confuse and be confused by one another. These type of configuration constellates hopes but also disappointment, and the need to be discerning, learning how to keep eyes wide open whilst simultaneously holding a clear vision in front of you so that there is something to inspire and move towards.

Transits on the day - 17th December

The leadership count and declaration takes place on 17th December 2007. We'll look at the transits for Nick and Chris on and around this date. Again, please bear in mind the lack of birth time information for them, and so transits involving the MC axis are not able to be calculated.

Nick Clegg
Nick is competing for leadership at a time when Neptune is trine his Mars, and Uranus is sextile his Sun. The Neptune transit is more suited to co-operating than competing, whereas the Uranus transit suggests a galvanizing of the desire to shine and stand out from the crowd, fulfilling the potential that has not yet been tapped into. Neptune is also forming a quincunx to his Pluto, so there is an ambiguity towards power, perhaps  an idealisation process accompanied by a falling away of illusions about it.

On the 17th the Sun will square Nick's Saturn, as will Mercury, which can highlight the assumption of responsibility and the achievement of status, but the square aspect symbolises an element of conflictedness, perhaps internal, about what he is doing. In short, this is not a clear picture for success, and so if he does win the contest the subsequent way it will play out is likely to be less straightforward than Nick would wish for.

Chris Huhne
Chris is competing for leadership during a once-in-a-lifetime transit of Pluto conjunct his Mars - a classic transit indicating a desire to take charge, push oneself forward, and assume power. It's also a textbook transit for power struggles and clashes of will. With transiting Saturn sextiling his Sun and Jupiter, his also has a desire to assume responsibility, and make his goals concrete.

Finally, transiting Jupiter almost exactly conjunct his Mars symbolises an increase in his competitive instincts and his drive to push for what he wants and take action to get ahead of the pack. In short, he is in it to win it, and he very much means business. Short-term transits by the Sun and Mars greatly reinforce this.


Natally, the overall impression is that Nick Clegg perhaps has stronger leadership synastry with the LibDem party's chart, but by transit Chris has much stronger potential. We must now watch and learn how events pan out.

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