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Liam Fox: Campaigning to Become Party Leader

Liam Fox is the latest Conservative party member to officially announce his intention to stand for the position of party leader. During a visit to a mental health centre on 8th September 2005, Liam formally declared that he will contest the leadership in the forthcoming vote.

He is currently the Shadow Foreign Secretary, and prior to that was the co-chairman of the party. His original profession was as a doctor; he trained as a hospital doctor in Glasgow and then became a General Practitioner in Buckinghamshire and Somerset.

Liam's leadership campaign website proclaims him as "offering a unique blend of youth and experience". It seems to be trying to use graphics and features to appeal to a younger audience, but it comes across as tabloid-esque.

Given his age (he has just turned 44 at the time of writing) and notwithstanding his friendship with pop star and former soap actress Natalie Imbruglia, it is doubtful whether many people - but especially those in their late teens or early twenties - would consider him particularly youthful.

However he certainly has experience and that is what must matter without compromising for whatever misguided ideas younger people may have - and which some MPs apparently share - about what is important in a politician. Since becoming an MP in April 1992 Liam's roles have included:

  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to the then Home Secretary in 1993
  • Assistant Government Whip in 1994 and Senior Government Whip a year later
  • Minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from 1996 to 1997
  • Front Bench Spokesperson on Constitutional Affairs from June 1997
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Health for four years from 1999 to 2003
  • Co-chairman of the party from 2003 to 2005
It is a shame that Liam thinks youth is something that should be used attract votes. In any case, assuming his dreams come true and he leads the Conservatives to victory in the next election, a general election is not due until 2009 or 2010. How youthful will he be in four or five years' time?

Liam Fox's birth chart

Liam's time of birth is unavailable so this chart diagram does not show house cusps, and it is not possible to know whether the Moon is in Aquarius or Pisces - it changed signs just before midday. His emphasising of youth and trying to appeal to younger people could suggest Moon in Aquarius - Blair's Moon is in Aquarius too and he deliberately tries to push the same superficial buttons in the electorate - but whilst it is interesting to speculate about the sign on this basis, it is light years away from being conclusive.

Liam Fox - birth chart

So what can Liam Fox's birth chart tell us about his character behind the media persona?

Debating, diplomacy, and ambition

During his university days Liam won national and international debating prizes. His enthusiasm for and skills in this area are shown by Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra, with both these planets in square to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. This is an indicator of a mind that is capable of both focused application and broad, sweeping comprehension. Mercury-Mars is renowned for the cut and thrust of debate, and the planets' placing in Libra reflects a keen sense of diplomacy as well as a natural ability to explore opposing views.

Jupiter and Saturn placed together in Capricorn in square to Mars also indicates someone very ambitious and even careerist. These placements are often associated with economics and big business. Politically it is usually conservative with a small 'c', and clearly in this case a large 'C' too. However there is a danger of too much affinity with the prevailing executive management outlook, which, it could easily be argued, UK society has had more than enough of already.

Style and substance

Libra is also known for its charm and affability, qualities which Liam has become associated with. Whilst his chart does not lack the potential for arrogance - Sun trine Jupiter, Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo, for instance - it does not strand out as arrogant and inflexible in the way that, for instance, Gordon Brown's chart does.

It is these Libran planets combined with Venus-Uranus in Leo that explain why Liam is so keen to present a good media image, and to appeal to the young. These are also the types of planets that favour style of substance, just as in Tony Blair's chart Venus is square to Uranus and correlates with the same attraction to presentation and public relations. Venus-Uranus contacts talk good rhetoric about social equality and cohesion but in reality can be very divisive indeed, bringing about fragmentation and an entrenching of class systems and superiority complexes. Liam's Venus-Uranus conjunction in Leo is particularly important to keep an eye on in this regard.

Ego versus democracy

Liam's nodal axis directly configured with this Venus-Uranus conjunction indicates that his path of development through life is intertwined with these very issues. The Leo-Aquarius polarity that the nodes highlight in his chart constellates issues of 'dictatorial versus democratic' and the dilemma of 'elitist interests versus the common weal'. Although he is not part of the Pluto in Leo generations that spawned many great despots, his personal, career, and political development will all revolve around these themes.

Hopefully, Liam will choose to draw on the strengths of his chart to work for the common good rather than for political gain, and for substantive policies rather than for media-courting. His success or failure in the coming leadership contest will perhaps be a testing ground of his values and integrity, and will certainly show us more of what he is made of.

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This article was written & published on 23rd September 2005

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