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Menzies Campbell, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party

This article was written and published in May 2005 - in March 2006 Menzies became party leader

Menzies Campbell is deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and MP for North East Fife consituency. He is a barrister within the Scottish legal system, was knighted in the New Year Honours of 2004, and once competed in both the Olympic and the Commonwealth Games.

During the past few years he has been gaining a reputation for speaking out intelligently about 'New' Labour's failings. His views have often chimed with popular opinion, and so Menzies' popularity and standing have increased accordingly.

Menzies Campbell - natal chart

Menzies was born with a cluster of planets around Jupiter, the planet of law. One of these is the Sun in Gemini, associated with being able to shine through the development of mental and verbal skills. With the Sun on the Venus/Saturn midpoint, he can excel at statesmanlike diplomacy and judgement-forming. Saturn in Taurus on the Mars/Pluto midpoint suggests an extremely tenacious person and an unwavering ambition, but on the other hand a strain of control freakery and ruthlessness.

Liberal Democrat Party - inception chart
In the Liberal Democrat party's chart, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Uranus. Menzies Campbell was also born when these two planets were together in the sky. If we take the Saturn-Uranus conjunction from Menzies' chart and place it in the LibDems' chart, it is very close to the Descendant point, directly opposite the Ascendant. Campbell's Jupiter also is close by, as is his Sun. The 7th house/Descendant is the point of public relations so it could be said that Menzies is a particularly energetic public 'face' for the party.

Interestingly, Menzies' Sun is directly opposite Charles Kennedy's Sun (Kennedy is the leader of the party at the time of writing), so there is the potential for 'complementary opposites' as well as 'rivals/adversaries' to come into play between the two. Because Menzies is Charles' deputy, it's imperative that they keep to the 'complementary opposites' side of the equation and work together as a unit.

There are hardly any links involving Mars between Menzies and the LibDems' chart, so he is not an immediately obvious choice for a leader. Turning to the midpoints, Campbell's Mars is on the party's Mars/Jupiter midpoint, and his Sun is on the party's Moon/Mars midpoint, both of which pertain to the desire to take the lead. If we work out the halfway point between Menzies' Sun and the party's Sun, we find the party's Moon there. The party's Moon signifies the party's members and its public supporters, and the fact that the Suns come together here shows an affinity with Menzies Campbell that he can use to place himself in the limelight. However, all things considered, the lack of Mars contacts between the two charts shows that he is not the best leader that the party could choose, because there would be a difficulty in motivating the troops into battle, so to speak. Instead, Menzies is better utilised in the role of guide, steer, and all round 'sage' in terms of principles, policies, and knowledge.
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