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The Next 15 Years: 2005 to 2020
This article was written & published on 10th January 2006

Our perspective is often limited to ourselves, our immediate future, and our past. We also often don't see past our own nations, or our local cluster of nations. Even our governments don't often think very far ahead. Yet the cycles in nature, both on Earth and in the wider solar system that our planet is a part of, stretch out across decades, centuries, and even millennia. Our lives individually and collectively unfold against this backdrop.

If we want to understand our world and our place in it we need to become more accustomed to these cycles. We need to extend our perspective outside our own countries and outside our habitual time-frames. Thinking ahead just 15 years is not a lot, but it can make a big difference to how we live, because the choices we are making today are shaping our lives in decades to come.

Planetary backdrop: Social trends

This diagram shows, in a simplified form, the movements of the outermost planets of our solar system from 2005 to 2020. This is the main backdrop against which global, socio-political, and personal trends play out. Think of it as a 'road map' of our themes and challenges for the next fifteen years, with major turning points shown by the sign changes and aspect formations.

own the centre of the diagram are the calendar years. To the left of them are the four slowest-moving planets, with coloured blocks showing the Zodiac signs they move through over the next fifteen years. 

To the right are the main aspects of these slowest-moving planets. The blocks of time are approximate, and indicate the length of time that the aspect is within 3 degrees of orb (or 2 degrees in the case of the sextiles). A wider orb could be used, but 3 degrees is sufficient for the purpose of obtaining a fifteen-year overview in this 'at-a-glance' diagram.

Simplified ephemeris for 2005 to 2020Saturn in opposition to Neptune should prove significant Tony Blair, and his mirror-image David Cameron. Both were born during major Saturn-Neptune aspects. Saturn-Neptune is about the evasion of accountability and the erosion of society's institutions.

The entry of Pluto into Capricorn is likely to correlate with an increasing uncovering of corporate and State complicity in oppressing citizens. The struggle going on in many societies around the world to address this anti-democratic merger of State and corporate power is likely to peak during these years.

Uranus moving into Aries is likely to coincide with a sudden and potentially jarring increase in assertive, masculine, and short-termist attitudes, unless we manage the transition to make it smooth and collaborative.

The years of the Uranus square to Pluto are particularly important for the USA. This time will reverberate with the social changes of the 1960s, so the more that people choose now to clear up the unfinished business from that decade, the smoother these future years will be.

The next decade ends and a new decade begins with Saturn conjunct Pluto. This is the end of the cycle that reached its half-way point in 2001, coinciding with the international outbreak of fascism, neo-corporatism, and industrial corruption, and the attendant oppression of human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law. If we have not managed to lift ourselves out of the quagmire before then, the current so-called 'war on terror' may well come to a close at this time, if only to begin again in a new form or with a new focus if we have not learned our collective lessons by then.

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