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Political Parties in Northern Ireland

Written & published: March 2007

These are the four largest parties as per the latest election results (7th March 2007) in the order of their share of the vote. Unfortunately at the moment there isn't time to examine these charts and give them the space they deserve, so this is just a quick glance at each.

Times weren't available for any of the parties, so these charts don't show house cusps, and the Moon's position and aspects need to be treated with caution. Interestingly, the DUP and UUP Moons are in Aquarius, and therefore could well be conjunct. They are also close to Tony Blair's Moon which is at 11 degrees 30 minutes Aquarius.

Another interesting fact is that three out of the four came into being within a year of each other, and the fourth began within a year of the Labour party formation.

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

In the DUP chart the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius - in opposition with Saturn in Gemini stands out, and highlights religious beliefs and perspectives. Fittingly, it lies across the UK's 3rd-9th axis of religion and neighbourly relations.....

DUP birth chart

This is one of the charts with the Moon conjunct Tony Blair's Moon in Aquarius. The lunar connections perhaps start to explain Blair's apparent success with the Northern Ireland issues.

In terms of UK Parliament seats, the DUP is the fourth largest party, after Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.

Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein's chart shows Uranus close to the UK's Ascendant and square the UK's MC-IC axis, showing the urge for freedom and separation.

Sinn Fein birth chart

The party's Jupiter-Saturn opposition is in square to the UK's Jupiter. Jupiter-Saturn are the planetary pair to do with structuring and society, and so this aspect indicates a strongly challenging relationship between the party and the UK in that regard.

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)

The UUP came into being in the year before the Labour Party, and shares its Uranus-Neptune opposition across Cancer-Capricorn. This opposition leans into the UK's MC-IC axis, going right to the heart of the domestic political situation at the root of the union. The UUP Saturn is opposite the UK's Saturn - a half Saturn Return.

UUP birth chart

The current leader of the UUP, Reg Empey, has his Saturn opposite the UUP's Saturn, i.e. conjunct the UK's Saturn, so there is clearly a resonance with Saturnian issues in the union - for a long time the party was affiliated with the Conservative party.

This is the other party chart that has the same or similar Moon position as Tony Blair.

Social Democratic & Labour Party (SDLP)

The SDLP is similar to Sinn Fein in having Uranus close to the UK's Ascendant and square its MC-IC axis, a classic indicator of 'divorce'. Its Saturn is also square the UK's Saturn, so it was formed at a challenging key juncture in the lifespan of the United Kingdom, as was the UUP.

SDLP birth chart

SDLP Jupiter is also square the UK's Jupiter, highlighting conflicts around religious beliefs.

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