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Barack Obama's First Cabinet: An astrological profile of the new President of the USA's team

Published: 3rd March 2009

In this article we'll examine the first Cabinet of the new President of the USA, Barack Obama from an astrological point of view. Building a profile like this allows us to see areas of balance and imbalance, and to get a feel for what type of group these people form and therefore how they are likely to behave.

Birth times for most of the Cabinet members are not available, and so house cusps have been excluded throughout this study. Also, the Moon has been excluded where its position has not been certain. The interpretations have been written taking all of this into account, so that even if the Moon and house cusps were known the interpretations below would stand unaltered.

Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Examining the personal planets, not including the Moon, shows that Earth is sorely lacking. If we include the Moon it remains the weakest Element.

Including the two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, with the personal planets (with and without the Moon) still leaves Earth as the weakest Element. And including the three outermost planets again leaves Earth as by far the weakest Element.

So there's a consistent pattern at various levels of low Earthiness. Dealing with the fundamentals of physical and material life is what this group has difficulty with but must learn to master.

There is a lack of 'feet on ground' pragmatism and common sense, and a struggle to ground and make real what has been conceptualised, dreamt, talked about, written down, envisioned, and hoped for.

Quadruplicities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

Fixed is by far the strongest, at all levels - personal planets, personal plus social planets, and including the outermost planets - although no Mode is 'weak' or lacking.

A Fixed group is persistent and unswerving, but extremely wilful and utterly inflexible to the point of rigidity, even in the face of clear evidence that a change of approach or direction is required.

Sun Signs: Sagittarius predominates

The audacity of hope indeed: Obama has assembled a Cabinet of Solar Sagittarians - the main Sign of the Zodiac associated with 'hope' (the other Sign with 'hope' as a major theme is Aquarius):

Sun Sign distributionof Barack Obama's first Cabinet

There is a severe lack of Earth at the Sun-Sign level. There are no Solar Virgos nor Solar Capricorns [NB Since this article was published i'ts come to my attention that Christina Romer's post - Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors - is Cabinet-level, which provides a vitally important Solar Capricorn to the group] and only one Solar Taurean. That Solar Taurean may therefore carry undue weight, since they have to bear the Earthiness of the whole group all on their own. The Solar Taurean is Kathleen Sibelius, responsible for the USA's health system. [Christina Romer will carry a heavy weight too - see the article, related to this one, on the Sun Signs of the Cabinet and how they interact with the chart of the USA.]

To find more of the group's Earthiness we have to look to the Cabinet's Mercury Sign placings.

Earthy Mercury

Five members of Obama's Cabinet have their Mercury in Capricorn, an Earth Sign. This reflects the fact that there are many Solar Sagittarians and Solar Aquarians in the Cabinet.

Mercury in Capricorn shows mental processes that are attuned to material realities and the achievement of ambitions. A Cabinet of methodical thinkers, despite having their identities (Sun) mainly in Signs of hope (Sagittarius and Aquarius) they are capable of thinking realistically and creating long-term plans. However, thinking and action are two different things.

Apart from five of them having Mercury in Capricorn, which is a Cardinal Sign, the Cabinet mainly have their Mercuries in the Fixed Signs Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Thus mentally they are quite unyielding, unwilling to readily consider multiple perspectives and alternative ideas. Their minds are capable of great focus but must guard against narrowness, getting stuck in the same well-trodden grooves and being closed to evidence outside those confines.

Venus & the allure of hope

The predominant Sign for Venus in Obama's Cabinet is Aquarius, closely followed by Sagittarius. Venus is never far from the Sun and these Sign positions augment the Sagittarian-Aquarian flavour of the Cabinet at the Sun Sign level.

These Signs reflect the reality that we already know: what Obama's Cabinet values is 'hope', optimism, and possibilities, and it builds its relationships and its PR (Public Relations) on these themes.

Mars in the middle

The Mars Sign distribution emphasises the middle third of the Zodiac - Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, with fifteen of the Cabinet in all having Mars in these four Signs. Aquarius is the next most populated Sign, with a further three Cabinet members having Mars there.

This middle section of the Zodiac emphasises interpersonal skills/relations. It is the part of the Zodiac where 'the Other' is encountered, sometimes as a partner, sometimes as an enemy.

At the level of Mars Signs, the Cabinet is very strong in Air and reasonably strong in Earth - making up a little bit for the shortfall of Earthiness at the Sun Sign level - but it's got an overabundance of Fixity. When it comes to action, this group will find it hard to deviate from its set course, and is likely to have lots of power struggles both internally and externally as 'irresistible force meets immovable object'.

The Cabinet also has slightly below average levels of Cardinality at the Mars level, so enterprising and initiatory spirit isn't quite what it could be. This group is better at continuing on than it is with starting something new or with altering a pre-existing course.

Jupiter's faith

Continuing the 'hope' theme, one of the main Signs for Jupiter in this Cabinet is Sagittarius, with Aquarius a close runner-up. The other two Signs that are strong - equally with Sagittarius, in fact - are Cancer and Libra.

This is a sociable blend, people-oriented and potentially caring, although perhaps moralistic or a tad missionary and meddlesome on the 'do-gooder' front.

The danger is, as ever, too much frothy hope and pie-in-the-sky 'optimism', particularly as the Jupiter Sign distribution lacks Earth and therefore is reluctant to come down to the real world. Spreading uplifting ideas and motivating people is all well and good but does nothing to put food on the table. The belly is not warmed by expanding education, law, and rhetoric.

Saturn's status

Within Obama's first Cabinet Saturn is fairly well dispersed throughout the Zodiac, although again Earth is lacking, and so is Water.

Gemini, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius are the most tenanted Signs. Having something to prove intellectually could well be the theme here - as we've seen already, the new President's obvious intelligence is triggering both relief and heightened expectations and fears - demonstrating the intelligence of the leaders and thereby their 'right' to govern and command respect.

Generation game
: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

For Uranus the dominant Signs are Gemini and Leo, in that order, and interestingly most of the Cabinet have Uranus retrograde. When Uranus is retrograde it's even more maverick than usual, going beyond the norms and highlighting the need to rupture the status quo and introduce something fresh and new into what has become old and stale.

For Neptune it's Libra and Scorpio, in that order, although they're fairly balanced. These are the generations where relationships underwent major revisions and where the promise of redemption was projected onto human relationships. Collective dreams were about peace and war, harmony and destruction, rebalancing and transformation, and we can see these in what is being expected of Obama and his first Cabinet team.

For Pluto it's Leo and Virgo, in that order, although again they're not far off being balanced. These are the generations dealing with megamaniacal egos and how to get them in check (Obama has Pluto in Virgo, and is the first USA President of modern times not to have Pluto in Leo). Again, we can see how this is already formed within the hopes that people have for Barack Obama and the group he's assembled.

Chiron: repetition compulsion

Lastly, the planetoid Chiron, which shows where we are inclined to repeat the same experience or behaviour over and over again, sometimes never breaking free, other times only managing to do so after many frustrating years of self-development.

In this group of people Chiron is mainly in Pisces. This can be summed up quite simply, although perhaps provocatively, in a phrase that's well-known in the USA, although I don't know where it originated: get off the cross, someone else needs the wood. Ouch!

Pisces is the Sign of Christianity, of martyrdom, and of projecting impossible hopes of redemption onto a saviour/Messiah/annointed one. Does it really need to be spelled out that Obama isn't The One? With Chiron in Pisces, he has a theme of redemption in his chart, and he is surrounding himself with a group of people who share that theme.

The painful loss of hope, the dark night of the soul, the Christ-like redeemer. It will take a lot of awareness to manage this theme constructively and not fall into the pit of despair when the spell is broken, the dream fades, and reality - which is not sponsored by the Disney corporation - bites.

The cycle of endless repetition comes in when hope gives way to disillusionment which in turn provokes the search for a replacement upon which to project. The entire pattern must be worked with and grown beyond, for it cannot be solved on the level at which it operates.

After encouraging such large-scale projections onto him Barack Obama can only prove disappointing. The team he's assembled is going to constellate, not dissipate, this issue, this pattern of hope-> despair-> restart-the-search. The collective psyche must eventually transcend it lest it continue to fall prey to it.

Now that would really be audacious to hope for.

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