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The USA & the Sun Signs of Obama's Cabinet

Published: 28th May 2009

If we take the chart of the USA and place around the wheel the Sun Signs of each of the members of Barack Obama's first Cabinet team we get an interesting picture.

As you can see, the diagram below is quite cramped on the left-hand side, whereas on the right-hand side things are quite sparse. The diagram is a little cluttered at this size but the information we need is that carried by the distribution of blue lines around the outer rim of the wheel. These show the locations of the Sun of each Cabinet-level member of the team that Barack has assembled.

The USA & the Sun Signs of Obama's Cabinet

At a glance it's obvious that the distribution is far from even. There is a particular concentration of people with their Suns in the 12th and 1st houses. The USA's Sagittarius Ascendant thus receives a strong focus.

We can conclude from this that Barack Obama's first Cabinet team are going to put a lot of energy - and ego - into strengthening the USA's image, power, and independence. It is indicative of a 'USA first' approach.

Importantly, it significantly ups the wattage (the Sun is a light, after all) on the USA's Sagittarian mythology: the land of the free, the wide open spaces, the sense that anything is possible, exploring beyond the frontiers, pushing the envelope.

However Sagittarius does have its weak points, just like any other Sign. Sagittarius isn't given to facing reality, to accepting regulations, to recognising mortal limits, and to playing the game of life on an equal footing. Belief in oneself as a boundless divine child with a right to act without any form of inner or outer impediment, roaming wherever and whenever, not subject to the laws that hinder other mere mortals, is what Sagittarius tends towards.

It seeks endless growth without decay and even without stability, and that, of course, is one of the failings of our economic system. And now that Pluto is in Capricorn a different approach is needed, which brings us nicely to our next section.

Cardinal Signs:
0-3 degrees

What's particularly interesting is that there are only two Sun Signs in the early degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). These belong to Robert Gates and Christine Romer. Ron Kirk's Sun is slightly later, at 6 degrees of Cancer.

Since Pluto is currently transiting the area of 0 to 3 degrees of Capricorn these people are cast into huge prominence, particularly Christine Romer as her Sun is in Capricorn and thus is currently conjoined with Pluto and receiving its stationary moments directly.

For which departmental areas do these Cardinal Sun people have responsibility within the USA?

Robert Gates is responsible for the defence of the nation. The significance of this transit hopefully doesn't really need any elaboration. The square aspect between Pluto and Robert's Sun suggests the possibility of tension, crisis, and the need to get to firm grips with issues. His Sun's position near the USA's Midheaven casts him into very high prominence indeed, elevating him literally and figuratively.

Christine Romer is Chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors. According to her official White House biography, Christine:

" known for her research on the causes and recovery of the Great Depression, and on the role that fiscal and monetary policy played in the country's economic recovery."

She'll certainly need to apply that knowledge most intensively over the next few years.

And although Ron Kirk's Sun is a bit further on, it remains worth noting that he is responsible for trade.

The Pluto transit is one where it's possible to emerge from crisis renewed, having survived the tough times and garnered valuable nuggets of learning along the way, coming through it restored and possibly even stronger than before.

Trying times ahead for these people, and through them for the USA and the world, what with defence and economy being the two areas where the USA's influence extends far from home.

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