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Obama's Moment: 'The Audacity of Hope' speech of 2004

Published: 25th May 2009

Barack Obama captured attention at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in 2004 when he delivered the keynote speech, entitled 'The Audacity of Hope'. At that time he was State Senator for Illinois, and a candidate for the USA Senate; he was relatively unknown on the national stage, and certainly unknown abroad.

His speech shifted him from the local to the national stage, and was a decisive moment in Obama's road to being seen as having potential to be a president of the USA. It was the first time he used his marketing slogan 'the audacity of hope' in a major public arena, and as such this moment forms a 'launch chart' for that 'meme'.

The charts

The DNC was held from the 26th to the 29th of July 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. According to the official schedule Barack's keynote speech was due to begin at 10pm on 27th July. The Washington Post, however, cites 9:14pm as the time he took to the stage. Online commentaries at, however, point to an approximate starting time of 9:50pm.

One of the possible explanations for these discrepancies could be that the speech was broadcast later than it was actually given. If it was broadcast around 10pm - whether live or recorded - it represents the 'going national' moment.

All sources agree that the speech lasted just under 17 minutes.

Here is the chart for the scheduled starting time of the speech:-

Barack Obama's speech to the DNC in 2004
In this chart note in particular the Ascendant and Descendant - 21 degrees 03 minutes of Pisces and Virgo. The Midheaven is 25 degrees of Sagittarius, the main Sign associated with 'hope'. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is just 4 degrees from the Descendant.

If the starting time was, in actuality, 9:50pm the MC was 23 degrees 07 minutes of Sagittarius, and Jupiter was almost exactly on the Descendant at 16 degrees 36 minutes Virgo.

The 9:14pm time reported in the Washington Post places the Moon almost exactly on the MC.

There is a Venus-Pluto opposition across Gemini-Sagittarius, also at the 21-22 degrees mark.

So, we have a Grand Cross formation: Ascendant on one side, Descendant with Jupiter on the other, at right angles to the MC-IC which has Venus-Pluto lined up with it. The Moon is not far from Pluto, and is within the requisite orb for  a conjunction.

Here's Barack Obama's birth chart:-

Barack Obama birth chart
As you can see, Barack's 2nd-8th house cusps align with the Ascendant-Descendant of the chart for his keynote speech. His 5th-11th house cusps align with the keynote chart's MC-IC axis.

Particularly important to note is Mars, planet of leadership, and of audacity, but also of aggression, at 22 degrees 35 minutes of Virgo.

And here's the chart for the USA:-

USA birth chart
Lining them up

Finally, here's a wheel diagram showing these three charts side-by-side.

The natal chart of the USA (on the inside) with the chart of Barack Obama (in the middle ring) and the planets' positions at the commencement of his 2004 speech (the outermost ring):-

Barack Obama, his speech at the Democrats National Congress & the USA
Inner chart wheel: the United States of America
Middle chart wheel: Barack Obama
Outer chart wheel: Obama's DNC Speech 2004

You can see the Grand Cross (highlighted) formed by all three charts together.

This three-chart Cross has recently been transited by the Saturn-Uranus opposition that's currently taking place in the Solar system. The challenges of 'capitalism' and the tension of liberty and autocracy that are part of this opposition strongly connect, unsurprisingly, with the charts of the USA, its new president, and the chart for 'the audacity of hope'.

When Barack was elected as president in November 2008 the Saturn-Uranus opposition not only exact but also closely aligned with Jupiter (hope, aspiration, the desire for betterment, but also 'religious' fervour and a sense of mission) in the chart for his 2004 keynote speech.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition will continue to connect with these three charts until the end of 2009, and will then move out of orb.

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