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Barack Obama and the USA

Published: 25th May 2009

This article explores the relationship between Barack Obama and the USA using synastry, the branch of astrology comprising mathematical techniques of comparing one chart with another to see how they interact, drawing from those interactions their potential range of meaning.

Here's the natal chart of the USA (on the inside) with the chart of Barack (on the outside):-

Barack Obama & the USA

Inner chart wheel: the United States of America

Outer chart wheel: Barack Obama

Let's start with the most obvious connections, and move toward the subtler ones.

A Double-Venus conjunction

George Bush's Sun was conjunct the USA's Sun, showing a strong connection at the level of identity and visibility. How this worked out in reality is now obvious: an increased profile for the politician and the country, a strong association of one with the other, and an emphasis on the Divine Right of Kings to rule, whether beneficently or otherwise. In many ways this Sun-Sun connection is a simple signature of the Bush era in the USA.

Barack Obama has a close connection with the USA's chart, but rather than it being the Sun, it's Venus. What could this be about? We've seen some of it already: Venus has a reputation for charm, flattery, social and sophistication, and certainly so far Barack and America are making the switch away from excessive Solar qualities to Venusian ones.

That the USA wishes to be liked once again and sees Obama as the man for this particular job is reflected in this Venus-Venus conjunction. The nation wants to put its best foot forward, to present a nicer facade, to pursue diplomacy and co-operation.

Venus is also associated with the financial matters, resources, and what a person or nation holds dear. How Barack handles or mishandles not only his diplomatic efforts and crises but the nation's economic woes is of course likely to be the defining issue of the USA in the Obama era.

Multiple Septiles: inspiration and infatuation

Looking at the aspects between Barack Obama's birth chart and that of the USA reveals many septiles.

The septile aspect is often referred to as having a quality of inspiration, and that can indeed be true. In this case that would reflect the fact that not only has the USA been inspired by Obama, and not only has Obama been inspired by the USA, but that the combination of the two has provoked a wave of inspiration around the world.

On the theme of 'hope' and its 'audacity', the USA's Jupiter in septile with Barack's Jupiter is an apt inter-chart connection. Septiles between both their Moons and Mercuries reflects communication that affects the populace inspirationally, as do their reciprocal Mercury-Neptune septiles.

The septile aspect, though, is one of infatuation and fantasy, with a tendency to spill over into obsession and denial of reality. There is a strong caution note to be sounded.

The role of the Saviour-Warrior

The USA has a Mars-Neptune square, symbolising the nation's tendency to carry out clandestine aggression. Obama has supposedly been elected, at least in part, to put an end to some of the Mars-Neptune type of activities that the USA under George Bush and his team became all too known for.

Many people want Obama to restore the USA's vision of itself as a compassionate (Neptune) power (Mars), a force (Mars) for good (Neptune), and a moral (Neptune) leader (Mars) in the world.

This is where things get tricky.

Barack's Mars is closely conjunct the USA's Neptune, and square its Mars. This suggests that he's able to bring some decisive clarity to the Neptunian fogs and quagmires that the country's become embroiled in, but that he is also capable of compounding the problem, whether through misdirected actions and unrealistic decisions or perhaps through going head-to-head with some other strong leaders within the nation. At the very least, Mars-Neptune can symbolise sheer ineffectiveness and inutility.

Perhaps the greatest risk is simply reinforcing and reinvigorating the misguided desire to be a moral compass for the world, or even a moral crusader. The USA dreams of greatness, and unfortunately part of that dream up until now has been an assertion of exceptionalism and being first with no peers.

Obama and America's Venus-Venus conjunction might mitigate this if used more deeply than a veneer of public relations and stylistic presentation. The worst-case scenario of all this is that it could all add up to nothing more than adding a fresh coat of gloss to a war-addicted system.

Development, both national and personal

The USA's North Node is on the half-way point between Barack's Mars and the nation's Mars, showing how the country's path of development is directly intertwined, during this Obama era, with Martian things: leadership, self-assertion, competition, wanting to come first and be 'alpha male' and 'top dog', hierarchy, dominance, aggression.

A Mars association is the Buddhist concept of 'right action', and on some level this is what the USA is going to constellate within itself with the help of this new president.

In addtion to this, the USA's Moon being closely conjunct Barack's nodal axis shows how close his own path lies to the people of the nation. His development is directly plugged into them, and they are directly plugged into his development. Reinforcing this intimate connection is Obama's Ascendant-Descendant axis lying across their joint Node/Node midpoint.

Clearly there is a lot of potential for constructive change, for progress, for development. The charts reveal the connections and map the themes, but the outcomes are not set in stone. The USA's new chapter is in the process of being written.

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