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Peter Mandelson: Architect of 'New Labour'

Peter Mandelson is a former member of Tony Blair's cabinet, and is known as one of the main architects of Blair's concept of 'New Labour'. Despite making history by having to resign twice from the government, the loyalty between Peter and Tony meant that Mandelson has never disappeared from the corridors of power. He has recently been appointed by Tony Blair to the EU Commission, a move which proved extremely controversial.

Mandelson's close relationship with Tony Blair goes back to the time when he, Blair and Alan Milburn would regularly travel together from their north east constituency seats to London.

Mandelson's time of birth is unknown so we can't be sure of the exact position of his Moon, however the links with Tony Blair's chart and the charts of other 'New Labour' MPs who are close to Tony show a strong emphasis around 13-15 degrees of Aries, suggesting that his Moon is likely to not be far from that degree area.

Peter Mandelson - Natal Chart
Whilst many insightful things could be said about Peter Mandelson's chart, this piece will focus on the contacts between his chart and that of Tony Blair. This will tell us about why there is such a strong bond between the two. The graphic below is a diagram of the main aspects between their charts.

Blair & Mandelson - Main Contacts
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The blue markers and labels are Blair's planets and points. The green ones are Mandelson's. A mixture of blue and green labels with red markers show a midpoint of one of Blair's planets with one of Mandelson's. The orange lines are the aspects: Op = opposition, Tr = trine, Sq = square, Q = quintile, Sx = sextile, Sp = septile.

What stands out in this diagram is that it revolves around Mandelson's Sun (his ego-self). Blair's Mercury opposite Mandelson's Sun shows that it's actually Tony that is the mouthpiece of Peter's ideas, not the other way around. Their joint Saturn/Saturn midpoint with Peter's Sun shows that it is their joint ambition that they channel through this Mercury-Sun opposition. This Sun-Mercury-Saturn influence aptly symbolises the architecture of ideas.

The two men's Mercuries are in septile to one another, indicating a mutually inspiring exchange of ideas and words. This is not an aspect of reality, however. It is an aspect of internal imaginings being transposed onto external reality. Together, they are mentally attuned to this wavelength, and need to be careful about getting carried away with one another's mutually reinforcing false perceptions.

Their joint Mercury/Mercury midpoint close to Blair's Moon shows an intimate bond of communication. These bonds are further indicated by a close Moon-Venus conjunction, that is itself in sextile to Blair's Moon and quintile to Mandelson's Mercury. Close Moon-Venus contacts recur in several of Tony Blair's relationships with his 'Blairites'. It is a level of closeness that emphasises personal loyalty.

In a marriage or friendship that would be useful, but when you're meant to serve the public interest and your minister is forced to resign, putting personal loyalty above loyalty to the nation is clearly a weakness, not a strength. It corrupts constitutional principles and destroys the trust between the public and the public servants, which is meant to be the foundation stone of democracy.

Interestingly, this Moon-Venus conjunction is on Peter Mandelson's Sun/Mars and Mars/Saturn midpoints. Anyone who thinks Blair is the leader in this partnership is surely mistaken. With Peter's Mars in trine to Blair's MC, Mandelson provides the rocket fuel to power Blair's forward momentum towards his goals. Tony's MC close to Peter's Nodal axis, and their joint Mars/Mars midpoint also nearby, reinforces this interpretation - it's by working together that Blair has the strength to keep pushing onwards and upwards.

No wonder, then, that Blair never lets Mandelson go.

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