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Plaid Cymru, & Adam Price

Written & Published: March 2007

Plaid Cymru - or just Plaid, as it is now also known (
Plaid Cymru translates into English as 'the party of Wales', and Plaid simply means 'Party') - is the most popular party advocating Welsh independence from the union with Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, and instead a full presence for Wales its own right within the EU.

The party sometimes plays down its nationalist policies, preferring to use the language of self-determination and interdependence, but its official website is clear about its desire for full separation from the UK.

The party was formed in 1925 when Pluto was opposite the UK's Sun and IC. From 2011 until 2015 Pluto will conjoin the UK's Sun and IC, and Wales is expected to achieve greater autonomy - if not complete independence - around this time (the legislative preparations are already coming into place for this.)

Plaid Cymru birth chart

Plaid's Mars-Neptune conjunction is closely conjunct the UK's Saturn. Neptune-Saturn connections are usually undermining of structures, reflecting at the very least a loosening of rigidity and bondage. Mars's involvement highlights separation, independence, and self-determination.

Adam Price birth chart

Adam Price is an MP for Plaid who has initiated the Impeach Blair campaign ( He also brought to light Tony Blair's intervention in a business deal to the benefit of Labour Party donor Lakshmi Mittal in the form of a letter to the Romanian prime minister.

There are several contacts between Adam's chart and Tony's chart reflecting the potential for challenging one another's thoughts, actions, and authority:
  • Adam's Sun is in sesquadrate with Blair's Sun
  • Adam's Mercury is closely opposite Blair's Mercury
  • Adam's Mars is square Blair's Mars
  • Adam's Saturn is opposite Blair's Saturn
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