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Australia's New Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd & His First Cabinet

Published: 9th December 2007

Australia has recently elected Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party as its new prime minister and governing Party, ousting the second-longest serving prime minister John Howard and his Liberal Party after 11 years in power.

Kevin Rudd has now announced his new Cabinet team - at the foot of this page is a list of their names and roles. This article outlines Kevin Rudd's birthchart, the Zodiac Sign make-up of this Cabinet, and gives a brief profile of the group.

Kevin Rudd's birthchart

Below is Kevin's birthchart. Since his birthtime is not available this chart has been calculated for midday, therefore please ignore the house cusps and bear in mind that the position of the Moon could be approximately 6 degrees either side of the position shown.

Kevin Rudd's birth chart

Although he has 4 planets in Virgo, and hence is in many ways unassuming, his Moon in Leo and Sun in conjunction with Mars both indicate a strong ego and desire to be in charge. All the Virgo in combination with Mercury square Saturn suggests someone who can get bogged down in details and micromanagement; he needs to keep a view of the wood without losing it in his preoccupation with the trees.

With Saturn in Sagittarius in trine to Uranus, and Jupiter in Libra positioned halfway between them, his time has arrived; his chart resonates with the Saturn-Uranus cycle which is about to reach its opposition phase from 2008 to 2010, the years of Rudd's term as prime minister. This configuration reflects his gravitation towards being a bridge-builder between China and Australia, the ancient and the modern.

Despite his affable demeanour and role as an inter-cultural ambassador, he is nevertheless a determinedly independent leader who will go-it-alone on the international stage as well as domestically where he sees fit. He will fight to be self-possessed and for the right to be free of outside interference, both in his political position and also projecting this onto Australia as a whole.

Now for the Cabinet group themes.
Keeping it simple, let's start with Sun Signs.

Sun Signs in the Cabinet

So here is a chart of the Sun Signs in Australia's new Cabinet. There are no members of the Cabinet who were born when the Sun was in Gemini or Leo. There is no clear Sun Sign dominating the group, but Aries, CAncer, and Capricorn are above the mean average.

Sun Signs - Kevin Rudd's first Cabinet team

Distribution of Sun Signs in Kevin Rudd's first Cabinet team
Mean average: just under 2

There is a very clear emphasis on Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Kevin Rudd is the only Sun-Virgo, and has almost no Cardinal planets. At this basic level he has selected a team that complements him, making up for what is absent in his chart. Cardinal Signs are those focusing on goals and initiation. They are not concerned with maintenance or flexibility.

Water & Earth Signs predominate and Air is very low. This suggests reflectivity, responsiveness, feelings and pragmatism as the main values, with objectivity and rationality a conspicuous issue.

Let's now flesh out the profile by looking at the Sun Signs together with the inner planets.

Inner Planets in the Cabinet

Here is a diagram showing the distribution of the team's inner planets around the Zodiac. As you can see, every Sign is represented but there is clear emphasis towards the latter half of the Zodiac, with Sagittarius and Capricorn standing out.

Inner planets - Kevin Rudd's first Cabinet team

Distribution of inner planets (excluding Moon due to lack of birth times available) in Kevin Rudd's first Cabinet team
Mean average: just under 7

Emphasising the second half of the Zodiac implies a focus on the collective, rather than the personal. There are ample tenancies in the first half, however, so it should not lead to a neglect of the personal, although Gemini and Leo are the 'weak links' in the chain.

The Signs in the second half of the Zodiac are those that deal with group themes, and in a government this would translate into issues such as multicultural harmony, integration of people at the societal level, international focus, and working together as a large social organism.

At this level, the Sun Sign level absences of Gemini and Leo are echoed. The Sign Cancer is also slightly below the mean. This places those members with Gemini and Leo planets in an interesting, and perhaps difficult, position, because they have to carry the whole group's Gemini and Leo issues. This could make their voices, ideas, and actions unpopular, and they might have to fight to break through the consensus of the rest of the group. These members are: Anthony Albanese, Kim Carr, Stephen Conroy, Joe Ludwig, Wayne Swan, Lindsay Tanner.

There's a good balance between Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable at this level, so the Sun Sign emphasis on Cardinal Signs is not reinforced here, on the contrary it's complemented.

Earth then Fire predominate, and Air is again the lowest, but not deficient, so again there is more of a spread at this level.

Generational shift

In terms of outer planets, this Cabinet is exactly divided between the Pluto in Leo generation, and the Pluto in Virgo generation. This is due to the relatively younger members of the team. The Pluto in Leo generation deal with issues of power and the imposition of individual will on the masses. The Pluto in Virgo generation deal with issues of excising corruption and cleaning up pollution on every level.

One thing of note: most of the group were born when Saturn was in Scorpio. This is known as quite a formidable position, and was part of Margaret Thatcher's 'Iron Lady' epithet. It indicates people who have trouble flexing and 'losing', with a tendency towards holding on and fighting 'til the bitter end.


List of Kevin Rudd's first Cabinet members:
  • Kevin Rudd, Prime minister
  • Julia Gillard, Deputy prime minister, Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Social Inclusion.
  • Wayne Swan, Treasurer.
  • Chris Evans, Leader of the Government in the Senate, Immigration and citizenship.
  • John Faulkner, Special minister of State, Cabinet Secretary, Vice president of the executive council.
  • Simon Crean, Trade.
  • Stephen Smith, Foreign Affairs.
  • Joel Fitzgibbon, Defence.
  • Nicola Roxon, Health and Ageing.
  • Jenny Macklin, Family, Housing, Community services and Indigenous Affairs.
  • Lindsay Tanner, Finance and Deregulation.
  • Anthony Albanese, Infrastructure, Transport and Regional development, Local Government, Leader of the House.
  • Stephen Conroy, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.
  • Kim Carr, Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.
  • Penny Wong, Climate Change and Water.
  • Peter Garrett, Environment, Heritage and the Arts.
  • Robert McClelland, Attorney-General.
  • Joe Ludwig, Human Services, Manager of Government Business in the Senate.
  • Tony Burke, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
  • Martin Ferguson, Resources and Energy, Tourism.
Birth data used was obtained from the official website
of the Australian Parliament

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