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War on terror, fascism, civil liberties, and the Saturn-Pluto cycle

The current 'war on terror' is not new. The threat of weapons of mass destruction and terrorists getting hold of them was spoken about by Winston Churchill in September 1946, as Saturn and Pluto approached their conjunction.

The conjunction, square, and opposition points of the Saturn-Pluto cycle are the major crisis points in the cycle, where we are globally challenged to get to grips with the issues involved and bring them into a state of peaceful coexistence. They are the 'flashpoints' of the cycle, correlating with curtailment of civil liberties, unleashing of destructive energy, feeling under threat and severely at risk, clamping down on dangers to society, but at the same time tapping into a self-destructive ethos. No wonder that this cycle also correlates with economic downturns.
These are the times when political and social issues tend to be seen in black and white, provoking drastic action rather than half-measures. Corporate and State corruption also seems to peak around these times, because Saturn is about responsibility and accountability, and Pluto is about power. Where accountability is lacking or deficient, power can then be exercised in an unfettered way with no safeguards or checks and balances. Dark times ensue.
As the native American people say, we are responsible for seven generations into the future. This puts our current situation into proper historical and futurological perspective. The diagram below shows the Saturn-Pluto cycle years when the conjunction, square and opposition are exact over a period of 200 years, encompassing more than seven human generations.

Saturn-Pluto Cycle

The pairing of Saturn-Pluto symbolises the process of expurgating crystallised resentments from the ancient past. This is why the pair feature strongly in the birth charts of India, Pakistan, Israel, and Palestine, as well as terrorist events like those in the USA on the 11th of September 2001. The two world wars of the 20th century are often referred to by historians as the second Thirty Year War, and took place within one full Saturn-Pluto cycle: 1914 to 1947. The previous Thirty Year War took place in Europe between 1618 and 1648, within the Saturn-Pluto cycle running from 1617 to 1648.

If we want to free ourselves from the crystallised resentments and karmic vows of vengeance that we have inherited from the past, and which we are now responsible for clearing so that they do not seed the future for seven generations or more, we need to become aware of this pair of planets within us, individually and collectively. We need to learn how to contain the destructive energy, so that we can transmute it into forms that build up rather than tear down our civilisations, institutions, and societies.

At the moment we are caught up in the fear this energy within us and around us, and so we are unable to channel it into constructive expression. Because both Saturn and Pluto correlate with fear - anxiety, panic, fright, terror - we become petrified, immobilised, and then consumed with great rage and violence as a defence. So a good place to start is to regularly work to break up the fears and terrors inside us, those that belong to us and those that we have inherited, and to teach the children around us that they can rid themselves of fear too - that they do not have to carry the crystallised resentments, injustices, and vows of vengeance of their forebears. We can then restore a choice of response and break the cycle of victimisation.

The cycle's association with death and destruction, heaviness and darkness, represents the part of us that pushes us not to resist death of the ego-self, but to let go and touch the immortal part of us, symbolised by indestructible Pluto. This is the feminine energy that our Western civilisation lacks, disrespects, represses, and fears. By embracing this energy, the cycle of retribution and destruction could become a cycle of rebirth, regeneration, and renewal - not through destroying the cradle of civilisation and then rebuilding it with finance and big business, but by understanding how to discharge negative beliefs and vows, cleanse our psyches, and radiate light through the crystals of our bones and blood. Then perhaps we will let go of spilling blood for the sake of historic vengeance.

This cycle's life-or-death issues feel to us that they are perhaps the greatest challenges we have ever and will ever face, but perhaps it is easier than we think. It is only our fears of abusing our power and losing our ego-selves that make us shrink into smallness rather than rise to the occasion and find out how powerful we really are and how natural it is to use that power responsibly. Each of us must play our part to manifest the more evolved aspects of this planetary cycle.

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