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Scottish National Party (SNP), & Alex Salmond

Written & Published: March 2007

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the main party in Scotland campaigning for full independence from the union with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. At the time of writing it is the second most popular party in Scotland, but the party is hoping to do better than the Labour Party in the forthcoming elections on 3rd May 2007.

Interestingly, the SNP time-table for a referendum on full independence seems now to be gravitating towards the UK's transits of 2011 to 2015, when there is likely to be a tremendous constitutional change in the United Kingdom as Pluto transits the UK's IC and Sun. (A similar time-scale is gradually taking form in Wales too.)

Scottish National Party birth chart

A theme that seems to crop up in the charts of the UK's political parties that deal with the structure, organisation, and authority of the union is the party's Saturn opposite the UK's Saturn. The SNP's chart has this link.

Alex Salmond's birth chart

Alex Salmond is the leader of the SNP and has been since 1990. His Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer representing the desire for freedom lies close to the UK's Moon and his Pluto lies not far from the UK's Saturn.

With his Sun exactly conjunct the UK's Sun he is tuned into the nation's sovereignty, independence, and establishment issues, but this can also show a strong identification between the two leading to a strengthening of them both. The overall synastry between Alex's chart and the UK's chart does not exactly shout that he is the person to lead Scotland to independence.

Whether someone else will take the reigns, or whether Alex's leadership of the SNP will end up, somehow and paradoxically, reinforcing the union remains to be seen.

Note: times for the births of the SNP and Alex Salmond were unavailable at the time of writing so the charts are shown without house cusps and the positions of the Moon should be treated with appropriate caution.

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