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Tiananmen Square, 1989

Published: 2nd June 2009

It's 20 years since pro-democracy students protesting in Tiananmen Square in China were attacked by the armed forces sent in by the government with orders to kill.

At the time of the massacre, as others working with astrology have pointed out, transiting Pluto was square to China's Mars-Pluto conjunction. That in itself is indicative of the potential for extreme violence.

Depending on China's time of 'birth', it's possible that transiting Pluto was also forming a square aspect to China's MC and IC, indicating the possibility of a dramatic crisis between the people (IC) and the government (MC).

But the planetary configuration of the time was much more than this Pluto transit. There was a remarkable aspect pattern, alongside planet-star alignments, suggestive of intense energy building in the psyche of not just China, but the world.

First we'll examine this aspect formation, then we'll look at the alignments between the planets and the stars that were configured for Beijing at that time.

Chart for the massacre

Here's the chart for the time when the violence began:-

Tiananmen Square - 1989
The lines in the central circle show the aspects, and even at this scale the shape they form gives a clue as to the concentration of energy being focussed, and the pattern of aspects present. Let's enlarge that view to make it clearer.

An aspect formation occurring only once in centuries

Here is a magnified view of the centre of the chart, showing the aspect formation and its midpoint structure, all funnelling through the Sun:-

Tiananmen Square 1989 - aspect formation and midpoints

The distance between Venus and Pluto on one side is the same as the distance between Mercury and Saturn-Neptune on the other side.

The distance between Venus and Saturn-Neptune is the same as the distance between Mercury and Pluto.

The whole structure can be folded down the middle, putting together Mercury and Venus, and Saturn-Neptune and Pluto.

Searching between the years 1700 and 2100 reveals that this structure occurs only once: from the 2nd to the 4th of June 1989. There was a similar structure between Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in September 1846 but it didn't have a simultaneous inner planet midpoint picture.

It's important to bear in mind, however, that a rare astrological event does not mean a rare human event; mass slaughter of humans by other humans occurs frequently and regularly, as we know only too well.

What it does suggest is that a rare meaning is formed about the event, that a particular symbolisation is likely to occur in human consciousness, connected with the event.

Keeping this aspect configuration in mind, let's turn to the planet-star configurations for Beijing at the time of the Tiananmen Square incident.

Planet-Star Alignments

The gatherings and protests in China had begun in April, but on the 3rd of June a new phase began in Beijing from the point of view of star alignments. Beijing entered this new phase at dawn on the 3rd, literally reflecting the fact that a new phase in the sequence of events was taking shape.

Planet-star alignments, known as 'parans', occur when a planet rises or sets, culminates or anti-culminates, in synchrony with a star rising or setting, culminating or anti-culminating. These four points - rising, setting, culminating, anti-culminating - can be thought of as like the four 'corners' of the sky.

Planets and stars being simultaneously located at these points are deemed to be in special relationship with each other, signaling the qualities and themes of the time, as shown below.

The single-line interpretations that follow were not written specifically for this event, or even for any similar event. They are copy-and-pasted directly from pre-written software interpretations for the planet-star combinations themselves, without regard to any specific event. No editing or cherry-picking has taken place; they are pasted below in full.

These first themes - the star parans with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - were in operation for a period of several months around this time and at this location:

Rising when Sualocin is Rising
A shock, a sudden surprise, the long shot wins the race

Culminating when Fomalhaut is Rising 
Ideals and dreams fall into despair
Anti-culminating when Scheat is Setting
Spies, undercover agents, national secrets revealed

Anti-culminating when Menkar is Culminating
Dramatic events that rock the lives of a large number of people
Anti-culminating when Fomalhaut is Setting
Dreams or follies, idealism abounds

Menkar, in the constellation Cetus, the Whale
The star Menkar, in the constellation of Cetus (the Whale)

These next themes recur at Beijing at this date every year during our era:

Heliacal Rising Star: Menkar
The emergence or eruption of hidden or violent issues

Heliacal Setting Star: Arcturus
Exploring different options

Rising when Arcturus is Setting
Strong or new leadership is needed
Rising when Alphard is Anti-culminating
Violence, anger, a time of apparent ruthlessness
Setting when Antares is Rising
An obsessive person
Setting when Alpheratz is Anti-culminating
To take independent action

And these final themes were in operation just for a short period of time at this location:

Culminating when Zosma is Rising
Concern for victims of crime, or natural disasters
Anti-culminating when Aldebaran is Anti-culminating
Environmental concerns, people needing to look after each other and the land

Anti-culminating when Alcyone is Anti-culminating
Blind or angry obsession
Rising when Antares is Setting
Anxiety and worry

Anti-culminating when Betelgeuse is Anti-culminating
Opulence and wealth
Culminating when Acumen is Anti-culminating
The unusual artist, or unpopular mediums
Setting when Altair is Rising
Challenges to the sexual, social, or sporting expectations of a society

Setting when Alphard is Setting
The ruthless action of an individual or group
Culminating when Castor is Culminating
The person with a plan

Rising when Ankaa is Rising
Success to those who are quick to adapt to a new situation

Rising when Arcturus is Culminating
A civic leader breaks with convention
Rising when Acumen is Rising
Bitterness and anger at hardships endured by others


Taken together, the aspect configuration and the planet-star parans show a time of intense, dramatic, compact and focussed energy in the psyche of the world at this time.

With the transits to China's chart and the localised parans, all this found expression in an event in Beijing which, both at the time and still 20 years on, has the potential to deeply disturb, and to evoke the desire for it to never, ever happen again.

Perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future we'll find ways for the impulses within our psyche to find expression more life-promotingly. Until then the witnessing of Tiananmen Square, and all the unwitnessed Tiananmen Squares around the world, stand as testament to what humans are capable of doing to each other when not allowing each other to live freely.

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