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An Unprecedented Year - The United Kingdom in 2013
Written: January 2013
Published: 25th January 2013

The UK is undergoing an unprecedented year, as transiting Pluto finally reaches the exact conjunction with the nation's Sun.

Whilst the countries that make up the United Kingdom have experienced a transit of Pluto to the Sun before, this is the first time ever that the UK - which was created just over 200 years ago - has had this transit.

The themes of the transit were highlighted in an article published on this website in 2007, and were subsequently revisited in blog entries. In this article we'll take a slightly different approach and add to the previous material published over the past few years.

But this Pluto transit cannot be considered in isolation because we of course have the current Uranus-Pluto square to take into account. This means that the UK is having two major transits simultaneously: transiting Pluto is conjunct the country's Sun, whilst transiting Uranus is square the country's Sun. For this reason this article discusses both.

Birthchart of the United Kingdom

This is the birthchart of the UK, which was created when Great Britain (itself a union of Scotland with England and Wales) and Ireland were united in one kingdom and one Parliament. Although most of Ireland was to later sunder itself from this union and regain its independence, the UK continued to exist and did not end, therefore this chart remains valid and 'live'.
UK's birth chart

Birth chart of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
00:00hrs, 1st January 1801, Westminster, London, UK

Pluto's transit

Transiting Pluto will be conjunct the UK's Sun three times: one whilst travelling forwards through the Zodiac (known as 'direct motion'), one whilst travelling backwards through the Zodiac ('retrograde motion'), and the third and final one whilst moving forwards through the Zodiac again.

Here is a simplified chart wheel showing the position of the UK's natal Sun with the forwards-and-backwards movement of Pluto marked on, along with the dates when the conjunction will be exact.

UK's Pluto-Sun transits in 2013

As shown above, the three exact conjunctions all take place within 2013, from the end of January to the end of November.

Because there are only three exact conjunctions Pluto's transit is - from a purely technical point of view - a relatively simple one. Obviously the experiential level is not nearly so simple! A Pluto transit is a complex happening and its conjunction with the Sun goes right to the heart of the nation's identity and essence. From that point of view the transit is a deep and complex one, reflecting a process of profound change unlike any other in the last 200 years. Given that the last two centuries of the United Kingdom's history have seen tremendous and drastic changes, you can see how significant this transit is for the nation.
Historical cycles: Uranus & Pluto

You may have noticed in the UK's birthchart displayed above that the UK was born when Uranus was in square to the Sun. In the years after the UK was brought into being, transiting Uranus moved closer to that square's point of exactitude, so we can expect the themes of 'Uranus square Sun' to be deeply rooted in the UK as an entity: the themes of innovation and independence - perhaps even fracture - were set right at the heart of the nation from its beginning.

If you look at the natal relationship of the Sun and Pluto you can see that they are in a wide sextile aspect, and that the first 'hard' aspect (the 'hard' aspects are the conjunction, the square and the opposition) which transiting Pluto would go on to make post-1801 was a square.

This table shows the cycles of transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus around the UK's chart, the turning points of which are the years of the 'hard' aspects to the position of the natal Sun.

For instance:-
  • In 1831-1833 transiting Pluto made its first waxing square to the UK's Sun. In 1922-1923 transiting Pluto made its first opposition to the natal Sun. In 1975-1976 transiting Pluto made its first waning square to the natal Sun.
  • In 1802-1803 transiting Uranus made a square to the UK's natal Sun - this was the natal square made exact. In 1823 transiting Uranus was conjunct the natal Sun. In 1845-1846 transiting Uranus made its first waxing square to the natal Sun.
  • The years with asterisks next to them show when the transiting Uranus and Pluto cycles coincide. As you can see, this year - 2013 - is the first time in two centuries when the exact aspects coincide, and it won't happen again until 2221-2222, although the mid-2070s have a near-coinciding.
Years of Uranus & Pluto Transits to the UK's Sun
n/aSquare (natal - waning)1802-3
1831-3Square (waxing)1845-6
1975-6Square (waning)1886-7
2013*Conjunction 1907
2076-8Square (waxing)1929-30
2221-3*Square (waning)1970-1
-Square (waxing)2013-4*
-Square (waning)2054
-Square (waxing)2097-8
-Square (waning)2137-8
-Square (waxing)2180-1
-Square (waning)2221-2*

Pluto's transiting cycle

Here is the UK's chart wheel with only the Sun and Pluto showing; all other planets and house cusps have been taken out to make it easier to home in on the two planets we want to track. 

UK's natal Sun-Pluto positions & relationship

With the Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn and Pluto at just under 3 degrees Pisces, transiting Pluto would make its first 'hard' aspect to the Sun when it reached 10 degrees Aries. Its next 'hard' aspect to the Sun would be at 10 degrees Cancer, and its final 'hard' aspect would take place from 10 degrees Libra. 
Transiting Pluto's aspects to the UK's Sun

Uranus's transiting cycle

Now let's look at the cycle of transiting Uranus around the UK's chart wheel. Here is the UK's birth chart with all other planets taken out so that we can focus solely on the Sun and Uranus:

UK's natal Sun-Uranus positions & relationship

Transiting Uranus would make its first exact square when it reached 10 degrees Libra. It would make a conjunction when it reached 10 degrees Capricorn, and then a waxing square from 10 degrees Aries and an opposition from 10 degrees Cancer.

Transiting Uranus's aspects to the UK's Sun

As well as the themes written about previously, it's worth pointing out that historically these transits have correlated incredibly strongly with Irish independence. Clearly the recent Royal events of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the announcement of a new heir to the throne also match the expected topics of these cycles. The Olympic and Paralympic effects on the national psyche showed the workings of Pluto and Uranus too.

On the darker side of things we have had plenty, from revelations of massive, long-standing child abuse, to police corruption, and more.

Since writing the previous article on Pluto's transit, the Scotland independence referendum timing has been agreed, and the current prime minister of the UK, David Cameron, has directly addressed the issue of the UK's membership of - and potential independence from - the EU. The Falkland Islands is another issue again on the table, and it too resonates with historical moments in these transits.

Finally the UK's economy looks set to enter a triple-dip recession (self-inflicted, some would argue, touching on Pluto's theme of destructiveness), and according to some analysts the UK is suffering worse economic performance than during even the Great Depression of 1929 - which, as you saw in the table above, was a time of Uranus making a transiting aspect to the UK's natal Sun.

The search for genuine and thorough renewal goes on.

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