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Patriarchs, Matriarchs, & Complexity: the UK's birth chart
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The UK is a complex political and social entity, and its constituent nations each have several birth charts. Even the UK itself arguably has two charts, however there is one chart that astrologers have repeatedly found to be reliable. The chart is calculated for when the UK first came into being on 1st January 1801.

The chart for this moment is quite complex, reflecting a complex nation and the complex groups of people that inhabit it. Whilst the USA proudly proclaims itself as the great melting pot, other nations - including the UK - have always been and still are great melting pots of people, with very little homogeneity, and very high diversity.

With Sun in Capricorn at the IC point the foundation of the chart symbolising the homeland, this is very much the 'fatherland'. It is a background tradition of men and male qualities at the roots of the nation. The Sun is almost unaspected and so there is a difficulty with the sense of self, giving rise to national self-esteem issues. In trine to Mars, there is a capacity to express force and aggression, leadership and initiation, independence and self-will. The nation from 1801 onwards was very much a dynamic world leader, forging a path through achievements and innovations that shaped the world we all live in today.

In the nation's 7th harmonic chart, the Sun conjoins Neptune and Pluto. In the 1801 birth chart the Sun is on the midpoint of Neptune-Pluto. This shows great depth of character, hidden resources, complex motivations to the nation's behaviour, and an 'underworld', watery, mythical side to the country. It's perhaps this configuration that the UK tapped into throughout the 1800s and early 1900s when it was at its imperial zenith - inspired with self-mythologising purpose, feeling powerful, invincible, and all-encompassing, the Sun never setting on the British Empire, Victoria proclaimed as Empress of India, Britons never shall be slaves, Britannia ruling the waves, and so on.

The Sun in Capricorn is balanced by the Moon being in Cancer in the 10th house. The nation has been irrevocably moulded by leading females and feminine qualities: many of the royals and of course Margaret Thatcher immediately spring to mind. The 10th house rules government, and the UK's system is famous for being the 'mother of all parliaments'.

With the Moon trine to Neptune in the 2nd house and quintile to Uranus in the 12th, this is a nation of people who are tuned into ideals and principles. There is a strong capacity to dream indicated here, and to ground those dreams through the material world (2nd house-10th house trine). There is also great humanitarian compassion. On the negative side, this is a nation with a history of feeding itself on the assets (2nd house) leached from former colonies, pulling the apron strings to suit itself with a poor sense of boundaries and accountability.

Uranus 'hiding' behind the Ascendant and in aspect to Venus in Aquarius shows a nation of delightful eccentrics and inventors, artists and creators, diverse peoples and ideas moving underneath the surface of the country's more straight-laced persona. In sextile to Jupiter in the 10th it points to the qualities of liberty, justice, and rule of law that the nation proclaimed around the globe in its imperial days (despite the fact that it was utterly hypocritical in living up to these ideals).

Saturn is on the Ascendant-Midheaven midpoint, and so the UK to a great extent embodies Saturnian qualities: formality, hierarchy, tradition, history, realism/pessimism, professionalism, organisation, self-containment, down-to-earth and no nonsense outlook, black humour, capable institutions, maturity, a wealth of experience, great achievements that stand the test of time, to name some.

However Saturn is otherwise unaspected, so there is a problem with integrating Saturn into daily life in a balanced way. It's difficult for the nation to 'do Saturn' in a blend with other traits or qualities in the national psyche: it's either Saturn on its own, or no Saturn at all. This means that there is a purity and simplicity to the Saturnian qualities, however it means that it can lack sophistication and be hard to modify those Saturn qualities to alter the less helpful traits.

The UK's Libra Ascendant is shortly to be transited by Jupiter, so there may be an opportunity for the country to build some relationship bridges with other nations or take on a new or enhanced mediating or peace-keeping role. This aspect first occurs in October/November 2004, and then repeats during 2005.

The housing market may finally stabilise (or decline) as Saturn transits the UK's Moon and Chiron opposes it. Dates for this are: July/August 2004, October 2004, and March 2005. In March 2005 Saturn stations (appears to stop moving) in the sky close to the UK's Moon and this is therefore the most likely time for a standstill in the housing boom, and perhaps a fairly large decline in the property market.

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