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Profile of the UK's Coalition Cabinet
Published: 26th May 2010

The General Election that was held on the 6th of May this year led to a coalition government taking office for the first time since the 1970s. The members of the Cabinet have been named so we can form an astrological profile of the government.

Most of their birth times aren't available but we can look at the distributions around the Zodiac of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, which will give us an idea of their Elemental weighting. We'll also be able to pick out any interesting anomalies such as absences or shortages of Sign, which can be stumbling blocks in group functioning.

The Signs of the Cabinet also likely to say something about government bias, both bias towards and bias against. For instance, will the government have a tendency towards acting without thinking, or blue-sky proposals without earthy realism?

Governments generally attempt to shape the nation in their own image so the more we know about the Zodiac images that are prevalent and absent in the government, the better knowledge we will have about what type of nation they will try to make us become.

Let's start with the Sun Signs in the coalition Cabinet, and break down the data by Zodiac Sign, by Element, and by Quadruplicity.

Distribution of Sun Signs

In the diagram below we have a basic bar chart showing the distribution of the Sun through the Zodiac Signs in the Cabinet members' birthcharts. The dotted horizontal line is the simple statistically expected average, i.e. out of 23 Cabinet members and a possible 12 Signs, all things being equal you'd expect each Sign to score just under 2 (i.e. 23/12).  Therefore anything greater than 2 is higher than average whilst anything less than 2 is lower than average.

Sun Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

As you can see there is an emphasis on the first two Signs of the Zodiac, Aries and Taurus. These two Signs have in common a forceful will and a tendency to short-termism and short-sightedness. The positive keywords I'd suggest here are vigorous action and determination to see things through - an eagerness to get going and once moving to keep going. Harnessed to good ends, that can be an immensely productive combination.

What's intriguing is that Leo and Aquarius are absent at this level. Leo and Aquarius are opposite one another on the Zodiac circle and as such are two sides of the same coin, two takes on one theme. That theme expressed in a political context is kingship and democracy. The absence at the solar level is important because the Sun represents the ego and the Sun's natural Sign is Leo. We'll need to keep an eye on this absence as we go through this profiling exercise to see if other planets make up for the lack of solar presence in these two Signs.

Sun Sign Elements in the UK's coalition Cabinet

If we group the Zodiac by Element we get the above bar chart. This indicates a distinct lack of Air in the government at the Solar level. The potential then is for a lack of conscious articulation of ideas and a tendency towards subjectivity at the ego level. Again we'll need to monitor this as we go through the levels of this profile to see if the shortage of Air Element is made up for by other planets being located in Air Signs.

Sun Sign Quadruplicities in the UK's coalition Cabinet

There is a slight shortage of Fixity but it doesn't look disastrous. The issue is more that the Fixity is mainly of one type: Taurean. The preponderance of Cardinal Sun Signs shows a group that could pull in different directions - too many chiefs, not enough Indians - but again the Cardinality is coming mainly from the same sources (in this case Aries and Cancer) so there's not enough diversity at this level. That could mean the government is good when called upon to achieve in one area, but doesn't possess the requisite variety to be able to achieve across the board.

Turning now to the Moon Signs.

Distribution of Moon Signs

Only 11 of the Cabinet members' Moon Signs are known with certainty. For the remainder the Moon changed Signs on the day they were born and no birth times are in the public domain. This diagram therefore shows the firm data in solid rectangles and the uncertain counts in shaded rectangles.

An example: 2 Cabinet members definitely have the Moon in Taurus, but 2 more might have it in Taurus, so there are either 2, 3, or 4 instances of the Moon in Taurus in the Cabinet.

Moon Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

Clearly the firm data isn't sufficient to establish what the lunar pattern in this group is. Looking through the charts there is a good chance of a few lunar Leos; indeed David Cameron is one of the certain ones.  

Lacking at the Sun Sign level, Leo could be fairly strongly present at the Moon Sign level. The difference between a solar Leo and a lunar one is considerable and marked. A group with no solar Leos but several lunar Leos is likely to have a greater innate need to be creative, but also to be more protective of their turf and more instinctively condescending. In general, solar Leos are more likely to try to earn their applause whereas lunar ones can often feel automatically entitled to be Lionised.

The Sun-level Taurus count is reinforced by the lunar Taurus placements, making the group still more rigidly determined but on the downside with a stronger hunger and even greed. The group is likely to be most implacable and exclusive - 'get off my land'. These Taurean emphases need to be focused to good ends and for the good of the nation so that the Aries-Taurus tendency to selfishness and 'me-first' is minimised.

If there is a strong Piscean lunar presence then there is the capacity for a lot more creative inspiration but a heck of a lot of confusion and boundary problems. The tricky part is that some of those Pisces Moons could instead be in Aries which would alter the flavouring dramatically, so the speculation here will need to draw to a close and we'll move on to examine the rest of the inner planets.

Inner Planets

Let's add to the Sun-Moon bar chart the positions of the inner planets - Mercury, Venus and Mars. Here's the diagram:

Inner planet Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

This bar chart shows the group's basic personality profile, if you will. Because it's made up of the personal planets that are so important in a person's nature and behaviour - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars - it shows the foundation level of the groups' character.

There is still that emphasis on Aries and Taurus, along with Pisces and the paired Signs Cancer-Capricorn (which are opposite each other on the Zodiac wheel). Aquarius is the most underrepresented Sign, with Libra, Virgo and Gemini following after.

Aquarius represents collectivity, shared ideas, teamwork, social awareness, democracy, innovation, reform and objectivity. Negatively it is 'groupthink', neophilia, superficiality and vacuity. Its lack in a Cabinet that keeps banging on about 'radical' policies and 'reform' and 'new politics' suggests that things might quickly dry up on that score. The absence or underrepresentation of a Sign can often create an excessive focus on the issues to do with that Sign, as if overcompensating for its lack. They are terribly aware of the shortage, and so focus on it in extremis, but unless they find a deep well of Aquarianness to draw on they risk exhausting the limited supply that they possess.

The group will need to 'import' Aquarian people from outside, although if the Cabinet members have strong aspects or midpoints involving Uranus it will, to some extent, make up for this Zodiacal shortage.

Mercury Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

Here we can see that the lack of Aquarius is apparent at the level of mental outlook, information-processing, and communication.

Venus Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

At the leve of Venus Aquarius is not only present but is slightly above the average, so it's the Venus level that has to provide the Aquarian 'fuel' Venus represents. Fortunately Venus in Aquarius can symbolise an attraction towards civil liberties and human rights such as fairness and equality. The negative side of Venus in Aquarius is that tendency of being drawn to cosmetic artifice and superficial, empty, Xeroxed [sic] reforms that plagues our society thanks to Public Relations and the enchantment with 'modernity'.

The Signs lacking at this level are Sagittarius, Virgo and Libra. On a social level the lack of Sagittarian Venusus can be partly compensated for by the stronger presence of Mercuries in Sagittarius, because both planets represent the drive to seek contact with other people.

Mars Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

Mars symbolises action, initiative, and force. Perhaps we will be thankful for the fact that the Aries and Taurus predominance isn't repeated at this level! There is a very strong Capricorn presence though which shows incredible ambition and stamina. Mars in Capricorn represents 'executive decision-making' and a certain amount of psychological sado-masochism: this placement shows a combining of strong will and severe discipline. No doubt the desire to cut budgets that don't need to be cut is part of this.

Mars in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio both show strongly, with Mars in Cancer following closely behind. These are the three Water Signs. At its worst, Mars in these Signs can be passive-aggressive, moody, and bullying, as well as lacking decisiveness and clear focus. This is a surprisingly emotional component of the Cabinet and suggests that action is likely to often be clouded, muddled, cruel and even vindictive. On a positive note it can mean that intuition and action work together to cue the Cabinet in to right timing and sensitive initiatives. The group will have their fires stoked by their imaginations and visions, for good or ill.

Jupiter and Saturn

Now we arrive at the two planets that are linked with society itself: Jupiter and Saturn. First Jupiter:

Jupiter Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

The stand-out Sign here is obviously Leo. David Cameron and Nick Clegg both have this so the two party leaders are included in this count of 6. As has been written and spoken about elsewhere on this website and in the podcast series, Jupiter in Leo symbolises the 'divine right of Kings' to rule. It points to an innate sense of specialness. At its best it shows people who are capable of being very creative indeed, who are happy to take charge and who understand the importance of playfulness in life. They can spread great confidence and lots of warmth. They can also be egomaniacs and petty tyrants.

Saturn Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

Speaking of tyrants, petty and otherwise, Saturn in Scorpio is an interesting one. It's very similar to Mars in Capricorn, mentioned above.

Margaret Thatcher had Saturn in Scorpio. Think of her moniker 'the iron lady' and you'll get an idea of how this placement often functions. Indomitable will, even ruthlessness, which on the plus side means that this Cabinet certainly possesses stick-to-itiveness and dedication. But wrongly channelled or misdirected those things are terribly destructive. Generally willing to fight on till the end, long past the point of defeat, their egos tend not to want to ever give up anything. Secretly they are terrified of all forms of loss and in fact are riddled with fears of one sort or another. Outwardly they are tough as old boots, and it isn't an act.

Saturn in Pisces is similar in that it can mean feelings are blocked off and compassion is frozen. Empathy is either mature and reliable, or lacking due to a dearth of imagination - if you can't imagine what it's like for someone else how can you feel any sympathy for their plight? Saturn in Pisces is - or can be - 'compassionate conservatism'. Or it can be cruelty with no mercy.

The Outer Planets

The outermost planets show the generational background of the Cabinet. Because they're so slow-moving, in a group such as this they will cluster in a small number of Signs, so we can't expect a spread across the Zodiac.

Uranus Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

As you can see most of this Cabinet are of the Uranus in Leo generation. This generation was born between 1955 and 1962, and so are significantly post-war. In fact, all but two of this Cabinet were born after WWII had ended (Ken Clarke and Vince Cable).

Uranus in Leo is a somewhat rebellious placement. It is the 'teenager' type of personality: the urgent need to break away and define oneself in one's own terms, the right to be 'me' without conforming to the orders of authorities. Potentially highly creative and trailblazing, the downside is a large ego and stubborn insistence on one's conception of one's own exceptionalism.

Neptune Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

And so to Neptune. The Cabinet are composed mainly of the Neptune in Libra and Scorpio generations, both of whom seek salvation through relationships of one sort or another. The ideals and visions of these generations are to some extent contradictory: Libra is a lot lighter and Scorpio is a lot darker. Let's put it another way: refined or seedy.

Both focus on 'the other' - the need to form alliances, partnerships, and commitments. The troublewith Neptune is the human tendency to self-delusion, which in turn leads to deluding other people. In Libra and Scorpio it is felt most keenly in the arena of marriages and mergers. Isn't that what a coalition is?

Pluto Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

Finally we reach Pluto, and the UK has at last shifted from the Pluto in Leo generation of leaders to the Pluto in Virgo bunch. As the diagram shows, the Pluto in Leo leaders are still very much in evidence in the corridors of power, but they're slowly being edged out by the younger ones.

Pluto in Virgo themes? Pollution of the environment, genetic engineering, biotechnology, global warming, ecofuels.

Overview of Signs

Here is the final diagram showing the overall picture of planets in Signs. The Moon is excluded so what we're looking at here is reliable. Obviously the Pluto in Leo and Virgo weighting skews this, as do the Neptune in Scorpio placements, however what remains notable is the very low count for Aquarius, and also for Gemini.

All Planet Signs in the UK's coalition Cabinet

These two Signs lacking means that there is a deficiency of Air in the Cabinet. Air is associated with reasoning and information-processing, as well as social connections and networks. What does this indicate?

Put it this way: let's hope the Cabinet members can breathe some fresh air into their lungs, because otherwise they won't be able to think of any new ideas and will merely copy other people's.


The names and positions of the Cabinet members used for the above are:-
  • David Cameron - Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
  • Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister, Lord President of the Council
  • George Osborne - Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Theresa May - Home Department Secretary & Minister for Women & Equalities
  • William Hague - Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary, First Secretary of State
  • Vince Cable - Business, Innovation & Skills Secretary
  • Eric Pickles - Communities & Local Government Secretary
  • Sayeeda Warsi - Minister without portfolio (Conservative Party Co-Chairman)
  • Jeremy Hunt - Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Secretary
  • Liam Fox - Defence Secretary
  • Michael Gove - Education Secretary
  • Chris Huhne - Energy & Climate Change Secretary
  • Caroline Spelman - Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Secretary
  • Andrew Lansley - Health Secretary
  • Andrew Mitchell - International Development Secretary
  • Tom Glabraith (Tom Strathclyde) - Leader of the House of Lords
  • Ken Clarke - Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice
  • Owen Paterson - Northern Ireland Secretary
  • Danny Alexander - Scottish Secretary
  • David Laws - Treasury Secretary
  • Phil Hammond - Transport Secretary
  • Cheryl Gillan - Welsh Secretary
  • Iain Duncan Smith - Work & Pensions Secretary

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