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Deeper Patterns in the UK's Coalition Cabinet
Published: 7th June 2010

This article looks more deeply into the group dynamics of the coalition Cabinet government currently in office in the United Kingdom. The previous article on the Cabinet made use of very simple astrology to form a profile of the group. In contrast, this article uses technically more complex astrology to get at the dynamics of how these people will interact and what they will draw out in each other.

Before going further, a note about the charts used. The birth times of most of the Cabinet members are not known and so when calculating their charts the Ascendants, Midheavens, and other house cusps cannot be included. Also, the Moon's position cannot be accurately identified. The Moon moves approximately half a degree every hour, and throughout any given 24-hour period it traverses almost half of a Zodiac Sign.

The consequence of that is that when we're scanning for patterns of linkages within the group of charts we can't include the Moon, or the house cusps. Having to omit the Moon is, in particular, a big drawback. It means that the group pattern discussed below might be the secondary one rather than the primary one. If it's a secondary pattern it would still be, obviously, a major one, and after reading about it there's a good chance you'll agree that it gives a good insight into this Cabinet.

And so to the first diagram.

Venus & Jupiter

Here you see the Signs of the Zodiac in their usual circle, with markers in the form of short lines placed at regular intervals with the politicians' names in blue attached to them. Above each persons' name is the name of either a single planet or a midpoint of two planets, indicating that it is that planet or midpoint which that person is bringing to the pattern.

For example, Venus in Caroline Spelman's chart is at the end of Pisces, directly opposite Jupiter in Andrew Lansley's chart which is at the end of Virgo.

The degree area ranges between approximately (it has to be regarded as approximate because we don't have exact birth times, but these figures will be very close to exact because the planets involved don't move very quickly) 27 degrees 19 minutes and 28 degrees 51 minutes, so this pattern is quite a tight one. The centre is approximately 28 degrees 05 minutes of each Sign, with an orb either side of just 50 minutes (less than 1 degree).

Out of all the possible planetary combinations that can be made, this group has a pattern that forms with Venus and Jupiter and the Venus/Jupiter midpoint. The pattern forms at 30 degree intervals round the chart, which is the 12th harmonic. The pattern is formed by 14 of the 23 people in the group, but more on that will be revealed later in the article.

UK Coalition Cabinet - Venus-Jupiter pattern

Note that although David Laws has since resigned due to the ongoing MPs' expenses issues he's included in this article partly because he formed part of the first Cabinet and partly because the preparations for this article were done before his resignation.

His involvement in the group patterns are, in my opinion, important because of the fact that the role he occupied as Treasury Secretary was a key one amidst policies of cutting public services, and also because the astrology shows the difference between the way he fit into the group patterns in comparison with the way his replacement (Danny Alexander) fits into those patterns.

So what does it mean that this group is resonating with Venus-Jupiter, and that it is the 12th harmonic?

First, the 12th harmonic.

The 12th harmonic is one that contains both harmony and contention. For instance, in looking at the diagram above you will have seen how some planets are opposite each other whereas others are trine or conjunct. The group dynamic is one of needing to accommodate both points of comfort and areas of disagreement and clashes of will.

The Venus-Jupiter nature of the dynamic is most interesting because this is a) a Cabinet of millionnaires, and b) a Cabinet that wants to make drastic cuts to the services we receive, and c) a Cabinet that will surely at some point increase taxation in some way, shape or form.

In astrology Venus-Jupiter combinations symbolise people who are big spenders. Traditionally it is one of the indicators of wealthiness. It's not a planetary pair that would normally be inclined to keep a tight hold on the purse strings. It's more 'spend, spend, spend', associated with luxury and largess.

It could be argued that this is a good pattern for a group charged with the responsibility of 'growing' the economy out of recession. It could also be argued that it suggests it isn't a good group for implementing cut-backs. However I would only partially agree.

To me, Venus-Jupiter suggests a group that is disinclined to live within its means and to accept limits on its own lifestyle. A more negative scenario is that this could well be a group that will cut back our essentials while increasing its own benefits. For a group of millionnaires to tell poor people that cutbacks are necessary when those millionnaires will not be affected by their own policies must imply 'cutbacks for whom?' and the astrology must be made sense of in that context.

If you prefer something written without regard for this particular group, here's what Bernadette Brady has to say about Venus-Jupiter group dynamics, written as part of her software configuration and so not tailored at all to this or any other particular grouping of individuals. In my view her text is too 'rose-tinted' an interpretation of Venus-Jupiter, but it nevertheless contains some comments which are apt for this Cabinet:

"This group probably administers grants or benefits, for they bring great happiness to others and to themselves. This happiness comes from a generosity of heart, and an abundance which is willingly shared. Each member of the group can also drink from this cup of joy and benefit from the energy of this group. If the group is not concerned with financial benefits, then they may be seen as beneficial in terms of love and happiness generated within the community that they govern. This group may not be the wisest committee, but without a doubt they are the most loving. The only challenge this loving, generous group may have to deal with is a reluctance to make tough decisions which could make them unpopular. However, if they can focus on the good that will come from such decisions, while practising good management of their resources and an attitude of emotional honesty within their committee, then this group can do a great deal of good for all their community."

Transits at election time, and now

If you're aware of the transiting positions of the planets you'll probably have noticed already that they trigger this group pattern and they were doing so at the time of the election.

Jupiter was nearing the end of Pisces and has recently crossed the degree range of the pattern. Saturn has been stationary, turning direct, at 27-28 degrees of Virgo. Uranus was at 28-29 degrees of Pisces and has now crossed into the first degree of Aries. And Neptune was and is stationary at 29 degrees of Aquarius. 

UK General Election 2010
Extension to the pattern

The Venus-Jupiter pattern forms the foundation, but it doesn't form the whole picture. You'll recall that it directly involved 14 of the 23 group members. You might be thinking that that can't be enough to form a major group dynamic, especially when the leaders aren't involved in it. If so, you'd be right.

The diagram above only showed the foundation of the pattern, it didn't show the pattern's full extent.

This next diagram shows the full pattern. It involves the leaders of the coalition Cabinet (i.e. David Cameron and Nick Clegg) and in fact includes all 23 of the Cabinet members.
UK Coalition Cabinet - Extended Venus-Jupiter pattern

Note in particular how the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister (Cameron and Clegg respectively) link into the pattern via their Jupiter/Saturn midpoint. This midpoint brings together the planets associated with the organisation of society. George Osborne's involvement is also via his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint; more on George later.

You can see how nearly all 12 points in the Zodiac are occupied, most with multiple occupancy. There is only one Sign that is vacant: Libra. It could be that whenever any planet transits across that point this group pattern will go through a major alteration. Any person or country that links with that point could be a key player in the coalition Cabinet's functioning.

A further level

One of the factors suggesting that this 12th harmonic pattern is a major one, whether primary or secondary, is the fact that if we widen the search beyond just Venus-Jupiter connections the same degree area - 27-30 degrees of each Sign - remains very strongly emphasised. This next diagram shows the details:

UK Coalition Cabinet - 12H / All planets pattern

This pattern again involves all 23 of the members of the coalition Cabinet. You can see that it is part and parcel of the Venus-Jupiter pattern, reinforcing and modifying it, making the whole dynamic more complex. The previous vacant point in Libra is filled by the Neptunes in 4 members' charts. The vacant point in this particular instance of the pattern is at just under 29 degrees of Taurus. As the diagram notes, George Osborne's Saturn is nearby.

Since George is the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and one of the coalition's main tasks - if not the main task - is to steer the country through the economic crisis, George's involvement is pivotal. So let's now look at his birth chart, because this vacant point being close to his Saturn is very revealing.

George Osborne

Here's George's chart with the house cusps removed since his birthtime isn't known. We need to regard the Moon's position as approximate: it could be approximately 6.5 degrees either side of the position shown.

George Osborne's natal chart

It's interesting that the person in charge of the Treasury has so many planets in Taurus, which is the main Sign of the Zodiac associated with wealth, riches, resources and stability. Three of the planets are 'personal planets', which is to say that they form the core of a person's ego/identity, as opposed to a person's collective, generational character.

Having the Moon and Saturn in Taurus inclines George to be not a big-spender but a big hoarder. He is likely to be quite frightened of financial insecurity and consequently very likely to be very preoccupied (some might say obsessed) with accruing wealth and maintaining stability.

Bluntly, people with Saturn in Taurus tend to fear poverty. But they also tend to hold on very, very tightly to the flow of money. They can be very reluctant to be generous whilst being very comfortable with receiving. George is likely to be acquisitive, maybe even stingy. Perfect for cutbacks, in other words, and perfect for increasing the Treasury's coffers, but not at all good for getting credit flowing (his Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius directly opposite his Sun is likely to be better at that - perhaps too good at it, and he needs to avoid the worst excesses of these parts of his chart).

So it's very significant that the group's vacant point in Taurus links with George's Saturn.

But that's not all, because George's Taurus planets link very strongly with lots of the Cabinet members' charts. We won't look at them all here since there are so many but let's zoom in on the main ones.

In this diagram the green markers show other planets in Taurus, the orange markers show planets directly opposite in Scorpio. 'Coalition agreed' refers to the moment when the LibDems agreed to form a coalition with the Conservatives.

Links with George Osborne's Taurus planets

What this diagram confirms is that George Osborne is pivotal in this Cabinet. He was having a Mercury return when the coalition was agreed, and at that same moment the Sun was approaching his Saturn, throwing light on his Saturn-in-Taurus themes which he is going to play out via his role in the nation.

The fact that his Moon links with Cameron's and Clegg's nodal axis shows how David and Nick's coalition is dependent for its development on George's financial instincts and habits. They are clearly banking on him.

The other two members of the Cabinet most closely linked with sorting out the financial state of the country are also tightly linked with George's Taurus planets. Vince Cable's Sun is close to George's Moon and Saturn (and you can see how the coalition brought Vince into the limelight with his financial reputation - coalition Sun conjunct Vince's Sun).

Most strikingly, the fact that David Laws has resigned and Danny Alexander has replaced him has reinforced George's Taurus planets. David's Neptune is opposite George's Saturn, thus a potentially negative aspect has gone and has been replaced by Danny's Sun being closely conjunct George's Saturn (and again the Sun on the day that the coalition was agreed cast Danny into the limelight in a similar way to Vince).

George is no doubt being greatly invigorated by all this symbolic solar light and the casting of him into prominence, but too much sunlight isn't a good thing, nor is too much one-sidedness with too few counterbalancing planets, particularly from people in powerful Cabinet positions.


Hopefully you'll by now have a good insight into what makes the Cabinet tick on an astrological level. Clearly the patterns could be interpreted in much more depth and detail so I hope this article - and the other article about the profile of the Cabinet - forms a starting point for your further explorations.

Time will tell how the government is choosing to draw on its available astrological resources: the politicians do have some choice about how they use these patterns. Whilst it is the government's job to steer the country, it remains, as ever, up to the public to steer the government. Scrutiny of the Cabinet is an essential part of that process.


The names and positions of the Cabinet members used for the above are:-
  • David Cameron - Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
  • Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister, Lord President of the Council
  • George Osborne - Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Theresa May - Home Department Secretary & Minister for Women & Equalities
  • William Hague - Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary, First Secretary of State
  • Vince Cable - Business, Innovation & Skills Secretary
  • Eric Pickles - Communities & Local Government Secretary
  • Sayeeda Warsi - Minister without portfolio (Conservative Party Co-Chairman)
  • Jeremy Hunt - Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport Secretary
  • Liam Fox - Defence Secretary
  • Michael Gove - Education Secretary
  • Chris Huhne - Energy & Climate Change Secretary
  • Caroline Spelman - Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Secretary
  • Andrew Lansley - Health Secretary
  • Andrew Mitchell - International Development Secretary
  • Tom Galbraith (Tom Strathclyde) - Leader of the House of Lords
  • Ken Clarke - Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice
  • Owen Paterson - Northern Ireland Secretary
  • Danny Alexander - Scottish Secretary [NB Moved to Treasury]
  • David Laws - Treasury Secretary [NB Resigned]
  • Phil Hammond - Transport Secretary
  • Cheryl Gillan - Welsh Secretary
  • Iain Duncan Smith - Work & Pensions Secretary

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